Stewart and Doan for City Council

by lewwaters

Vote 1Voters in Vancouver Washington have another opportunity to restore the city or just allow it to the slide into obscurity. You are facing another off-year election where a majority of voters don’t bother to vote, seeing no candidates for national office running.

Unfortunately, those that decline to vote this time hurt themselves more since these off year elections are when many local offices are filled with incumbents or replaced with new people.

The Mayor of Vancouver race has already been covered, but three seats on the city council are up this time and if you are fed up with being ignored, silenced or disrespected, this is an important election for you. You can change how the city has been going.

Jeanne E. Stewart vs. Alishia Topper

Alishia Topper 9

Alishia Topper

Alishia seems to be a nice young lady, but don’t let that fool you. The effort to elect her over incumbent Jeanne E. Stewart, who has faithfully supported citizens over special interests and stood up against the likes of Royce Pollard and Tim Leavitt’s dictatorial ramblings is due to her doing just that, choosing citizens over those special interests, primarily the Columbia River Crossing light rail project.

Jeanne Stewart

Jeanne E. Stewart

Ms. Stewart has listened to the citizens and should be credited with saving our own bus system, C-Tran when she bucked the Leavitt cabal and broke ranks back in 2010 to split the vote between approving a C-Tran measure Leavitt wanted lumped in with a light rail measure.
Instead, she was unceremoniously ousted from the C-Tran Board first chance they got.

Alishia Topper does not display that pro-citizen attitude, even though she campaigns as “Your Voice.”

She in fact campaigns more along the lines of follow the leader, that leader being Identity Clark County and the Leavitt cabal ignoring your votes against light rail and approving a binding contract with TriMet to fund light rail.

Ms. Topper is an unknown with the major backing of nearly every special interest group and public union, even though she has never attended city council meetings or spoken up on behalf of citizens.

Topper is also solidly behind forcing you to accept Portland’s financially failing light rail into our community, even though it has been rejected, both directly and by proxy from the ballot box.

Her talking points are well rehearsed, but nothing new is offered, just the same old tired, worn out Identity Clark County desires to fatten their bank accounts on your backs.

Jeanne E. Stewart has a 12 year record of supporting citizens, looking out for their interests shedding light on many of the goings on downtown.

In spite of special interest backing, there really is no choice in this race, Jeanne E. Stewart should be reelected.

Micheline Doan vs. Jack Burkman

Jack Burkman

Jack Burkman

Jack Burkman is pretty much the quiet type that smiles to your face, while twisting the knife in your back. By his own words, he seems to have lost sight of why we even have a city council, erroneously stating many times the office is to represent fellow council members, “the body” rather than citizen.

In the link in the previous paragraph, he even discusses how they listen to each other, staff and various directors, but nowhere does he state anything about listening to the citizens of Vancouver!

Micheline Doan

Micheline Doan

Micheline Doan, on the other hand, is eager to listen to your wants and respond, not dictate. Unlike Burkman, she sees the fallacy of allowing TriMet to invade our community n suck our economy dry to bail out their failing transportation system.

She sees that Vancouver’s middle class cannot just keep handing over their paychecks to the city for frivolous projects, while they beg the federal government for hand outs just to keep a fire station operational.

Burkman too has well-practiced talking point and the full support of downtown special interests eagerly waiting to deposit more of your paycheck into their bank accounts.

Micheline Doan would rather you keep more of your paycheck and be able to properly care for your families yourselves.

Micheline Doan should be elected and not Jack Burkman.

While much of my opinion is based upon the CRC light rail boondoggle, it is far from the only reason or only issue facing the city. It is just the largest issue, threatening to bankrupt the city with false claims of job growth, new businesses moving into the city all because of the light rail extension and more.

The city faces a growing debt while fire and police face cuts as we become more and more dependent upon federal hand outs for basic core services.

Our city is slowly being swallowed by Portland who is increasingly calling the shots of how our city grows and even limits our own services, making us dependent upon what they offer.

The city of Portland sees fresh revenue from our citizens, but will not give you a voice in how those revenues are used.

That makes this off-year election very important, far too important for only 31% of registered voters to speak out in.

We must halt the slow degradation of Vancouver and being subjected more and more to the whims of Portland.

You can begin that process by reelecting Jeanne E. Stewart and electing Micheline Doan and Frank Decker.

Don’t sit this election out.

You can download and print out flyers to give to your neighbors here

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