Vancouver, You Can Restore Respect, Fairness and Honesty

by lewwaters

Turlay - 2

Bill Turlay

Respect for citizens and honesty in local government has been seriously lacking for far too long. Our votes have been ignored, our voices disrespected and a small group has set themselves up as rulers over us, dictating what is to be, listening only to special interest groups salivating over adding more middle class tax dollars to their bank accounts.

Our own local mouthpiece for those special interests, the Lazy C has endorsed a solid slate of sell-outs candidates that have either a history of opposing citizens or are naïve and inexperienced over people who are willing to actually represent citizen interests, or have been doing just that for many years.

And we know that the reason boils down to special interest desires to force Portland, Oregon’s financially troubled light rail into Vancouver, draining revenues from our community to theirs and likely filling the pockets of special interests on this side of the river. A look at who the Lazy C is endorsing for office in Vancouver is a who’s who list of sell outs or naïve idealists sold a bill of goods.

The 2009 election saw the Lazy C going after now incumbent mayor Leavitt for his platform in opposition to tolling for a new bridge. He was blasted for his voting history, missing 16 votes over 10 years. He was labeled “shallow, defensive and retaliatory,” seriously lacking in leadership skills and more.

The people supported him though, all due to his speaking a position of the people, opposition to the proposed tolling of a new bridge.

Within days of winning the election, well before taking office, he flipped on that, selling out those who supported and voted for him and leading the former mayor, Royce Pollard to say Leavitt had “duped the citizens of America’s Vancouver” and “checked his honesty and integrity at the door somewhere way back down the line” in a Lazy C editorial.

But, Leavitt flipping on his campaign platform and selling out taxpayers to those special interests has gained him the support and the embrace of the Lazy C who now seems to have amnesia over how they portrayed him back in 2009.

Leavitt himself seems to have developed amnesia as he runs for reelection, making more boastful claims in a campaign flyer without consulting his own records first.

Leavitt, Costing Taxpayers

Leavitt, Jobs Layoff

Leavitt, Flyer & Cut Mic

As you can see from the above images, Leavitt’s claims are not exactly what have been reported, even by the Lazy C. But that doesn’t stop them from denigrating his opponent while now glorifying Leavitt.

Bill Turlay is an honest person who served our country as a US Navy fighter pilot during the Vietnam War, even participating in a raid on a suspected POW camp in 1970, something he says is one of his proudest moments.

Leavitt, asked the same question, listed his earning an engineering certificate as his proudest moment. Strange that he doesn’t feel being elected as mayor, defeating a multi-term incumbent by 9 points as a proudest moment. Maybe deep, down inside, he knows he lied, is selling out taxpayers and is ashamed of it?

While the Lazy C wants to focus on a business gone bad nearly 20 years ago with Turlay, they ignore Leavitt voting on financial matters that benefit his employer as well as his registering and maintaining a business license for a land development consulting company, while voting on land development matters in the city.

Portrayed as just an employee, they forget that they reported back in October 2009 that Leavitt “co-founded the Vancouver office of PBS Environmental Engineering in 2000 and serves as its director of engineering services.”

Yet, they somehow see no conflict of interests anywhere and Leavitt’s several lies and flips are merely a “learning curve” today.

The best they can come up with to equate the two is Turlay’s reluctant vote for a tax increase shortly after being on city council, ignoring that he had little choice if we expect Fire and Police protection to continue.

What is left out of the articles is that while Turlay reluctantly voted along with the rest for a 1% property tax increase, he remains solidly opposed to slapping Vancouver and Clark County residents with increased fees, tolls and increases to pay for the Columbia River Crossing light rail project, unlike Tim Leavitt who now is wholly committed to burdening middle class taxpayers with the expense of that.

Turlay spoke out against approval of a contract between C-Tran and TriMet to pay for light rail, Leavitt led the effort to enter such a binding contract, against citizen wishes and granting Oregon’s TriMet eminent domain rights through C-Tran if they decide they want your property to expand their inefficient light rail deeper into our community.

Turlay has stood up for your rights to speak before city council and wants to hear from you. Leavitt led an attempt to silence your voice unless it was something he desired to hear.

Leavitt has shown he has no respect for you or your rights. Turlay not only does have respect for you, he served in the Military to protect those rights and now is asking for your vote to restore respect, fairness and honesty to the City of Vancouver.

I urge you all to restore respect, fairness and honesty in Vancouver by joining and supporting Bill Turlay for Mayor.

6 Comments to “Vancouver, You Can Restore Respect, Fairness and Honesty”

  1. So, the reason I checked your site tonight was to see if I could learn more about this Leavitt Development business Dan Coursey and someone else mentioned under The C’s endorsements article. Something says they’ll ignore this issue – too many negatives to be considered if he’s doing business anywhere nearby.


  2. There are people with inquiries into the state over Leavitt’s Land Development Consulting business. You’re right though, the Lazy C will keep ignoring it, just as they have Levitt recusing himself from the Elie Kassab Tax Abatement due to his employer having a contractual relationship with him, but not recusing himself from C-Tran votes to TriMet since his employer also has a contractual relationship with TriMet.

    It’s CRC at any cost and that is reason enough to vote for Turlay, Decker, Stewart and Doan.


  3. time to raise the awareness button a whole bunch!
    He won’t like my 7 member e-mail complaint
    Oh hell, I don’t care anymore what he thinks than he does what I think!
    This ought to be fun!


  4. Well doggone it, Lew…with an article like this, you’re sure to burst the Columbian’s Leavitt bubble!!! Great write…spot on. Let’s hope Leavitt remains a One-Term Timmy!!! He can go back to his day job (and not a day too soon as far as I’m concerned).


  5. OK – Leavitt Signature Development is apparently a one person LLC that doesn’t advertise and has done absolutely nothing worth noting since 2006. By any chance has Timmy bought a home in the past few years? Something that made the rounds about 5-10 years ago was to file and declare yourself an LLC and buy the home as such. This made your mortgage a business expense that the LLC version of you could deduct. And then the real you paid rent to the LLC you, and could also deduct that somehow. All quite legal. Perhaps he’s just playing that game so he can beat Uncle out of a few dollars? (If I remember correctly, this costs about $99 in WA. I was looking into how people could incorporate and claim the CRC impacted the business version of themselves negatively, and if it was possible to then get people to flood them with mitigation claims. Alas – a No Go. But I ran across this reason to become an LLC.)


  6. In the meantime, Roger, he votes on matters of land development along with C-Tran board votes that likely will benefit his immediate employer from TriMet.

    I don’t know what he is doing with that business, but his flyer out now claims he is a local business owner, as if it is an active business.

    The excuse given over that is that he didn’t place the ad, a Realtor Group in Chicago did.

    Is he doing anything to dispel that claim of a business owner?

    Is he making decision today that might benefit his company once he is out of office?

    We don’t know and nobody asks other than bloggers and we hit a stone wall.

    Instead, a nearly 20 year old bankruptcy is the “ongoing news story” in this race.

    Teflon Tim skates.


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