An Honest Error or a Media Smear?

by lewwaters

The Lazy C once again shows their inability to write an accurate story as shown in the video below,

I have a difficult time believing it to be a simple error, given numerous contacts of the error throughout the day and it still remaining.

But, even if they do correct it online, it is likely it went out in the printed edition to both subscribers.

Absence of malice?

Update: Over 24 hours since first notification and the error has not been changed nor have they responded on it.

More and more it appears to be a deliberate smear. In our view: C-Tran Plan Has Holes

UPDATE II: Received in email;

click on image to enlarge

click on image to enlarge

7 Comments to “An Honest Error or a Media Smear?”

  1. Well, it’s either deliberate, or they’re asleep at the switch. But then, they’ve never been what you might call “fact based.”

  2. The tone of this editorial sounds much more like Lou Brancaccio than Greg Jayne.

    If that is so that Lou penned it, I guess that gives the answer

  3. Absolute malice while walking a high wire with no net. Wait until some businesses and some personal homes lose their property.

  4. The Lazy C won’t cry when it begins and whoever it is that loses will just be SOL

    Too late to cry then.

  5. Lew, this video link appears to be dead. Is this in reference to a Columbian editorial?

  6. ha ha! a thumbsdown to a question.

  7. These are the tactics the entrenched politicians of Clark County have been using for years. I hope we can vote out the rest of them! Thank you,Mr. Madore.

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