Mayor Leavitt and C-Tran Declare Jihad

by lewwaters

911 037We woke up to horror 12 years ago today. The worst terrorist attack in history had just occurred on the East Coast and we on the West Coast shook the sleep out of our eyes to view the horror in the media reports.

12 years later, we have changed leadership at many levels, sacrificed thousands of our own people fighting terror around the globe, but terror remains.

To a lesser degree, we have our own terror ongoing in Clark County. No, people are not being killed by suicide bombers, but it a form of terror as citizens are being ignored by an ever encroaching political ruling class to circumvent votes of the people and impose a costly project and its cost on them.

Leavitt LaughingLeading in this effort is Vancouver Mayor, Tim Leavitt working through the C-Tran Board of directors to seek ways to raise taxes, fees or tolls on citizens in order to fund the poorly designed, but costly Columbia River Crossing light rail project, a short extension of Portland, Oregon’s financially troubled light rail system across the Columbia River and into Vancouver.

That such a project was defeated in 1995 by a vote of two to one and every subsequent vote held to fund operations and maintenance of such a project has also been voted down is ignored.

That the project was declared dead just months ago, as the Washington State Senate closed their session without approving funding for it is ignored.

That a majority of citizens opposed to this project continues growing in number is ignored.

Mayor Leavitt and his faithless minions have chosen to ignore their constituents and obey the special interests hell bent on forcing light rail upon our community.

We know that Oregon’s Governor Kitzhaber is dreaming of “going it alone” to force their deep in unfunded liabilities light rail scheme on us. But left out of it is that it will be Washington State who ends up paying as it is likely that Oregon will toll both the new I-5 Bridge along with the existing and already paid for I-205 Bridge to raise funds.

That Washington citizens currently working in Oregon are paying in Millions of dollars in Oregon income tax and receive nothing in return is ignored.

That Oregon Legislators who first supported the project are not backing away from it and the Oregon State Treasurer indicating the high marks that must be reached in order to succeed is ignored.

C-TranAnd now we see Vancouver Mayor Leavitt playing right into the hands of special interests as he introduced a resolution to the C-Tran Board of Directors for C-Tran to resume planning for CRC and entering into agreements with Oregon’s TriMet.

That is where I call this effort ‘Jihad,” or war against the citizens of Clark County to forcibly impose light rail on them no matter what.

If you remember, earlier this year, Clackamas County Oregon was experiencing a similar situation in citizen opposition to them being forced to accept Portland’s poorly conceived light rail. They voted in new County Commissioners to stop the light rail.

screwedBut, TriMet had “entered into agreements” with the former commissioners and sued Clackamas County, winning the suit as a judge ruled the County “must fulfill its contracts with TriMet.”

Once again, the “will of the people” went down in flames as special interests and political operatives decided what is best for the special interests, not the people and forced the people to not just accept, but to pay for something they did not want.

With Mayor Leavitt and others up for reelection and facing the very real prospect of being voted out of office, the similarities are striking as we see C-Tran approving this resolution and ignoring that an advisory vote is scheduled in just two months.

As we have seen before, Leavitt and others aren’t interested in seeing such a vote or abiding by it, knowing the public is largely opposed to light rail.

Once they sign such an agreement, we may very well be left holding the bag, even with new people in office, just as was done with Clackamas County.

In effect, Mayor Tim Leavitt and the C-Tran board has launched ‘Jihad’ on Vancouver citizens as they work to put in place an agreement locking Vancouver into accepting light rail, no matter what.

We must fight back and let C-Tran know this is unacceptable. Be it boycotting the buses or protesting en masse at C-Tran itself, flooding the Lazy C with Letters to the Editors or picketing City hall, it must be shown such an agreement is unacceptable at this time.

We must not allow ourselves to be ‘hoodwinked’ like Clackamas County was.

For support of this effort, Tim Leavitt must be voted out along with Jack Burkman who has been a strong supporter of the CRC.

Jeanne E. Stewart has been the lone voice in support of citizens and she must be retained. Alishia Topper, who doesn’t even show any respect for this solemn day must not be elected. She is little more than a rubber stamp to ensure Portland gains more of our dwindling revenue.

Although I consider her a friend and have supported her in the past, Anne McEnerny Ogle must not be elected either. Her position is too vague and saying she prefers a vote of the people, while it is obvious now that the people will not receive a vote, is unacceptable.

Frank Decker has maintained a strong stance in opposition to the CRC light rail project and would be a welcome voice on city council.

But more importantly, Tim Leavitt has sold out the citizens of Vancouver again. The timing of this resolution he introduced is just too suspicious to be seen as anything more than his form of ‘Jihad’ against you.

Vote wisely, Vancouver. Your future rests on it.

6 Comments to “Mayor Leavitt and C-Tran Declare Jihad”

  1. Amen! Very well said. It is the culture of our current government, federal and state, to continue beating a dead horse, and then dragging its lifeless body across the line drawn by the will of the people. What is in it for these people to keep pushing this agenda?? Leavitt needs to leavitt alone!!

  2. I love your last sentence and may “borrow” it from time to time 😉

  3. Sue C-Tran now, block any further discussion of light rail without proper

  4. How many times do the Citizens have to say NO,NO,NO to the CRC Light Rail and Tolls??????? Time to put the new team on the field that Dan Coursey suggested that will stand with the Citizens of Vancouver!!!

  5. I think the best way to settle this is for the City to take its buses and mass transit ideas and leave CTRAN. Then those of us who reject this liberal, light rail, CRC foolishness can focus on building a rubber tires only, no tolls only bridge in east County!.

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