Freeholder Candidates 2013

by lewwaters

LEGEND: Names lined through I do not recommend for a variety of reasons, no info, known            

                       Democrat, CRC supporter or what have you

                       Names bolded, colored and underlined are my preference to vote for

                       Names with (?) after are those I find no negative info on.

The following is just my perception and I encourage you to study candidates in your district for yourselves and choose who you feel is best suited.

In some races you will note I chose two preferred. That is because I feel either would serve well, take your pick.


District 1, Position 1:

Garry E. Lucas (Clark County sheriff) (?)

Morris Foutch (Democrat)

Marlene (Korczakowski) Adams (?)

Scott McElhaney (?)

Ron Onslow (mayor of Ridgefield, member of the C-Tran Gang of Five)

Darren S. Wertz (insufficient info)

Dale Smith

District 1, Position 2:

Donald A. Leonard (Progressive/leftist)

Doug Ballou (Leavitt Supporter)

Dan Sockle (supports light rail)

Ann Rivers (state senator)

Tom Lawrence (Democrat)

District 1, Position 3:

Scott Edwards (?)

Richard Rylander (?)

Jacqueline (Jackie) Lane (Democrat)

Joseph Zarelli (?) (former state legislator)

Bridget Schwarz (Vague, all over the place)

David A. Darby (?)

Robert (Rob) Lutz (Democrat)

Tim Podhora (Democrat)

District 1, Position 4:

Ben Meyer (Due to supporters)

Sharon Ferguson (Progressive)

Steve Foster (Sounds liberal, hiding behind nonpartisan label)

Chris Lockwood (Too vague)

Fiona Humphrey (not too bright, advocates spending money)

Troy Van Dinter (former La Center city councilor)

Peter Silliman (?)

Mark Gawecki (Supplied no info)

John Main (Ridgefield City Council Member) (?)

District 1, Position 5:

Patricia Reyes (Duitman) (Democrat)

Troy Maxcy (flaming lefty)

Wendy Lyn Smith (Democrat)

Sherry Erickson (?) Former PUD Candidate

Patrick Bourcier (Sounds liberal hiding behind nonpartisan)

Randy Mueller (CRC Supporter, RINO)

David Standal

Ralph Akin (?) (Wants to expand commissioners)

R. (Bob) Freund (Paulbot)

Dick Deleissegues (Vague)

Patrick O’Rourke (too little info supplied)


District 2, Position 1:

Rob Perkins (?)

Joel Littauer (CRC Supporter)

Cheryl Bledsoe (Supported by CRC Proponents)

Diana H. Perez (Democrat)

Jamie Hurly (Democrat endorsed)

Thomas Hann

Nan Henriksen (former Camas mayor) (Democrat)

District 2, Position 2:

Tracy S. Wilson

Esther Schrader (?)

Lloyd Halverson (Democrat endorsed)

Ken Kakuk (?)

Debbie Abraham (Leavitt Suporter)

John W. Bryden (too little info given)

District 2, Position 3:

Judie Stanton (former Clark County commissioner, strong Democrat)

Jim Martin (Democrat)

John Burke

Russell Boten (?)

Liz Pike (state representative)

District 2, Position 4:

Roger Neilson (?)

Dimitry Mishchuk (?) (Does have CRC/BRT involvement)

Paul Dennis (former Camas mayor, Democrat endorsed).

District 2, Position 5:

Chuck Miller

Jake Smith  (A young man, eager to make a difference)

Adam Baldwin (lots of words, little meaning)

Marc Boldt (former Clark County commissioner)

Anthony (Tony) McMigas (Democrat endorsed)

Bentley Brookes (Claims support of Justice Party, just another socialist progressive leftwing



District 3, Position 1:

Pat Jollota (former Vancouver city councilor, Democrat, an old crone ugly from the inside out)

Craig Riley

Ryan Palmer (Some positions taken just a bit too liberal for my tastes)

District 3, Position 2:

Val Ogden (former state legislator, strong Democrat endorsed by party)

Rob Figley (unexpected death)

John Lowell Gilbert (insufficient info supplied)

Jeanne Schaefer-Ringo (?)

Carolyn Crain

District 3, Position 3:

Jim Moeller (state representative, Über leftist Democrat)

Bruce A. Samuelson (Questionable past:

Jerry W. Keen (Added to do not vote due to participation in a Leavitt supporting event)

Debbie Peterson

Lowell D. Miller (No info supplied)

Mike Woodward (?)

Keith E. Bellisle (?)

Alice Williams (little stated position, seems all over the place)

David Gray Jr. (info supplied too vague)

District 3, Position 4:

Temple Lentz (Nice young lady, but too liberal for me, Democrat endorsed)

Dan Barnes (?)

Kris Fay (no info supplied)

Alex Veliko (Vague info)

Winde Bekins Chavez

Frank L’Amie (insufficient info)

Don Yingling

Michael James Barry (?)

Gene C. Ringo (too vague, claims moderate)

Kyle Greenwood (Columbian staff, positions sound left)

Bill Hughes

Adrian Gomez (?)

Sally Fisher (Positions sound liberal)

District 3, Position 5:

Jim Mains (Clark Democrat endorsed)

Thomas Richard Higdon

John W. Caton (Vague)

Jerry Oliver (Port Commissioner, anti-CRC)

James Taylor (Jimmy Tee) (no way, looks on it as a big joke)

Jackie Marsden (Democrat)

Mike Yancey (As much a left nutter as Jim Moeller, strong CRC supporter)

Bill Cismar (?) (Good guy, don’t know how serious he is)

Jack Harroun (vague, sounds left hiding behind non-partisan claim)

John Jenkins (?)

Bob Carroll (positions vague)

Mark Monroe (?)

Jim Dunn (?)

21 Comments to “Freeholder Candidates 2013”

  1. I’m getting better at decoding promises/lies by candidates, but I can’t read this

  2. good stuff Lew. I was trying to find out who to vote for. I live in the 2nd so knew Liz Pike was a keeper, but didn’t know about the rest. I thought Chuck Miller was opposed to all the CRC nonsense though?

  3. Good choices Lew. Pretty much reflects the names I had recognized for District 3

  4. Lew, That email came through with a buch of stuff that looked like gibberish. It only works if one clicks on the Freeholder Candidates line otherwise the names do not show. wc


  5. Lew, I couldn’t read this post… I think there might be a code issue. Ann

    Sent from my iPad

  6. Thanks Lew that is really helpful. Bill Cismar and Dan Barnes running in the 3rd district are excellent people who just happened to be out of town when the pamphlet infomation was required or the Columbian stuff was. So they are serious but had conflicts from the gate which should not stop people from being completely comfortable liking them. Clark County for Better Government will be posting their picks tomorrow after the meeting of the board!

  7. Sorry folks, formatting went haywire, gave me fits, but I think it is fixed now.

    Hey, I still recall learning to use slide rules was really cool. These new fangled electric gizmo’s drive us old guys nuts some times 😉

  8. Thanks Lew. This is a big help. There are a lot of names to sort and sift through — and some have little or no public record of their views or supporters. It’s tricky reading their published statements in the voter guide. You really have to search for the “code words” that identify progressives or those who support trolley cars.

    Suggest selecting a single candidate for the positions where there were two good guys. You wouldn’t want both “good guys” to lose because one ‘bad guy” had more focus from (say) a Democratic Party endorsement.

    Some years ago the Berkeley (CA) city council was taken over by a “radical slate” (their term). The 37 people running for the 5 positions split the votes … but the radicals advertised and campaigned as a slate (vote for smith, jones, pierce, fenner, and bean). They creamed everybody else (who were mostly moderates with hardly any difference between them). Berkeley was already on the way down hill at the time — but once that radical slate won, there was no hope at all.

  9. Thanks for this Lew. I suspect that most voters won’t have the faintest idea who to vote for – so they likely won’t vote at all. Of course that means that those of us who do, will have a large effect on the outcome 🙂

  10. Thank you for giving me the nod,Lew.

  11. Winde & Jacob, I think you’ll both represent the people well in this process.

  12. Thanks, lew, I needed that.

  13. Well, Lew, at least you’re ranking me a 50/50 with Dmitri for District 2, position 4. Thanks. (I guess.)

    And unlike you, I detested my old slide rule. One of the happiest days of my young adult life was when the TI-30 came out and made those damned things obsolete.

  14. If there is more information you wish to state other than what has been available, I’ll gladly change and update it.

    As for slide rule, I get nostalgic from time to time 😉

  15. Roger Neilson (?) – This is probably the regular commenter on the Columbian – according to his Facebook comment thingie he works “mostly in and for US Army” – his posts on the CRC have been thoughtful & very knowledgeable.

    Would be fascinating to hear more from him.

  16. Yeah, I’m leaning towards Roger. He seems to have is hat on pretty straight judging from his comments on the Columbian website. Don’t know anything about Dimitry.

    It would be good if Roger could provide more info. He mentions that he supports hiring a county executive…I think that’s an unnecessary waste of money, but am glad to see that he doesn’t support expanding the board from more than the current 3 commissioners. That would be another unnecessary waste of money. And the last thing this county needs is more politicians.

  17. Thank you for posting this. Definitely made my voting process easier. For district 1 position 4 I went to Facebook, Sharon Ferguson likes which is progressive and posts democrat/liberal posts. Peter Silliman has conservative Facebook posts.
    Another thing that might be helpful to some in the Vancouver school district, Kathy Gillespie is excited about common core as Lisa Ross is opposed to it.

  18. Thank you so much for sharing your insights! It really helped me out on some of the races I knew less about. 🙂

  19. Thanks this helped alot!

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