Obama’s “Fundamental Change” of America

by lewwaters

Spite House

6 Comments to “Obama’s “Fundamental Change” of America”

  1. Spite? And Boehner’s refusal to hold a vote on a clean CR in the House is exactly what?


  2. Oh poor poor Nathan, you drank the koolaid again.

    Boehner has sent how many bills to the Senate that has been rejected? hate to tell you, but their so-called “clean bill” meme is nothing more than a phrase meaning cave.

    The GOP fully funded the government in many bills, save wanting the individual taxpayer to receive the same one-year waiver/extension to penalties that Obama granted big business, unions nd congress.

    Your precious Democrats said NO, screw the little guy.

    Find a better place for talking points, Nathan


  3. I get it, Boehner is fearful of the results. Spite? And your shutting down of the like/dislike buttons is exactly what?


  4. That’s pathetic, even for you, Nathan. Yes, spite. Why else would elderly be evicted from their homes on federal land and the Amber Alert system shut down while MO’s web site remains up?

    But it is funny seeing you liberals supporting big business getting a break while the little guy gets slammed.

    Ratings are my prerogative and were shut down due to their abuse.

    If that disturbs you, I suggest you get over it.


  5. I did notice recently that the likes/dislikes were oftentimes not in agreement with the ideology of this blog. Whether or not this is abuse, I suppose if I were you and could remove a rock from my shoe, I would.


  6. What is funniest, Schuyler, you and Nathan and the naysayers over on the dungeon seem to think those ratings had some merit. They only are for my entertainment and it was obvious from comments left over at the dungeon as well as how quickly some were clicked on, mere seconds after posting, that the articles were not even read.

    It’s an old liberal/Paulbot trick I am wise to.

    And as I told Nathan, if it bothers you, tough.


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