Of Chastising and Picking Fights

by lewwaters

Boxer WomenReading Greg Jayne’s column, Clark County Republicans may be picking wrong fight and the reader comments this morning, once again I am left pondering, why is it that only Republicans are expected to be “moderate?” Where is the call for Democrats to move away from the left towards the center?

Jayne opines about the recent Open Letter from the Clark County Republican Party to 3rd Congressional District Congresswoman, Jaime Herrera Beutler and her caving into vote to approve ending the partial government shutdown and approving what appears to be an open-ended raising of the county’s debt limit, essentially doing away with any limit and abdicating congressional authority over the debt to the office of the president.

Jayne correctly notes the abhorrent amount of our national debt and the very likely collapse should we not rein it in.

But he takes the party to task over the call also to defund Obamacare with, “But after Herrera Beutler opted for the only logical solution in the face of an unwinnable fight, I’m not sure how much sense it made for the local Republican Party to cannibalize one of its own.”

What is disturbing is that once again, we see someone down at the Lazy C complaining about Republicans calling upon their elected ones to support the party views. But as we saw in the past with former County Commissioner Marc Boldt and the disparity over the resignations of Republican Richard Curtis compared to the resignation of Democrat Jim Jacks, only Republicans seem to be held to any such standard.

Where was the media or public condemnation of Barack Obama over “I will not negotiate” or ‘Barrycading’ Veterans Memorials that have never been shut down before during the recent partial government shutdown?

Why complain about the Clark County Republican party publicly expressing their differences with Republican 3rd Congressional District Representative Jaime Herrera Beutler when this paper has said not one word over the Washington State Democrat Party calling for the ouster of Democrats Tim Sheldon and Rodney Tom as well as the heavy condemnation of former state senator Jim Kastama, for working in a bipartisan manner with Republicans?

Where is this papers condemnation of the WSDP over the party’s condemnation of former State Auditor Brian Sonntag, a Democrat, for joining a conservative think tank after he left office?

Where is their condemnation of Democrat 49th Legislative District Representative Jim ‘sue your constituents to invalidate their votes’ Moeller for throwing Jon Haugen, the only Democrat to run against Herrera Beutler in 20102, under the bus, labeling him not a real Democrat and denying him party resources until weeks before the election, because Haugen disagreed with Moeller over the Columbia River Crossing light rail project?

Compare the labeling of Haugen’s experience as merely a fairly horrible experience to that of Marc Boldt’s being a Self-Inflicted Wound

Tea Party ConspiracyNo one in the media is calling upon leftist Democrats to moderate their positions, only the conservative Republicans trying desperately to wage an uphill battle against an out of control government spending and borrowing as if there is no tomorrow, a problem that threatens to collapse our country.

Are they blind to “moderate” Republicans are just as much to blame for the excessive borrowing and over spending at a rapid pace as are the Liberal Democrats? Moderate Republicans are just as guilty as Democrats have been. But, that is what the media is calling for both parties’ to be?

Having two major parties in total agreement is nothing more than one-party rule under Liberal Democrats, with token Republican representation.

Make no mistake, we are a divided country, more so than we have ever been. There is no “ideological center” with the center shifted solidly onto the liberal Democrats side.

Calling for only the Republicans to move to the liberal side is pure folly.

If trying to save our country is “picking a fight,” then it is the right fight to pick and must be waged with full earnest against any who roll over to “just get along,” regardless of what party affiliation they may claim.

9 Comments to “Of Chastising and Picking Fights”

  1. Even though we haven’t had a budget passed in the last 6years, this low info voter/reporter is still blaming Bush for our out of control spending. Jayne is acting like Obummer hasn’t had anything to do with $17 trillion debt.

  2. The problem we have is that to support the left, their is no lie they won’t tell… no hypocrisy beyond them… no exaggeration… no effort at fairness or balance.

    While I believe that Greg is a step up from that slimeball cockroach Laird, sadly, his leftist bias is bleeding through.

    He’s just got a little slicker packaging.

  3. When I see any of them calling on Democrats to moderate, maybe then I’ll reconsider my view of them being liberal biased.

    But, I’m not holding my breath either

  4. I thought “Live to surrender another day” was a French mantra.

  5. SPEAKING OF “FIGHTING”, it’s a goo idea to remember that a rain of “jabs” will eventually bring down an opponent, so never stop “jabbing”

  6. I don’t have a problem with anything Jayne wrote in his editorial. Just because he chides the Clark County Republican party (and you have to admit, they are kind of weird), that does not make Jayne a liberal. Give him time. He wasn’t the editorial page editor when the Democrats were running amuck with condemnations of Sheldon and Tom, nor when Moeller went after Haugen. We have yet to see whether or not Greg Jayne will provide a balanced perspective. Granted, because he was promoted to the position by the likes of Brancaccio and Campbell, I don’t hold out a lot of hope, but you never know…

  7. oops – forgot to change my avatar above. “Eternal Optimist” was being use sarcastically in another post.

  8. Greg is a step up from Laird. My question is when a democrat gets sanctioned, how long will it take for Jayne under the helm to write about it?

  9. EO, I might agree except for one thing: When was the last time anyone at that wart on our community ever “chastised” the democrat around here…. for anything?

    Jayne was flat out, dead wrong. Herrera is a clueless idiot who should have been booted out years ago. And if Jayne doesn’t like it, he can vote for the democrat… but his fake “concern” over what the local GOP does or does not do is just another in the many back-handed slaps at the GOP and GOP candidates that these scum engage in on a routine basis… all while giving their fellow leftists a pass.

    Jayne has bitch slapped or lied about the GOP and/or our candidates/office holders at least the last 4 weeks, consecutively.

    We DON’T have “yet to see.”

    We now know.

    Of course, considering the scumball he works for, I guess it was to be expected.

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