Greg Jayne Misses the Mark on Political Rancor

by lewwaters

Bush, Kill T-ShirtThe Lazy C’s Greg Jayne says in his column today, “That 2010 election, when Republicans took control of the House, served as a harbinger of the rancor that has followed in Washington, D.C.”

While I appreciate his editorials much more than the bombastic, vitriolic, hate everything right of Mao John Laird, I must take exception to that sentence. The real rancor started in earnest right after Al Gore lost to George W. Bush in 2000 and has not abated since.

From years of “Kill Bush” to erroneous cries of “stolen election,” Democrats went on an all out assault against anything Republican or remotely conservative.

Even though the New York Times was forced to reluctantly admit there was nothing untoward in Bush’s winning, buried deep in their pages a year later after they conducted an independent recount of all of the ballots in Florida, Democrats latched onto a false narrative and have spewed it ever since while spineless Republicans rolled over in trying to acquiesce an increasingly belligerent leftwing.

They cried racism in Florida disenfranchising a million Black voters, disproved in court case after court case. They cried the Supreme Court overstepping their authority, but turned to the Supreme Court to legislate what they want done when they can’t get their way.

They also ignore that it was Al Gore who involved the courts in the first place.

We all saw the circus of the “hanging chad” in Broward, Dade and Palm Beach County’s in efforts to de-legitimize a close election.

We have had a steady diet of vitriol hurled towards Bush and all Republicans since, unless of course it is a spineless bastard like McCain or the other RINO’s who kiss Democrats asses and cave to their demands on a whimper.

So no, Mr. Jayne, the rancor did not begin in 2010, it had been going for a decade by then. Liberal Democrats set the tone long ago, they have no right to cry foul now.

The real question is how is it that you and so many others forgot about it so quickly?

20 Comments to “Greg Jayne Misses the Mark on Political Rancor”

  1. Indeed, it was the daily rancor in the editorial pages of my (then) local papers that caused me to cancel subscriptions to all blatantly biased liberal newspapers. I figured that I did not need to subsidize their negative messaging about Republicans and others who supported free markets and liberty among the citizens.

    It’s been more than a decade that I’ve been without any mainstream newspaper (or news magazine) and I don’t miss any of ’em.

  2. NOTE: I have turned off the ratings since we still have the jerk from the Lazy C that like to flood in and intentionally rate thumbs down without reading anything or commenting.

  3. Lew, when you write, I read rancor.

  4. Of course you do, Martin, you’re a liberal.

    As educated and intelligent as you are, you too have been conditioned to see disagreement as rancor, racism and whatever else you are told by party leaders.

    And regardless of what you see in my words, your comment has nothing to do with the fact that this took off in earnest when Democrats lost in 2000 and has continued, unabated since.

    I’ve been waiting on your side to ratchet it down for over 10 years and all we see is increased rancor, melodrama, tantrums and whine because we don’t knuckle under and surrender our values to yours.

    And still, you miss that is your freedoms we are fighting for as well.

  5. adjust your glasses then, Martin and unplug your ears , you just might learn something

  6. who gives a flying rat’s ass what the columbian thinks anyways?

  7. Lew, both sides think they’re making a point with this “shut down,” yet they unanimously voted to make it into extra paid vacation for federal workers. If you’ve got some deep insight into what’s going on, please feel free to enlighten me, but don’t get on your high horse about blame.

  8. Speaking of shutdowns. Looks like Lew shutdown the like/dislike buttons.

  9. If open air Memorials, sides of the road where monuments may be seen in the distance and elderly homeowners with homes on federal property can be ejected from their homes during Obama’s tantrum that he isn’t getting his way, Schuyler, I can erect BARRYcades around ratings too 😉

  10. I can tell you this much, Martin, Obama’s tantrums of BARRYcading open air Memorials, threatening Veterans in wheelchairs with arrest for visiting a Memorial, ejecting elderly people from their homes located on federal property, blocking the sides of roads where people might pull over to see a National Monument in the distance is not what I was taught a compromise is.

    Neither is his call of once he gets everything he wants, then he’ll negotiate.

    His acts amount to nothing more than a childish tantrum against everybody because congress isn’t kissing his boney ass.

    Don’t forget, he and he alone is who has repeatedly said he will not negotiate.

    And BARRYcading things like Veterans Memorials is nothing more than a bullying effort on his part, not unlike if you don’t play ball by my rules, I’ll take the ball and go home.

    There i absolutely no reason other than spite to increase costs by renting BARRYcades to lock out 80 and 90 year wheelchair bound Veterans from seeing a Memorial that has always been open, unmanned by National Park employees 24/7 since it was opened. His tantrum in locking aging Veterans out actually costs government more than just leaving them along.

    Defend spite against Veterans on his part.

  11. It should also please you, Martin, to know that Obama’s federally funded golf course remains open

    Wheelchair bound Veterans face arrest for trying to visit a Memorial they may never get another chance to see, but Obama most assuredly will not miss a trip to the golf course

  12. Rancor, Lew, rancor.

    Obama keeps owning the Republicans on this stuff.

  13. LOL, only in the liberal leaning press and among the brain dead minions that blindly follow along, doing as they are told.

    Funny how the GOP showing spine is rancor in your world, but Obama’s spiteful tantrums remain ignored.

    Apparently, you have no problem with his mistreatment of 80 and 90 year old wheelchair bound Veterans, evicting elderly people from homes on federal property, blocking sides of roads to prevent people from looking at a far away monument. and other such tantrums.

    What in the hell happened to turn you so blind to what he is doing, Martin? Do you really hate your fellow man so much that you would willingly sit back and let this cheap poseur act in such a manner, all so he can get his way on something?

    That is very childish.

    Then again, perhaps you forgot others in history who just blindly followed along with their elected leader and what happened.

    As Eichmann said, he was just following orders too.

  14. Do no Republicans play chess?

  15. This is not a game, Martin. The Amber Alert system was shut down, Catholic Priests serving as Chaplains are banned from holding Mass, even if they voluntarily do it, elderly people are ejected from their homes, roadsides are cordoned off where someone might stop and see Mt. Rushmore and much more.

    Yet, Obama’s favorite golf course and Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move website remain open.

    This isn’t playing chess, it is a deliberate attempt at strong arming people to submit to his will as he refuses to negotiate, unless he gets his way first.

    If Bush had pulled anything like this, you liberals would have been in the streets from day one with torches and pitch forks.

    How can you continue to support someone who willfully puts children’s lives at stake while he plays golf whenever he feels like it?

    Wake up, Martin.

  16. Bear in mind, Martin, as you make light of and make excuses for this poseur, the guy cutting off access to monuments and memorials is the same guy who will be controlling your access to healthcare if he succeeds in this tantrum.

  17. Lew, do you know how ridiculous you sound? You just want to fund the government for the things that YOU want.

  18. Another contrived perception on your part, Martin?

    Hilarious that you cannot see through your own smoke screen as it is you and Obummer who advocate just that.

    I guess you miss how advocating closing down of the Amber Alert system, evicting elderly people from their home, blocking the sides of roads, Barrycading open air Memorials and such is actually costing more and that is your side wanting just what you want.

    Don’t forget, it has been Obama all along with the attitude of “I won” as he dictates what will be, along with the assistance of Nancy Pelosi, harry Reid and other Democrats.

  19. Liberals are professional whiners, and they are the elite of the elite when it comes to playing the victim card. The intellectual dishonesty shown by our resident liberal illustrates the point. They whine and cry, and deny that they’re whining and crying. When confronted with facts, they immediately deny or ignore the facts, then turn right around and ascribe those facts to conservatives.

  20. martin has dripping lips for obozo’s beezer

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