Lazy C Goes Barrel Scrapping, Again (Updated)

by lewwaters

Barrel 2It’s a given that a conservative candidate, for the most part, cannot get a fair shake when it comes to news by the Lazy C, aka the Columbian. Especially if they oppose the CRC they can expect to never see a positive word about them in the pages.

Editor Lou Brancaccio has claimed many times now that it is not so, but the evidence of their bias is so blatant it literally screams.

Such is the case with Vancouver City Council member Bill Turlay, running to replace Mayor Tim Leavitt.

Turlay has not once received the papers endorsement in previous tries for office, but the people rallied behind him since he actually sides with the people against special interest groups promoting the disastrous CRC light rail project.

Leavitt also was their target in 2009 when he lied about opposition to the tolling of the project, only to switch within days of winning. Blasted by the Lazy C then, he is now the apple of their eye, having shown he is more than willing to sell out Vancouver citizens for the CRC light rail project from Portland.

Bill Turlay

Bill Turlay

The Lazy C attacked Turlay in 2011 over a minor matter with a business license that was easily corrected and due to Mr. Turlay being unaware of a requirement. But that was all the Lazy C needed was just a little molehill to blow out of proportion into a mountain.

And once again they have found a molehill to create a mountain to try to keep Turlay from defeating Leavitt.

As was shown in the post Lazy C: Whitewashes, Bias, Sell Out and Bankruptcies, the Lazy C’s Stephanie Rice dug up a nearly 20 year old bankruptcy Bill went through to use in a vain effort to create an appearance of Bill not being able to properly manage finances.

Turlay explained it was due to a former business partner misappropriating funds but who had no assets, so the bankruptcy fell on Bill Turlay, who lost everything he had, requiring him to start over. And, it was nearly 20 years ago. Since then, he has regrouped and been in another successful business, ignored by the Lazy C who only wants to focus on many years ago.

During the conversation on that ancient bankruptcy, it was indicated that the former business partner was believed to be dead.

But, Stephanie Rice or someone else doing their ‘crack’ reporting reserved for digging dirt only on conservatives, discovered the man was in Florida, apparently very much alive.

I discovered this on Ms. Rice’s twitter page as she and some others were quite jubilant, having caught Bill Turlay in a lie, they apparently thought.

Stephanie Rice tweeted,

“Good news! Mayoral candidate Bill Turlay told me his ex-biz partner, who he blamed bankruptcy on, was dead. He’s alive! Lives in Florida.”

In the course of the online jubilance, Stephanie added,

“maybe ‘deceased’ is code for ‘moved to
Florida’ and I just wasn’t hip to it,”

an obvious effort at ridicule.

Erik Hidle added,

“It’s an election miracle!”

Andrea Damewood, former reporter with the Lazy C, now with the Willamette Week tweeted back,

“BIZ PARTNER WAS JUST ‘DEAD TO HIM’,” adding “cue ppl asking why you are persecuting Turlay. Because it’s OK to elect someone who can’t manage $ & lies!!”

Uh, Leavitt’s many, many lies don’t seem to matter though, and they are now just the results of a “learning curve.”

But on and on and back and forth some went Stephanie Rice, just having a gay old time, ridiculing the candidate they have shown they do not want elected and you, the reader are too stupid to make your own choice.

The Turlay campaign made available to me copies of correspondence, bordering on harassment, that apparently Ms. Rice is disturbed because the Turlay’s no longer wish to respond to her, knowing that she will just twist whatever is said to fit her narrative and now has Editor Brancaccio contact them with,

“Hey Bill did you see Stephanie was trying to contact you? Has to do with finding your former business partner alive and well in Florida. What’s up with that?”

Brancaccio indicates this now ancient matter is an “on-going story.”

But what is strange, if we were to believe there was even a hint of objectivity with the Lazy C, is their continued ignoring of incumbent Mayor Leavitt, who votes on matters of land development, renewing a business license for Leavitt Signature Development, “a land development consulting” firm.

A recent flyer appeared making the claim that Tim Leavitt is

“A local business owner and he has the experience needed to we need to keep Vancouver growing.”

I asked Stephanie Rice about that through twitter,

“Since Leavitt claims to be a ‘business owner,’ will you ask how many employees he has and if he supplies healthcare for them?”

Stephanie’s response was,

“Leavitt didn’t put out that ad.”

True enough, it was put out by a Chicago, Illinois based Realtor Group that likely stands to make a few bucks off of middle class taxpayers with the CRC, but what does who put out the ad have to do with them knowing Leavitt has had this business since 2006 and whether or not he has employees and provides health insurance?

This is the reason I refer to them as the Lazy C. They will hound Bill Turlay over an ancient bankruptcy nearly 20 years ago, track down someone associated with it long ago while ignoring a potential conflict of interest on the part of their preferred candidate, Tim Leavitt.

Even Levitt’s admission of his current employer having a “contractual relationship” with TriMet and his voting on financial matters between C-Tran and TriMet that will benefit his employer raises no eyebrows at the Lazy C.

Such is the vacuum that exists in Southwest Washington with no objectivity in political news from the so-called “newspaper of record.” They will scrape the bottom of a rusty barrel to dirt on someone like Bill Turlay, while giving a sell out like Tim Leavitt a pass.

And, as for the matter of Bill Turlay’s ex-business partner being dead, I was copied a message back to Stephanie Rice saying,

“Since you have already contacted Mr. McCoy in Florida and surmised that Bill ‘lied’ about his death, you, as the crack reporter you are, should have found in your notes that Bill’s remark to you about him was that ‘I had heard he had died.’ (emphasis added)

Buy why quibble over accuracy when you have a candidate you want to undermine, right Ms. Rice?

UPDATE: Ms. Rice, obviously trying to cover her tracks posted a version of this where even she admits Bill Turlay told her had “HEARD” that his former partner had died. Oddly enough, she then posts copies of her back and forth on  twitter claiming some miraculous discover and comments of Bill lying about his former partner.

Ms. Rice, next time, place brain in gear before putting fingers in motion. You just admitted to your witch hunt against Bill in this matter.

It’s an election miracle!

9 Comments to “Lazy C Goes Barrel Scrapping, Again (Updated)”

  1. they suck

  2. Well, the democratian IS a disgrace to “journalism,” and the fish DOES rot… from the head, down.

  3. This type of reporting by someone who calls themselves a news agency makes me want to puke. I wonder how Ms. Rice lives with her conscience…IF she has any!

    I’d much rather have a mayor who is currently a success and has gone through the rigors…the headache of bankruptcy in his past, knowing what to avoid in the future than I would a mayor who outright lies so his company has more footing in the biggest financial and political failure (CRC) our county has ever seen.

    Vote for Bill Turlay!

  4. Various Columbian writers have claimed to me that neither Lou Brancaccio nor Scott Campbell have any influence over which stories they write, or how they write them, but that is awfully hard to believe when The Columbian continues to print the same kind of lopsided coverage.

    They appear to have one standard for anyone who supports their agenda (obviously the CRC is at the top of that agenda), and another standard for anyone opposed.

    Supporters are lovingly caressed, problems ignored, former editorial opinions are reversed. We all know what happens to those who are opposed. No wonder Royce Pollard couldn’t find anyone to run against Leavitt.

  5. I suggest that anyone who gets a questioning call from Eva Braun Rice should ignore it and give the answer to or post it on social media. E. Braun Rice could just copy and paste accurately for a change. However, context would still be a problem for her. In the meantime we’ll just have to wait for the ever shrinking and always stinking Columbian to go the way of Bill Turlay’s old business. What goes around…

  6. Thanks for the voice of support, Dick.

    Why would they want to post it here or send it to me, right?

  7. Didn’t they already go bankrupt, just a few years ago? I guess they are like a bad penny – or cockroaches – in their ability to keep popping right back up again.

  8. Their bankruptcy, another running for Mayor and a candidate they endorsed filing bankruptcy just last year isn’t near as important as Bills 20 years ago.

    After all, they dislike Bill and not the rest.

    That is also why Stephanie Rice thought it important to make a post on Bill’s wife saying “bullshit” and not worry about Levitt’s appearances of conflict of interests.

  9. If you want to feel good about yourself go to wherever that makes you feel good. If you want the real information on what is happening inside Clark County, with someone that is connected, visit CLARK COUNTY CONSERVATIVE.

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