Commissioner Stuart on Voters & Light Rail, 2005

by lewwaters

Proof, Steve Stuart sold out Clark County citizens.

3 Comments to “Commissioner Stuart on Voters & Light Rail, 2005”

  1. Yes, just two weeks prior to his treasonous vote September 26 to allow TriMet to exercise eminent domain in Vancouver and effect the Oregon Only Plan, Steve Stuart posted on his own FB page that Oregon should not have authority to toll Clark County citizens. In just two weeks he was bought and we were sold.

  2. Steve Stuart & Tim Leavitt are lying skunks together. What they have done to our Citizens in Clark County is disgraceful!!! Vote Bill Turlay to replace Leavitt for Mayor of Vancouver and replace Steve Stuart in 2014. Both have along track record of lies, deceit and corruption!!!

  3. In 2010 when running for commish,
    “Stuart has endorsed a vote on light rail, and said Monday that if Clark County residents don’t support it, “then the states have the wrong project.”

    A light rail vote was held in Nov 2012 , and Stuart was on a panel pushing for light rail. Nevertheless, every city in Clark County and some county area rejected light rail, but Stuart still kept pushing light rail.

    He voted to put a countywide vote on light rail on the ballot this Nov. 2013, and sneakily voted to fund light rail before the people voted.

    Dishonorable since 2005.

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