Lazy C: Whitewashes, Bias, Sell Out and Bankruptcies

by lewwaters

01I am left amazed how a flip-flop after lying your way into office brought out condemnation after the 2009 mayoral election, but is today being whitewashed by the Lazy C. Yes, for all the praise, ass-kissing and erecting a flimsy pedestal to place Tim Leavitt on today, the Lazy C wasn’t so pleased when he defeated ex-mayor Royce Pollard by nearly a 7-point margin.

In their endorsement of Pollard in 2009, the Lazy wrote of Leavitt, “has nowhere near the leadership capabilities that Pollard has,” describing him as “shallow, defensive and retaliatory” over a report issued by “the Vancouver Firefighters Union that Leavitt missed voting in 16 elections in 10 years.”

In the fashion we see continued today, Leavitt whined, “How does this sleazy maneuver help our struggling communities today?” The Lazy C then answered, “It exposes as delinquent the voting habits of a man who is courting Vancouver’s voters, and reasonable voters don’t see truth-telling as a sleazy maneuver at all.”

Courting ex-mayor Pollard some months after the election drew word that Leavitt had “duped the citizens of America’s Vancouver” and “checked his honesty and integrity at the door somewhere way back down the line … people bought that bull … this was a campaign based on a lie.”

December 2, 2009 saw the Lazy C write of Leavitt, “Leavitt puts himself between a rock and a toll place. He said something goofy in order to get elected: He supported the bridge but not tolls. No one who knows anything about the specifics of bridge financing believed him. Obviously, a number of voters did. Now he has to figure out how to save face as he only digs the hole deeper. There really is no way out for him.”

For all the whitewash going on today on Leavitt’s “conversion on tolling,” the Lazy C had plenty to before the election. October 21, 2009 saw an article claiming, “Leavitt has made his opposition to tolls a centerpiece of his campaign against Pollard.”

Just prior to that, the late Kathie Durbin wrote, “Leavitt’s opposition to tolling a new Interstate 5 bridge is the linchpin of his campaign.”

Editor Lou Brancaccio wrote on October 17, 2009, “Tim realizes he had to find a difference, so he picks the new I-5 bridge. Now, both of these guys appreciate the need for a new bridge. And both would accept tolls. But Royce says the tolls are inevitable. Tim says, ‘Not so fast, my friend.’ Tim feels some magic could be worked and the bridge could be built without tolls.”

On July 24, 2010 Brancaccio wrote, “Of course, this wouldn’t be quite the big deal that it is today if the mayor didn’t run his campaign primarily on this issue. And what, exactly, was his stand on this issue?”

“No tolls.”

“Most people today would tell you it was this “no tolls” stand that swung the election to Leavitt, beating longtime Mayor Royce Pollard.”

But today, we are to accept that is was just some minor little campaign pledge that Leavitt “evolved” away from, having seen the light, even though he waved papers at Esther Short Park back then, boasting of his long-time involvement and deep intricate knowledge of the CRC.

In today’s Lazy C’s whitewash of Leavitt, ‘hizoner’ now speaks of a “learning curve” saying “he learned from his 2009 campaign mistake that you better be rock-solid before taking positions that draw a line in the sand.”

Oh, but you were so “rock-solid” back when you built your entire campaign on no tolls, Tim.

Bankruptcies and Bias

While not as hard of a hit as I expected from Stephanie Rice, today’s whitewash/hit piece does drag up the fact that the Turlay’s went through a bankruptcy, nearly 20 years ago

It’s obvious why this is a relevant now as the Lazy C is heavily invested in reelecting Leavitt, after bashing his back in 2009. And the reason is equally known to be his embracing the CRC light rail project.

Otherwise, why drag up a 20 year old bankruptcy to smear Turlay with?

Bill Turlay, F-8If such a bankruptcy means we shouldn’t trust Turlay, then how do they expect us to trust them? After all, the Lazy C went through their own bankruptcy and much more recent later than 20 years ago, losing the newly completed building downtown that eventually became city hall and claiming to be a much better entity exiting the bankruptcy.

But, we are to now believe that the Turlay’s bankruptcy 20 years ago is somehow different and would affect his being mayor differently?

Then too, there is the matter reported on this blog of Leavitt hiring an out of state “dirt-digging” company and the possibility of that is where the ancient news came from.

Stephanie Rice swore up and down to the Turlay’s that she discovered it on her own by regular investigative background checking through a site I use from time to time, Public Access to Court Electronic Records (PACER).

It was through PACER that I easily discovered a candidate that the Lacy C endorsed just this election year had also gone through their own bankruptcy late last year, discharging some debt earlier this year. I will not name the candidate as they didn’t make it through the primary, so no need to make it public at this time.

But, the Lazy C did endorse this candidate for office who was speaking of their ability to handle large budgets and properly oversee the public’s money.

When it was brought up to Ms. Rice, words to the effect of since it was a “personal bankruptcy” and not a business bankruptcy, it had no bearing on the office sought, even though this candidates bankruptcy documents shows back taxes owed, high student loans, loans from payroll lending companies and even WalMart.

To me, that would be much more relevant than 20 years ago.

But, we are talking about the heavily biased Lazy C.

There will be more written in the future as you can expect the Lazy C to drudge up whatever mud they think will stick and while whitewashing Leavitt’s lies and selling out taxpayers.

After all, they won’t even bother to address what has the very appearance of a conflicts of interest nor do they question why Leavitt is voting on matters of development in the area when, according to their own records, Leavitt has renewed a business license for a “land development consulting” firm, Leavitt Signature Development.

Leavitt business License

But, that doesn’t raise any eyebrows and apparently isn’t worth investigating by the Lazy C’s ‘crack’ reporters, only a 20 year old bankruptcy by someone opposed to the CRC is.

Instead, we read from the Lazy C’s endorsement of Leavitt, “Leavitt’s past demonstrates that he deserves another four years as mayor.”

Would that be the past where he “checked his honesty and integrity at the door somewhere way back down the line?”

Little wonder that the Lazy’ C’s subscription rate continues to plummet.

6 Comments to “Lazy C: Whitewashes, Bias, Sell Out and Bankruptcies”

  1. Lew,

    Thank you for exposing the lies, deceit & flip-flopping of Vancouver Mayor Tiny Tim Leavitt and the Lazy C!!! You are doing such a great job as our Clark County truth detector!!! What an honor it is for all of us in Clark County to have a man like you that is so dedicated to helping our Community!!!

  2. The imbecilic rantings of an uneducated moron. What drivel.

  3. Educated enough to draw you here, hon 😉

    Back to the dungeon with yee

  4. Brancaccio would sell his own daughters into prostitution to get the CRC Scam done and to get The Liar into office… because he sold his integrity into prostitution years ago.

  5. Bertha must have been referring to her own post.

    I must say that I continue to be surprised at the cowardice of The Columbian owners and managers. They refuse to be honest brokers of information, they continue to obfuscate the truth, they continue their malicious attacks on any politician who opposes CRC, and they continue to deceive the public they purport to serve. I have a lot of respect for Andrea Damewood for leaving that cesspool.

  6. Maybe Berta is John Laird in disguise.

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