Tim Leavitt Takes to Threatening Citizens

by lewwaters

UPDATE: It never ceases to amaze me how the Lazy C is very selective in their outrage against certain people. While they have gone absolutely nutz over Sen. Don Benton threatening a lawsuit against Ed Barnes, for his week after week of unfounded claims of him being unqualified for the job he was legally appointed to by County Commissioners, Tim Leavitt’s threat below remains completely ignored.

As if lying through his teeth back in 2009 to get elected wasn’t bad enough, now we see Mayor Tim ‘The Liar’ Leavitt using the city provided email address he was issued to threaten a citizen that speaks out against him.

From: “Tim Leavitt” <Tim.Leavitt@cityofvancouver.us>
To: tljco@comcast.net
Sent: Saturday, September 28, 2013 10:18:22 AM
Subject: Re: tri met

Again, what you’re saying below is inaccurate, and in fact if even feasible geometrically, would have significant negative impacts to our downtown.

Terrence, I’m going to offer you a courtesy “heads-up”. I hope you pay close attention. Your statement of “nothing personal” is humorous, at best.

Fortunately, all the commentary you’ve (and a couple others) provided on The Columbian over the past couple years amounts to a established public pattern of slanderous intent. Name calling and threats (non-violent), although demonstrating a lack of character, are generally safe territory for you.

However, your ongoing effort to defame me through my employment with PBS approaches justifiable legal action. You see, attorneys only need to identify measurable monetary damage to me as a result of your ongoing slanderous commentary, in order to bring you a lawsuit. And guess what, several attorneys are watching and ready to go. My position as Mayor has no bearing on this legal matter, and in fact is much easier to pursue if I’m NOT the Mayor. So, as you continue to make these sort of statements, be cognizant of where you (and those others that are doing the same) may end up spending your retirement…in court and paying restitution to me.

Nothing personal, T.J.

Sent from my mobile phone. Please excuse typos and brevity of response.

tljco@comcast.net wrote:

Tim one of us is drinking koolaid but not me. You are wrong and your support for LRT is slanted due to your job with PBS. We need a new bridge high enough and wide enough….LRT will not provide either. The coast guard hopefully will use common sense and can’t be bought out unlikf you and your council minions. Nothing personal …this is my retirement your guys are screwing with.

Sent from XFINITY Connect Mobile App

—– Original Message —–
From: Tim.Leavitt@cityofvancouver.us
To: tljco@comcast.net
Sent:Fri Sep 27 10:33:16 UTC 2013
Subject: Re: tri met

Terrence – quit drinking the Kool-Aid. Much of what you state below is simply untrue. Your perspective will be enlightened if operating from a factual basis.
Best, Tim

Sent from my mobile phone. Please excuse typos and brevity of response.

“T.J./M.J.” <tljco@comcast.net> wrote:
Larry Smith, Bart Hansen and Tim Leavitt,

As a citizens of Vancouver for over 55 years, you, Hansen and Leavitt’s actions at last nights C-Tran meeting disgusted me, a total disregard of the vote by the citizens of Clark county and your refusal to allow a true LRT vote shows your true colors.

You point out your service to this great country of Are’s, yet you don’t follow the laws of land. Giving rights to Metro and Tri-Met to take are citizens property is insane! I own property downtown as well as work with owners who’s property is ear-mark to be purchased for this piss poor project. We will fight this project every step of the way, drag it thought the courts as it’s the only option you have left us. I have dealt with Metro before, the Mafia is easier to deal with, they only kill you.

You disrespected the citizens of Vancouver for what one can only assume is personal gain, Leavitt’s conflict with his PBS contract is Illegal and charges need to be filed, Hansen blindly does what he’s told without an opinion of his own. You all have disgrace our City and your council seats with this insane approval of the plan.

Time to do the right thing and resign from public service, your prompt action will be appreciated!

Thank you,

T.L. Jeffries

The definition of slander: “to make a false spoken statement that causes people to have a bad opinion of someone.”

There has been no false statement leveled against Tim Leavitt. Everything said against him during his 4 years as Mayor has been documented on CVTV video or copies of articles published by the Columbian.

Good luck on stealing people’s retirement, Mayor. It just might end up being yours forfeited.

8 Comments to “Tim Leavitt Takes to Threatening Citizens”

  1. “if even feasible geometrically, would have significant negative impacts to our downtown.” This must be in reference to the light rail, which will cause congestion in downtown by eliminating traffic lanes, blocking access to businesses, and reducing parking for downtown businesses.

  2. Lew, is it OK to call a politician a scum sucking pig? Please stop me before I defame again! How about “the contents of a turd sandwich (hold the mayo)?”

  3. I guess we’ll find out when Timmy sues us, just before it is thrown out with a judge laughing his/her head off 😉

  4. PLEASE threaten me, Timmy. PLEASE. I’m BEGGING you here.

  5. I can’t help but wonder if Timmy realizes just how silly he looks with all of that smoke blowing out of his rectum?

  6. All this bitterness, anger, frustration and yes, name calling which gets you nowhere…is easily resolved (for those who live within the city limits) with one simple little phrase…

    Just vote for Turlay.

  7. Hey, Tim! That bevy of lawyers wouldn’t be from Tennessee would they?

  8. it’s a good thing that the CRC won’t be able to get financing so we can all laugh at whiney little timmy to our heart’s content.

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