Clark County GOP Pens Open Letter to Herrera Beutler (Updated)

by lewwaters

Herrera Smile 2Although I have not been very vocal for some time about it, the election of Congresswoman Jaime Herrera Beutler is one that I have opposed in 2010 and in 2012 stayed out of. I did not hide my views in the 2010 primary that she was not suited for the job.

And she has proven me right more than once.

Of late, after some 15 days of the recent partial shut down of the government, she issued a letter calling on everybody to “face reality” on Obamacare and subsequently surrendered by voting to accept Obama and the Democrats terms, leaving the rest of us standing strong with egg on our faces.

The local Republican Party, under new leaders then when it firmly backed her against strong conservative candidates in 2010, to the point of actively undermining a candidate that previously held positions in Washington D.C. with the Veterans Administration and Department of Homeland Security, has issued an open letter expressing their disappointment with Ms. Herrera Beutler.

That letter says in part,

“Once again, it was a minority of Republican Representatives that voted with all 198 of Democrats that allowed passage of this resolution. Of the 232 Republican Representatives voting, a majority of 144 voted no on this Resolution. And how disappointing it is that not one from Washington State decided to stand for the citizens of Washington State. House Speaker John Boehner said yesterday, ‘We fought the good fight. We just didn’t win.’ We submit all 87 surrendered.”

I wholeheartedly agree. While I understand Ms. Herrera Beutler has her hands full with the premature birth of her first child and medical complications, we in Washington State’s 3rd Congressional District deserve strong presentation of our views. She was not elected to return to the D.C. party circuit and sell out those who voted for her.

Her surrender will not endear her to the Democrats and likely will cause primary challenge against her, if she decides to run again.

For far too long now, Republicans have surrendered every chance they get and if their effort is to build a more positive view, it fails. The lamestream media will not embrace Republicans and will only twist their words to see them ousted.

Surrender is not the most effective strategy. Outnumbered and confronted with a written request from German General Luttwitz for the surrender of Bastogne in the Battle of the Bulge, Brigadier General Anthony McAuliffe replied with one word: “NUTS!”

Where has that American spirit gone?

UPDATE: For all admonishing me that Herrera Beutler did the right thing, here is what she helped approved: A Tyrant’s Dream: Congress Cedes Control Of Federal Debt

42 Comments to “Clark County GOP Pens Open Letter to Herrera Beutler (Updated)”

  1. I wholeheartedly disagree. Obama was determined to run the economy over the cliff if he couldn’t get his way. It was Obama who refused to compromise – not the Republicans. What were they supposed to do? Let Obama take down the economy? Do you think for one moment that Obama and the Democrats wouldn’t sacrifice the well-being of Americans in order to maintain control? Obama and the Democrats care for one thing only: POWER.

    Herrera Beutler and her Republican colleagues did the only sensible thing. Unlike the Democrats, they weren’t willing to sacrifice your future for their own political gain.

    While it is true that without a fundemental shift, the American economy and freedom are under significant threat, and if something doesn’t change very soon, the economy will crash and Obama and his Democrat minions will most likely declare martial law and invalidate the Constitution, the Republicans have bought some time and hopefully raised awareness of the critical state the country is in.

  2. Wish I could have signed it.

  3. Obama is hellbent to destroy the economy whether the Republicans caved or not. The cave is just a surrender that he is now using to push for even more surrender. Amnesty for illegals is next and it is already expected Boehner will quickly cave.

    Since the surrender my inbox has been filled with Democrat crowing, praising those who surrendered as “responsible” and promoting retaking the house, seeing the GOP as weak.

    If we are not prepared to fight what is going on, there is no future. Surrendering and putting it off just allows small incremental steps towards one party rule, socialism an a dictator (Obama already refers to the Military as “MY Military).

    The only thing that time bought will do is give Obama more successes and more time to marginalize conservatives, opting to promote liberal Republicans that will go along with the quiet coup d tat converting this once free nation into one of enslavement to the Democrat Socialists.

    Standing firm against what appeared insurmountable adds won the Battle of the Bulge. The GI’s pushed off of the beaches of Normandy against a well entrenched enemy and defeated them, not by caving to them or making deals with them, but fighting them with all they had.

    Caving to Democrats because of the perception they will not bend is exactly what they want you to do.

    And where has it gotten us?

  4. The problem is, Obama and the Democrats know that Republicans love their country and their fellow Americans more than their careers and use that against them. What I hear you saying is that Republicans needed to call his bluff. That if they would have held on a little longer, Obama would have done the best thing for America and agreed to compromise. There is no bluff to call. Obama is interested only what is good for Obama and his radical coterie of progressives.

    As I said earlier, Obama, Reid, Pelozi, and all the other radical progressives would easily sacrifice the future of America for their own gain. I imagine that they’re somewhat disappointed the Republicans didn’t try calling his bluff. I’m convinced that their end game is to destroy the republic and rebuild it to their own twisted vision.

    I don’t know what it will take to wake up a majority of Americans, or even if that is possible anymore. I’m hoping that enough Americans will give a damn about the country to enable the Republicans to retake the Senate next year and get a larger majority in the House. Judging from what I’m seeing though, that hope may be in vain.

  5. Lew, Rumors are afloat JHB will have a rock solid Conservative challenger and I hope they are correct!!! We recalled 2 Democrat Senators in Colorado 1 being the head of the Senate and we replaced them with 2 strong Conservative Candidates although being out spent 6 to 1, $3 million to $500,000, and it can be doen here in the 2014 election!!!

    Chuck Miller, Director Washington Citizens for Responsible Government P. O.Box992 Camas, WA. 98607

  6. I voted today.

    That’s important because without having a vote, if the kind of thinking that is expressed here was in charge – I’d join the revolution. But I do get to vote – and if you guys win, well, give it 4 years and maybe us sane people can turn it around. 🙂

    For the record, I think Obama is the best president in my lifetime. He represents my thinking almost exactly. Luckily, a majority of voters think the same way. I can see where that would piss you off – but, thank goodness, you got to vote today too, which relieves the steam.

    Isn’t democracy great?

  7. You can vote today Martin. I wouldn’t bet the house that you can vote tomorrow if those whack-jobs you lionize so much stay in power.

  8. I often wonder if you’ll be so giddy over Obama after he has confiscated everything you have, Martin?

    Oh, I know you don’t believe he will. But many Cubans felt Fidel Castro was the best thing ever too, at first. Same with Russia, Germany, Venezuela and more.

    I have no problem with people like you learning things the hard way, but I do object that rest of the people must be hurt along with you.

    Enjoy what you have earned, while you can. 😉

  9. I wrote the following to Boehner and a similar letter to Ms. Herrera Beutler:

    I’m sorry to hear that you have caved in to the Democrats over the continuing resolution and debt ceiling issues.

    In Texas, at the battle of the Alamo, there were no survivors. We did not see patriots “make a deal” with General Santa Anna, surrendering their position (which was certainly precarious, as the Alamo was hardly a military fort).

    Your failure to stick to a principled position and wait for the OTHER SIDE to “blink” makes me feel that the Republican party is a complete write off. While this tactic was probably not the wisest to have taken, once you committed to it, you should have remained committed to it, come hell or high water. Instead, you “cut a deal” with the wimps in the Senate.

    Frankly, you should resign as Speaker of the House and resign from the Congress. You are worse than ineffective, you are actually damaging to America.

    The constitution gives the House the power of the purse. It is the only tool you have to reign in an Imperial President who is directly ignoring black letter law in legislation his party passed. (Along with numerous other attacks on constitutional order.)

    Your lack of fortitude is totally disgusting. Hopefully, there are some few members of the Republican caucus who will stand on principle. But you should get out of the way and let a more capable leader emerge.

    (end quote)

    I believe that Ms. Herrera Beutler ought to demonstrate the courage of her lack of convictions and resign as well. The “reality” that Boehner and Beutler chose to ignore is that “holding the nation hostage” (as Obama and the Dems characterized it) was the only way to succeed. Since Boehner has caved in previously (at the last moment) the Dems certainly are justified in simply waiting out the wimps.

    We do not need a party that simply thinks that the only problem with big government is when the Democrats are in charge, but when Republicans are in charge, they can run big government “better.” The reality is that we need a party that understands that the problem IS big government. Ever since progressives starting us on the path of establishing “expert government” (with a multitude of central planners), the opposition has agreed to “compromise.” But when you compromise on the protection of basic inalienable rights, you have lost your rights. When you compromise with evil, even a little bit, then you have accepted evil.

    I’m beginning to get the feeling that only a third party will solve the problems we have, though that may well take several generations before it succeeds.

  10. One of Churchill’s homilies ended “…You may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than to live as slaves.” Certainly, Obamacare is a very large step toward that slavery inasmuch as it provides the federal government formidable power over the private lives of all Americans, one which, using that law as a wedge, can be expanded into virtually any other part of our collective destinies. If only we who have the courage to speak the truth could rely upon an honest press, we would unquestionably prevail. As it is, we are demeaned rather than celebrated, silenced rather than quoted, ignored rather than confronted. There can be no battle for the minds of men when, on one side, the guns are willfully silenced by those who should be loading them.

  11. Bravo to you Lew and the Republican Party board of Clark County…..many citizens are seeing this disastrous surrender by the national Republicans, and they are discouraged about our nation’s future. I tell them…hey….what was the U.S. Constitution for–.framing and gathering dust in our basements???? We live in A REPUBLIC….we elect our representatives, and we can un-elect them and replace them. SO GET TO IT CONSERVATIVES….dig in those trenches for a big fight next year. Track down people with the hearts and minds and souls to stand up for American exceptionalism and freedom and get them to run for office…offer money, offer sweat, offer prayers but DO IT! Time to clean Houses….state and federal!!

  12. Well Craig I pretty much agree wth you. Martin is silly idolizing the man who said he would find a way to detain pemanently anyone who his team deemed a future potential risk without ever having to release them because he would seek ways to alter the constitution in order to make his way the “new constitutional way” and therefore legal. However, the truth is there are only a couple of things that will cause the people to riot in this country… the loss of freedom isn’t one of them apparently. Food and water those basic needs will create a riot due to starving families. A riot will create martial law. That will never be cancelled under Obama and there you have it… his plan to stay in the white house position for life. No way should the republicans be part of the democrats stupid game plans to destroy us. No, the solution is not perfect but destroying ourselves permanently is not a good answer either. If anybody has a better plan please share it…. anarchy and civil war are the next bend and cooler calmer heads with pre-emptive plans will actually make the game move along to checkmate faster. I am ready for this to be over. I am tired of the people electing leaders that would rather ignore our votes. I want a free country! My God this is depressing! Please let’s plan and tell this jerk we are capable of freedom from his control by showing him we got our own butts covered here. Trust me Jaime will applaud our efforts!

  13. Lew I cannot state in strong enough terms my disappointment in your inability to find a winning strategy and support it. I am sorry you think Congresswoman Herrera Buetler’s vote to abandon a loosing strategy was proof that she is a modern day Mata Hari . What Obama is doing is not like anything that has occurred in Europe or even in Asia. You keep missing the theme and therefore cannot find the solution. Obama is following the path of Castro and more to the point the path of Venezuela’s President for life in death, Hugo Chavez. I am surprised because you have mentioned the two gentlemen but have not taken the time to follow the logic, and there is logic, behind what they did compared to what Obama is doing.

    I suppose It is understandable that you would seek to measure the efforts of the Congresswoman against something you are familiar with. But I am more and more certain that you are wrong on this . I would rather follow her lead in this than knee jerking and predictably telegraphing every response to every forced crisis and every trumped up non crisis. With all respect Lew, the tea party does not have a plan that will work because they are fighting the wrong enemy, and so, in my opinion, you too, are fighting the wrong battle here.

  14. Thomas, the only reason you do not think there is no hope of victory is because you do not have a plan to win. Your plan, as near as I can tell, is to be a Martyr. This is not the plan I would choose to ensure a free country for my children. We do not need martyr’s, and it is not yet time for hand to hand combat of the nature Churchill saw as a real threat in WWII. Therefore, I will not participate in a suicide pact no matter how good it makes you feel to think others see you as Crispus Attucks, Samuel Gray, James Caldwell, Samuel Maverick, or Patrick Carr, they each would have been far more effective in service to their cause alive then ever they have been once dead.
    The effect of the Alamo on the defeat of the Mexican Army under Santa Anna is historically one of legend. Col. Bowie was sent to the town to remove the cannon and destroy the Mission. That he was unable to do so was due to a lack of draft animals. The defeat of the Texan’s at the Alamo sparked the “runaway scrape” and other infamous reactions to the Mexican Army. But it was the actions at Goliad a month later that gave the Texan’s the steel they needed to win.

    The importance of the Alamo was its relationship to the initial defeat of the Mexican Garrison, from which Texas claimed it independence rather than a fight to re-institute the Mexican constitution and Mexican Federalism.


  16. I have strong libertarian leanings as everyone knows so I’m also disappointed that we were not able to strike a blow for smaller government. Having said that I’m also a realist – and the tactic of trying to “defund Obamacare” via the debt ceiling was grossly flawed and had nearly no chance of success. Obamacare has already started to collapse under its own weight – and we are better off picking a battle – and a venue – that we can win.

    I would also point out that Jamie was the ONLY Republican to pick up a new seat in the entire West Coast – and that’s quite an accomplishment in such a left-leaning area. Even though she wasn’t my first choice, I still think we could do a lot worse. And, there’s no point in selecting someone in the primary, that has no chance of getting elected in the general.

  17. You are always welcome to disagree, Sane, that is how we work.

    But I stake my points on we are not dealing with rational people in Democrats, especially Obama and such. They had no reason to blink, they knew all along Republicans would, they have a history of it.

    I would have used a different strategy over multiple efforts at defunding it, but that was the strategy they chose. Many a poor strategy has been turned into a winner, but never by surrendering.

    Few people realize what a fiasco D-Day was early on, but they didn’t surrender. No, they pushed ahead, they adapted and they won.

    You are right about where Obama is heading and every surrender to him moves us even closer. It is now expected to see a quick cave for amnesty and Pelosi and her ilk are filling inboxes crowing of how they won and thanks to this surrender, will take back the house and keep the Senate.

    Bad strategy or not, if they weren’t committed to it, they never should have started it. Once started, they should have seen it through and not by sending new bills to the Senate every other day.

  18. If Republicans are going to continue acting more like Democrats and just go along to get along, allowing Obama to just do as he pleases, then I have the right enemy.

    That ‘R’ means nothing when it is just a ‘D’ masquerading.

  19. For all admonishing me that Herrera Beutler did the right thing, here is what she helped approved: A Tyrant’s Dream: Congress Cedes Control Of Federal Debt

  20. I understand that Lew. It is awful. I can’t stand it. So what do you suggest we do to get rid of a President that will not adhere to his oath to uphold the constitution and respect and honor the seperation of powers? What pray tell outside of more harm immediately that brings riot and violence and martial law which he will use to hold the power? Can you motivate the troops to stand and fight him? Will we be syria?

  21. Obviously I am unable to motivate anybody, Carolyn. If I could, they wouldn’t have surrendered nor would they have fought this from a position of weakness.

    I don’t know how to motivate people, if I did, Moeller would be gone.

    But that doesn’t mean I am going to throw in the towel and just sit back.

    If that is all we are about, why are we fighting the CRC?

  22. Do we then assume that Jaime has thrown in the towel? Perhaps she should be asked what if anything she has planned and how we might help facilitate a successful outcome that we all prefer. I do not wish to throw in the towel either.

  23. You’ll have to ask her if she has thrown in the towel.

    But as easily as she surrendered on this, what makes us think she won’t surrender as easily on CRC when it comes to funding at the federal level?

    It’s been over a year since she told me she was trying to get an investigation of the CRC. Where is it? Where is her public comment on the goings on? She wrote a letter to the Coast Guard asking for answers, yet they approved he too low bridge and where are the answers?

    If only she would push back on Democrats as mush as she does locals, maybe we would have easier time.

    And to be honest with you, when she called me at home back in 2010, 3 times before I answered, thinking it was a call from her campaign asking for donations, and wanted to know why I had not dropped the conservative Republican I had been backing for 6 months and gotten behind her, I have not been very impressed.

    Months later, after several mentions of not receiving the email she promised me in that call, I did receive a memo from her campaign manager, basically calling me a liar:

    So no, even though I have been quiet and have tried to giver the benefit of doubt, her fence straddling does not impress me.

    If we are going to right this battle, we need people ready to fight with us, not surrender to try to save face

  24. I sincerely doubt she was trying to save face. I really believe she looked at it and recognized it as a loss.

  25. One thing for sure, surrender is always a loss

  26. Absolutely true Lew. I just don’t see how any of this was going to be a win. I want us to figure out and plan to take the country back making sure that the libs lose their game permanently. We have such a huge mountain to climb now that we built it up in front of us. We must be better prepared to accomplish the task. I know we are smart enough it seems that there are too many media groups stacked against the message and not enough of us who are willing to be vocal and visual making the case that the government cannot take care of us BECAUSE WE ARE THE GOVERNMENT so naturally WE must do it for ourselves. No laziness allowed!

  27. For whatever reason she decided to cave, she did. This is not a proud moment for Washington State from a congresswoman that now thinks she did right for us. Jaime Herrerra, was never a tea party representative, she was a bought and paid for GOP candidate. She had one hell of a time trying to keep up with David Castillo during the campaign, who by the way, was at many of the tea party rallies, I never saw anyone representing the GOP there. The then existing GOP did everything they could to make sure that the voters only recognized Jaime when we had a true Conservative in the running, long before Jamie decided to jump in. The GOP only promoted Herrera and before she decided to jump in they were behind Russle. We have to make sure we find out who we are voting for, don’t blindly through your ballot in the box just because you see a R by the name, as you can see, Jaime Herrera Butler is not Conservative, she never was, and she never will be. She is a moderate, and the Democrats freaking love moderates, that is how they get a mother load like Obama Care passed.

  28. I’m a moderate left of center guy. That means I’m well between folks like the Tea Partiers and the Maoists. I favor government helping the poor, progressive taxation, government negotiating health care costs, and active involvement to stimulate economic growth. But what the guy above me said: Jaime Herrera Beutler is a “bought and paid for GOP candidate.” She does not, as the Maoists (and some Tea Partiers) said, *serve the people.*

    She must go.

    Let’s put a genuine progressive and genuine conservative who at LEAST agree on serving the people and have the debate.

    But let’s get rid of hacks like Jaime Herrera Beutler. She’s only taking this job to get a lobbyist job anyway. She gives not one whit about either you or me.

  29. Mumon, I appreciate your candor and I agree, it’s time to get rid of the self-serving politicians from both sides and get people in office that really care more about the country and the people ion it than their political careers.

  30. Come on, we all know that a Tea Party candidate cannot get elected in the 3rd. There would be a better chance of a progressive like Moeller getting elected than someone like Castillo (although personally I don’t consider Castillo to be all that extreme). We should support whoever has a reasonable chance of being elected – if only to slow down the radical progressives a bit. Jamie may not be the candidate we might hope for, but she’s a damn site better than the liberal alternative. It may be hard to believe, but Washington is even more liberal than Oregon. It’s amazing that we have congressional representation deficit of only 4 (including the Senate). Let’s not engage in a circular firing squad and make the deficit even greater.

  31. Thanks Craig for that. I really want us to organize and to be ready to support our congresswoman so that she can be enabled to defend our rights properly. The moves made by the senate leaders were in my opinion illegal. The moves made by Obama are definitely illegal and we have to find the way to move against his unconstitutional acts inspite of an equally corrupt and evil Federal AG Eric Holder. We must resolve that enforcement issue in order to win.

  32. Right, Damned Tea party, standing up for the constitution, supporting individual rights, we surely wouldn’t wan that to stand in the way of progress, now would we?

    Yes, support whoever can get elected, ignore what they stand for, that doesn’t really matter, just get them in office and accept what happens.

    And yes, Obama is shredding the constitution and centralizing powers to himself and nobody is taking a stand against it.

    A Tyrant’s Dream: Congress Cedes Control Of Federal Debt

    Well, accept for those mean Tea Party people so despised most everywhere you look.

    Blame the Tea Party? Use Your Memory

    Sorry if it offends, but there is a reason I titled the blog Conservative and not Republican.

  33. Carolyn, you’re getting out there in Michele Bachmann territory. Inside the Conservative bubble (of which this blog is part), that may not seem too bad, but I assure you that in the real world, crazy talk of illegality by the president or AG damages your cred. Same thing on The Constitutional front: if you want to debate The Constitution, I’ll debate you on my blog, but you need some grounding in law, history, and fact.

    I don’t mean to be insulting, I actually admire your effort & zeal, and I don’t just admonish Conservatives – there’s a dickhead Progressive that’s always spouting nonsense about the law and The Constitution that needs his neck wrung.

  34. Lew, I have nothing against the Tea Party. I support what they do. If we could get them elected that would be fine with me. I did support Castillo over Herrera in the primary – and certainly would have voted for him. Sometimes though, you need to be pragmatic and work with the hand dealt you.

    Let me put it this way. If a Tea Party candidate comes forward that I think could not just win the primary, but could get elected, I will support him or her. I would have to be pretty darn sure about that though before I would switch over from our current Rep. A primary fight is just what the democrats want to see though. If they could dissuade conservatives from supporting Herrera Beutler, half the battle is won for them.

    In as much as I cannot forsee such an outcome of a conservative candidate beating Herrera Beutler in the primary without doing massive, insurmountable damage to the party’s eventual candidate, I will continue supporting Jamie.

  35. The split and divide the vote tactics are exactly what the democrats want. The very tactic goals are to make sure that the democrats get their person elected. This is why we have Bob Ferguson instead of Reagan Dunn. Is Bob more conservative than Reagan? No way! Is Reagan conservative in most ways? Yes but not enough for those who chose to write-in Steven Pidgeon. Did Reagan win? No So now Ferguson sends rulings to the house and its members that state it is okay for them to violate our eminent domain rights. Are we better off? Hell no. People had better start realizing that in politics there are many chess moves and a ton of patience is required to get where you want to be. If not then Ron Paul would have been president in the 90’s already!

  36. Martin, would that also go for leftwing calls for Arrest and Try House GOP Leadership for Sedition?

    Oh, I know it’s nothing to worry bout, just a major liberal group like that has the ear of the Democrat Party and after all, no leader would ever dare to begin arresting and trying the opposition to promote their agenda, would they?

    And I’m sure Obama means nothing by continually referring to the Military now as “MY” Military, does he?

  37. Martin, the president has no power to control the purse period and he must by the language in the constitution pay the debt so there is no debate to be had when he and his minions scream bs rhetoric about default. As far as the AG is concerned he has already proven his willingness to break the law and has been stalling at every turn his required congressional testimony. He has filed every time in court to thwart lawsuits that require either the president or himself to present the facts in a court. That is not his job, his job is to abide by and uphold the law. His acts are IMO lawless and in several extents true evil. I am not a Bachman fan although I do not dislike her I am simply not a big fan. I however do want my AG to protect our constitution even from abuse of a president which Holder does not do.

  38. Craig, a major problem back in 2010 was the undermining and opposition to Castillo from the establishment Republican Party to promote favored Jaime Herrera, even though her record nowhere near matched his.

    The Clark County GOP actively worked against a Republican, used party resources to oppose a Republican and even stalled campaign material dissemination. I was a target myself from them for not dropping the Republican I supported to get behind her and then they acted shocked that I resigned my PCO spot.

    Ya’ll want the milquetoasts who are more interested in being invited to the parties, have at it.

    Don’t come crying later.

    You elect people by building support for them, not by doing as you’re told.

  39. Like yourself Lew, I am not a Republican – I have never joined either party. Having thought this over for a couple of days, and observing the almost daily erosion of our freedoms under the Obama regime, I’m thinking that maybe you guys are right. I’m thinking what’s the use of putting your finger in the dike when a tsunami is about to break over the wall?

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