Corruption at the C-Tran Board of Directors

by lewwaters

An example from two consecutive meetings of the C-Tran Board of Directors, calling for postponing resolutions made by Clark County Commissioner David Madore, who is standing up for citizens against multi-Billion dollar light rail project they have repeatedly rejected and is being rammed down their throats anyway, after the same Board approved a resolution just presented moments before at the previous meeting that authorized entering binding contract with the Light rail provide, Portland, Oregon’s TriMet that was signed the very next day, apparently unseen or not open for discussion by Board members or the public.

3 Comments to “Corruption at the C-Tran Board of Directors”

  1. Just when you think the stink of corruption around the CRC project can’t possibly get any worse…

  2. We have big corruption afoot. So let me get this straight, the board of C-Tran is playing with Big Jules’s dice which have no markings. They are not following Robert’s rule of order in not asking if anyone has a comment prior to the vote. You can’t have it one way in one meeting and not the same in the following meeting. Every public official who engaged in ramming this through should be recalled ASP.

    Originally, Leavitt said that THIS WAS NOT A SUBJECT THAT COULD BE DISCUSSED AT CITY COUNCIL CITIZENS COMMENTS when Jeanne Harris yelled at Mr. Patella and Mr. Madore at two separate council meetings.

    I find it interesting that Mr. Leavitt whose company PBS has a contract with Tri-Met did not recuse himself from voting. Now if he can’t vote because of his interest how are the other council members voting since they vote in a block vote? Something isn’t right here. It appears that all the rules were thrown out the window in order to sign a document that obligates all the citizens not only of Vancouver but Clark County as well.

  3. Wow…Mr. Mayor must be a speed reader…faster than I have ever witnessed in my life!

    What scumbags!!!

    I was beginning to lose faith in our system, but now I know for sure…we’re screwed!!!

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