Leavitt Whines, But Goes Sleaze Himself

by lewwaters

DSC00947aUnbelievable for anybody else, but not Tim ‘the Liar’ Leavitt, one of the dirtiest Mayor’s Vancouver has ever seen.

This blog recently showed where Leavitt is little more than a Whiny CRC Whore, crying the blues about being picked on and how he is constantly being attacked, boo hoo, boo hoo, boo hoo.

We showed this is much the same ‘victim card’ he used back in 2009 against Royce Pollard, Leavitt’s blatant lies now well known around town, except with the writers down at the Lazy C that seem to have forgotten how they blasted Leavitt back in 2009 and 2010.

Knowing what an absolute sleaze Tim Leavitt really is, seeing him whine and cry comes as no surprise, even though it is now seen from a casual review of his PDC reports that he is paying to have dirt dug up on his opponent, Bill Turlay.

From Leavitt’s PDC report

Leavitt, Grindstone Research

Yes, Leavitt has engaged Grindstone Research Inc. a company that proclaims on their home page,

“Grindstone provides accurate, documented information to candidates, corporations, political parties, and interest groups in order to help develop effective research strategies that drive successful campaigns.”

Looking a little deeper in their site we discover, under “other services,”

“While not as detailed as comprehensive research reports, preliminary or ‘Top-Line’ research seeks to uncover potential negatives by examining various aspects of a candidate’s political and/or professional record, public documentation and personal due diligence.”

“In addition, this research will investigate various tips and pitfalls where a potential negative is thought to exist. This memo will outline the strengths and weaknesses of your candidate and his or her opponent.”

So yes, while Leavitt plays victim, whining his way around town, crying the blues, he is paying an out of state company to dig up dirt to attack his opponent.

Yet, he cries about others being “sleazy.”

I see nothing on Turlay’s PDC about engaging an out of state company to dig up dirt on Leavitt. Then again, we voters already know Tim’s dirt and apparently, Leavitt knows we know.

Turlay is focusing on issues.

Leavitt is looking for dirt.

Should Grindstone discover anything, you can bank on the Lazy C carrying Leavitt’s water yet again.

Thanks Tim, once again you display precisely why you should not be retained as Mayor.

6 Comments to “Leavitt Whines, But Goes Sleaze Himself”

  1. I apologize to Tim “the liar” Leavitt for calling him scum.

    That’s an insult to scum everywhere.

  2. Yup. That little punk Brancaccio will print multiple articles, opinions, and editorials if anything is found. He’ll act like the sky is falling, the apocalypse has occurred, and the sun is going to explode. I doubt if they’ll find anything though. Turlay seems like a pretty decent fellow.

  3. Craig, we all have skeletons in our past that really are no reflection on us today.

    As for Leavitt, his skeletons are in the current.

  4. Be back in a few, I have to go and take a Leavitt.

  5. In his email to Terence Jeffries the mayor refers to a team of lawyers he has engaged to look into Terence “and the others.” Oh my! I hope I’m not on the Mayor’s enemies list.

  6. Heard he was also paying himself from campaign funds for time he spends away from work.

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