Carolyn Crain, The Ugly Side of the CRC

by lewwaters

Clark County, Vancouver, Washington citizen Carolyn Crain, speaking about the ugly underside of the Columbia River Crossing light rail project from Portland, Oregon being forced upon Washington State citizens against their will.

2 Comments to “Carolyn Crain, The Ugly Side of the CRC”

  1. Its a backroom cooked up scheme to abridge the rights of the people and force light rail and agenda 21 lifestyls on us all! It is all a Rockerfella Syndrome in order to make a few elite persons with an inside track to the game very rich while the rest become laden with taxes, tolls and fees even losing their land to the few prospectors who stand to gain from their loss!

  2. And Carolyn, its been going on for eons and the voters haven’t figured out the problem yet. Too many people with vested interests who don’t give a rat’s behind about those whose only connection to the project is the fact that they’ll be paying the tolls while these elitists sit back in their easy chair, counting their investments.

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