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When I got up this morning, there was light in the sky and the sun had risen in the East as it has every day of my 65 years. Yep, just another day. There was no Revelations apocalypse after the government shutdown, nor did some dark beast come to gobble up little children and old people like Democrats have claimed. (With thanks to Commissioner Steve Stuart)

On the plus side, think of those government workers facing layoffs that can now spend their time “pursuing their happiness instead of earning a living,” as Nancy Pelosi said of those facing layoffs over Obamacare.

As Pelosi said, “Overwhelmingly, for [government workers], this is a liberation.”

In the meantime, where the real troubles today seems to lie is for those wanting to sign up for Obamacare. After all of these years boasting of how great it is, how people will flock to it and it being the best thing since sliced bread, it crashes when people tried to access it.

An omen??

5 Comments to “BREAKING NEWS ALERT: The Sun Came Up”

  1. Profound words from a beneficiary of the largest existing socialized medical system in the US (the Veterans Administration)


  2. Nathan, send me your address and I’ll forward to you the bills I have to pay for that “free” healthcare you think I receive that I earned for being forced to have my ass shot at on your behalf.

    If you wish to receive this “freebie” yourself, we still have time for you to enlist and spend some time in Afghanistan yourself.

    But, it’s nice to see liberals still despise Veterans that they expect to protect them.


  3. There’s no accounting for leftist stupidity I reckon. What a schmuck!


  4. Hi Lew,

    I’m new to WA and I’m truly enjoying your blog. When I saw the titles on this post, it reminded me of Dan Greenfields’s satirical piece. Greenfield is another blogger I started following this year. I thought you may want to read his post on the shutdown:

    Enjoy, and thank you for your very informative blog. It’s a real contrast to major Socialist rags like The Oregonian and The Columbian.


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