Tiffany Couch Testimony before Trans Committee Hearing

by lewwaters

Forensic Auditor Tiffany Couch speaks before the Washington State Senate Transportation Committee “Listening” Hearing, October 7, 2013 held in Vancouver, Washington.

3 Comments to “Tiffany Couch Testimony before Trans Committee Hearing”

  1. Absolutely right on. I made the same argument to an self anointed financial wizard, Who has only one replied to me since. The subsidies don’t matter, but the amount that is not subsidized or financed on tolls backed bonds is staggering for the number of riders it could potentially ever have. It is a bad investment any way it is measured.
    Even the investment arguement does not stand up under scrutiney.

  2. All of the talk of “investment” and other hyperbole is just a smoke screen. I refuse even to debate those claims because they are intended to distract us from the real argument, which is: PORTLAND wants TOLLS from Clark County, and PORTLAND wants to reduce congestion by reducing capacity, (“force people from their cars”).


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