Leavitt, Stuart, Hansen, Smith and Onslow Sell Out Clark County Taxpayers

by lewwaters

StalinRemember the five names listed, Tim Leavitt, Steve Stuart, Bart Hansen, Larry Smith and Ron Onslow. Each just assumed the position of Commisar’s and completely sold out Clark County to Portland’s Metro.

Larry Smith especially should be totally ashamed. A retired US Army Colonel acting like the very Communist enemy we fought in our youth. He is a disgrace to the uniform we both once wore.

In case you are wondering, those five voted to enter into a contract with TriMet for the CRC, without a vote of the people. Each basically gave citizens the middle finger.

No doubt Jim Moeller will be elated, knowing now that taxpayers are screwed.

One of the worst points they just voted for, TriMet will have eminent domain power as C-Tran will be required to impose eminent domain should Trimet want your property in Clark County.

Th staff report voted on this evening was just presented Tuesday, 2 days ago and the actual resolution submitted mere minutes before calling for a vote on it by Tim ‘the Liar’ Leavitt. By all outward appearance in this extremely rapid push for a vote, it was a foregone decision that the 5 were going to vote on it after throwing all caution to the wind and completely ignoring citizen input against, cautions from state elected officials and even Congresswoman Jaime Herrea Beutler’s recent letter indicating CRC has been lying all along.

Tonight.s meeting was nothing more than a public show, going through the motions. No wonder Jim Moeller was so delighted and pleased with himself when he spoke. Monday Sep 23 saw,

Thursday Sep 26 saw,

Once this contract is signed, even if we vote these jerks out, TriMet has a contract to force us under their control, just as they did to Clackamas County earlier this year.

Remember these names, Tim ‘the Liar’ Leavitt, Bart ‘Girl Scout’ Hansen, Larry “Ho Chi’ Smith, Steve “the whiner’ Stuart and Ron “the Prick” Onslow

The Sell Outs

Thanks for nothing, assholes.

Work now needs to begin on dissolving C-Tran completely.

16 Comments to “Leavitt, Stuart, Hansen, Smith and Onslow Sell Out Clark County Taxpayers”

  1. We need to sue them right away.
    It is illegal to price fix like they did in the MOU

  2. Yep. Time to head to court and get a restraining order preventing them from signing any agreement. I’ll donate to the cause.

  3. Me too. Let’s start a fund. I’ll kick it off tomorrow but no way do I want Steve Pigeon arguing the case. We can funnel the money through the pac until we figure out who to hire. I am going to work on that asap.

  4. This was Commissioner Stuart’s stand when running for office in 2010.
    “Stuart said he doesn’t believe that tolling is an equitable or efficient way to collect fees.

    But the state Legislature authorizes tolls and the state transportation commission sets the rates, Stuart said.

    Nobody with any authority has contemplated a public vote on tolls; Mielke proposed what would only be an advisory vote but that idea hasn’t gained traction.”

    “Stuart has endorsed a vote on light rail, and said Monday that if Clark County residents don’t support it, “then the states have the wrong project.” ”

    In November 2012, 56.51% of voters REJECTED light rail on the proposed CRC bridge too low, but no matter to Stuart.
    His word is worthless, means nothing, as he is not a man of honor. Instead of acknowledging the vote, and the fact that the states have the wrong project, he just voted to force light rail on Clark County, in spite of the Nov. 2012 vote.

    Like Mayor Leavitt, who said he opposed tolls to get elected, then right after being elected switched from NO TOLLS to GO TOLLS, some politicians make empty promises to get elected with no intention of keeping their word.

  5. I am sending out a letter for an e-mail vote by the Clark County for Better Government pac to raise the issue of an injunction suit. If that board votes yes tomorrow we will be raising funds fast for the attorney. Contacting the cato institute and the freedom foundation for assistance with legal representation. This move must happen quickly. This is an agenda 21 issue which must be stopped before it is signed.

  6. Looks like you need to do a page like “DUMP TIM ‘THE LIAR’ LEAVITT” for Steve.

  7. time for a petition to disband c-tran

  8. Jack that is actually the last thing I want to do. So many people will be harmed and we have spent so much money building the system. I am willing but not eager to take that action. Burkman needs to go so he no longer sits as chair of the RTC and then we could do that BUT only if it is used as our last option literally.

  9. I put in a call to Rob McKenna and my board voted yes to create a special funding bank account for this legal action. I’ll post on Clark County for Better Government so go there to see what we are doing. As soon as I hear back from Rob I’ll set the direction in motion.

  10. Carolyn, did you check out the article link I have below in Willamette Week??? Seems even Ted Wheeler is questioning the legality of an Oregon-led tolling plan…yet another thorn in the CRC proponents’ virtual coffin.

    I am furious that our voters’ rights have just been stripped by the measly power of C-Tran’s Board of Directors. It’s shameful. Positively shameful. They have just opened Pandora’s Box.

  11. It is criminal if I could just prove it!

  12. Read up on the RCW’s for transportation/mass transit. You’ll be glad to see how many times “voter approval” is listed and you’ll be as angry as I at how many of those were violated.

  13. And now…the USCG has approved the crossing. All the puzzle pieces fitted well for the Corridor of the Future. Even if you go through the motion to fight C-Tran’s decision, the USCG has made their determination. They’re going to get their loo rail into Vancouver whether we say yes or no.

    If you know otherwise, please explain.

  14. Agenda 21 was designed to make poor countries rich and rich countries poor. Middleclass are only in the equation for the statistical documentation factor. There is a breaking point where there is an uprising on the part of the people they are watching for and they will push til that line. They pushed it til they changed the guard commander. We must not let the sword hit the floor. We are only bleeding we are not dead!

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