C-Tran Proposes Cutting Bus Service to Fund Light Rail

by lewwaters

First, a little trip down memory lane for you;

Yes, that was our former County Commissioner, Marc Boldt selling you on voting to approve a sales tax increase in the 2011 election in order for C-Tran to keep buses running. Or so we were to believe.

Voters approved that sales tax increase, fearing Granny would be left standing out in the cold on some street corner.

But oddly enough, since C-Tran so eagerly wants to enslave you to Portland’s light rail boondoggle, the plan is to actually cut bus service in order to be able to afford having light rail a very short distance into Vancouver.

C-Tran has released a draft of their proposal to fund light rail operations & maintenance, the very operations & maintenance funding you rejected in the 2012 election by “primarily by eliminating local bus routes across the Columbia River.”

On the surface, that may sound reasonable, but as TriMet has been forced to do, other routes will end up requiring cut, all so Portland can force you out of you private vehicle and C-Tran leaders, with the assistance of the likes of Tim Leavitt and Jim Moeller can shift ever increasing amounts of revenue that could and should remain in our community, to Portland.

And, without seeking any approval whatsoever from you.

Elections have consequences and you are just beginning to experience them.

3 Comments to “C-Tran Proposes Cutting Bus Service to Fund Light Rail”

  1. The bus service by C-Tran is already stretched thin enough across Clark County. Any budget cuts to service now will only hinder the quality of mass transit which currently exists here. If BRT expands beyond Fourth Plain Road, we will most likely see service cuts across the board again. And for what??? To say we’re going green???

  2. We need fresh faces and senior citizens at the meeting tomorrow evening. I am trying to muster a few seniors to come down and state their opinion on the LPA for light rail and BRT. The board is mostly nice people (except Leavitt, Hansen, and Smith) and their compassion for seniors will be tantamount if they show up and testify that as they age they need c-van and buses which are closer to their residence not a fixed rail line which forces them to walk farther than they can. Anybody know a senior? Can you bring them to the meeting?

  3. By the way Leavitt was the C-tran board chair in 2007 and 2008 when the original LPA was voted for. Not just on the board but the chair of that board which voted that ANY means of funding would go to a vote of the people.

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