Little Slips Can Tell a Lot

by lewwaters

C-TranSomething unscrupulous media has been known to do is try to slip something past readers, citizens of their communities, in an effort to push forward an agenda that a majority in the community might oppose. Other times it might be a small sliver of truth in an agenda driven article, buried deep in the article with hopes that busy people will just read a biased headline and maybe skim the first part of the article.

Some claim they are not biased because there is that hint of truth in an otherwise heavily biased article, all too often missed or overlooked by readers.

And other times a quote is included in what might otherwise be considered an unrelated article that actually sheds light on another matter citizens of a community should be made aware of.

There is just such a little quip contained in the October 23, 2013 Lazy C article, Ridgefield mayor faces write-in candidate, announcing Tim Wilson stepping up to run against Mayor Ron Onslow, who was previously running unopposed.

Wilson’s reason given is that Onslow’s “vote with the C-Tran board pushed me over the edge a little bit.”

Ron Onslow was one of five who voted to enter into a binding contract with TriMet to fund their light rail extension into our community at a special meeting, Sep. 26, 2013, presumably sight unseen by any Board members.

As you can see and hear from the Oct. 8, 2013 Board meeting, no one is able to answer Commissioner Madore that they actually saw the hastily drawn up 40 page contract that was approved by resolution and signed the very next morning and apparently with several parts that likely will prove very detrimental to our community.

Yet, buried in the article announcing Tim Wilson’s entrance into the Ridgefield Mayor’s race as a write-in candidate, we read,

“As an alternate on the C-Tran board, Onslow doesn’t usually vote. La Center Mayor Jim Irish represents his city and Ridgefield on the board. Irish was out of town and could not attend the Sept. 26 C-Tran meeting. He and Onslow discussed the contract before the meeting and agreed to vote in favor of it, Onslow said.”

As can be seen in the video clip, Mayor Onslow is not present and La Center Mayor Jim Irish has returned, but does not answer when asked if any had seen the contract.

So this begs the question, did Onslow and Irish receive copies of the contract to look over prior to the meeting that other board members did not?

If so, is that not corruption on the part of those who wish to force Portland’s financially troubled light into our community against the wishes of the people, since it was not made available to all board members?

And if they had not received a copy of the contract, just what is it they discussed and agreed to vote for prior to the meeting?

Did they just agree to blindly vote yes without seeing or knowing just what was actually in that contract?

If so, is that not incompetence?

As attorney Tom Wolfendale explained it, Oregon’s TriMet was not receptive and refused to negotiate a clause allow either party to terminate the contract without penalty. As signed now, should we citizens succeed in stopping this madness, it may cost taxpayers $5 Million in penalties to be awarded to TriMet.

Were Onslow and Irish aware of that omission? Or any of the other portions not favorable to Clark County?

As was addressed in the post Mayor Leavitt and C-Tran Declare Jihad, TriMet pulled a similar stunt on the people of Clackamas County Oregon, completely nullifying the vote of the people and forcing their light rail onto them through the courts.

And they have now succeeded in doing the very same thing to Clark County Washington through the votes of the C-Tran Gang of Five, Vancouver mayor Tim Leavitt, Vancouver City Council members Bart Hansen and Larry Smith, Clark County Commissioner Steve Stuart and Ridgefield Mayor Ron Onslow, voting on behalf of La Center Mayor Jim Irish, who agrees with the vote.

These five, six if you wish to include Jim Irish, sold you out. They approved a contract that they either did not see first or was only shared with a few, in violation of how a Board is supposed to operate.

I can’t see any other explanation for this other than outright corruption or incompetence, or both.

And Onslow’s reward? Bombastic 49th Legislative District Representative Jim “sue your constituents to invalidate their vote” Moeller calling for eliminating C-Tran service out in your community.

Moeller, Screw Ridgefield

If Moeller gets his way, you will stop seeing bus service out in your community, but you will not be exempted from paying for Oregon’s choo choo train.

Ridgefield, you deserve better. If for no other reason than this, you should write in Tim Wilson and let Ron Onslow know you do not appreciate his act on Sep. 26, 2013.

Vancouver should follow suit and kick Tim ‘The Liar” Leavitt out on his bum too.

It’s time to take back your communities from these special interest sell-outs and return the community to a government of the people, by the people and for the people, not for special interests.

6 Comments to “Little Slips Can Tell a Lot”

  1. Is there some way that the citizens of this county could dissolve the C-Trans district? Would that be an option under the “charter county” concept?

    It seems like lawsuits are in order — and that those that voted for the Tri-Met contract should be held personally liable for any expenses that they have encumbered the citizens of this county with.

  2. the 2008 CTRAN policy on the CRC requires that any means to fund high capacity transit, which light rail is, must go to a public vote. A public vote on light rail on the CRC was held in Nov. 2012,and voters in every city in Clark County, and especially Ridgefield rejected light rail. Below are the rates by which the cities rejected light rail and bus rapid transit.(BRT) in the Nov. 2012 election
    Jim Irish and Ron Onslow claim to represent these two cities, yet vote FOR costly contracts for light rail and BRT
    Ridgefield….59.77% against light rail and BRT
    LaCenter……59.17% against ”
    Bill Ganley represents these two cities & has represented the vote, not approving contracts for light rail or BRT
    Battleground..65.29% against light rail and BRT
    Yacholt……. – –
    Connie Jo Freeman represents these two cities , has not approved contracts for either light rail or BRT
    Camas………55.43% against Light rail and BRT
    Washougal…..58.23% against ”
    Bart Hansen, Larry Smith & Tim Leavitt represents supposedly represent Vancouver, but voted for contracts for both light rail and BRT
    Vancouver…..54.05% against light rail and BRT
    The board also has had a longheld policy of not spending CTRAN sales tax $$ on light rail, only $$ that came from bus advertising. Yet the attorney claimed that the policy had been overturned by an amendment offered by County Commissioner Steve Stuart at the Sept. meeting at which Leavitt introduced the resolution to expedite the light rail contract. However, there was NO board discussion in September at all about repealing the no sales Tax $ for light rail policy. How could the board repeal a policy with no discussion at all? Commissioner Stuart told the board all his amendment would do would be to get information, there was no mention of his amendment repealing the no sales tax for light rail policy. That policy of not spending sales tax $ for light rail has been hot topic at previous CTRAN board meetings in the summer of 2011, when it was held to apply. In October, when Madore reminded the board that policy prevented the use of sales tax for light rail, then and only then did the attorney mention that back in September that policy had been repealed.
    In 2011,Ctran told voters that the sales tax increase would not be used for light rail. Citizens against the measure warned that if CTRAN got the $ 9 MILLION plus more per year, they would use it for light rail. And now we see it was the citizens with nothing to gain who were correct to warn us all, and CTRAN deceived the public. They got the $ MILLIONS they needed for light rail, and now they have signed a contract. These CTRAN board members have been spinning a web of deceit for years, since 2005 when they gerrymandered tens of thousands of residents out of the CTRAN district.

  3. According to the latest flak from someone named Harry Smith who is exploding all over the post on the Columbian site Ron Onslow is claiming to have nothing or any affiliation with Schofield Properties LLC.

    Schofield Properties LLC is the listed owner on the county tax assessors’ records. In a personal hunt for owners and persons of interest who stand to gain from the investments of property along and near high capacity transit lines through the potential use of federal grants and low interest loans which are available for high density mixed use developments in these circumstances, I found Schofield Properties LLC and Schofield Group LLC downtown. The “group” lists several blocks which are under testament trust with an address in Bellingham for contact. The “properties” list several blocks with a contact listing in Long Beach California.

    I walked around and looked for physical evidence of ownership after having found a set of old pictures with Onslow’s on a building. Finding the correct building I spoke to tenants. I was told that the owner was Schofield confirming the records search I had done. I asked for the contact regarding lease issues and maintenance etc and was told Ron Onslow.

    Checking Ron’s F1 on file I see that he does not list an income from property management sources. He also does not list any investment property which he would need to do ONLY if he holds 10% or more of the property AND it has a value over $2000.

    I do not know for certain as yet but I suspect that Ron Onslow should have recused himself from voting on the CRC/light rail issue considering the property. The property is along Main St in downtown Vancouver which will pay out huge in financial gains when or if Light rail comes into downtown across the I-5 bridge.

    If this Schofield LLC is the trustee of 600 Main St Vancouver Wa and he is a beneficiary in this building and this LLC which owns more downtown properties as well then he definitely should not have voted on this issue.

    Leavitt should have recused himself because of the contract his employer has with PBS and Trimet. He also owns his own company which he has listed as a property development and investment company which I really believe causes serious conflict with a position of long range planning and zoning and coding in the city.

    Stuart should have recused himself due to his wife working for two separate political Action committees with the goal of bringing light rail to Vancouver.

    I am waiting for documents requested from the PDC to confirm information on the LLC listings.
    I’m still working on the rest of them and I will find the smoking guns.

  4. Gathe: Wife a former C-Tran Lobbyist.

    E Holmes: Former employee of Mackay Sposito, Civil Engineering Consultants (Tim Schauer boss): Company will make millions off the CRC.

    Burkman: Consultant/Employee for WSDOT.

    Also need to file a State Bar complaint re Wolfendale. Emails, phone records and interviews should show he DID KNOW other board members (like Leavitt, Stuart, etc.) reviewed the contract prior to the vote.

  5. And with Gathe, Sharon Wylie, is wife is a sitting member of the Legislature voting to approve the CRC light rail project

  6. One more interesting note I forgot to include… the CBDG, city block developement grant from 2010 has Ron Onslow listed as a stakeholder on the properties up for receiving money potentially from the city.

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