Forward Vancouver, Trashy and Dishonest

by lewwaters

Leavitt 5As we have seen, downtown special interests desire to keep rubber stamp Tim Leavitt in office as mayor of Vancouver and retain full control over the C-Tran Board of Directors ramming Portland, Oregon’s financially failing light rail down our throats.

Leavitt, known for his dishonesty in seeking office in 2009, took to facebook when it was falsely alleged that philanthropist Ed Lynch was labeled “corrupt” by Vancouver Vitality saying, “No matter what your political views are, we can all agree that making personal attacks on such a fine citizen is reprehensible.”

But, Leavitt remains mum on those from his camp smearing and leveling false allegations against another “fine citizen,” County Commissioner David Madore.

The despicable acts of Forward Vancouver, a PAC set up solely to support the reelection of Tim ‘the Liar’ Leavitt has previously been covered here and here.

Apparently desperate, seeing that their chosen candidate has been exposed as a blatant liar willing to say anything to hold office, Forward Vancouver has once again sent out a campaign flyer of nothing but outright lies, with nary a word from Leavitt in condemnation.

Leavitt, Forward Flyer Lie 1

Leavitt, Forward Flyer Lie 2

As can be seen, the flyers are really aimed at those not even running for office, 17th District State Senator Don Benton and County Commissioner David Madore, who even the Lazy C has reluctantly admitted is not funding Turlay’s campaign, his name not appearing anywhere on Turlay’s PDC reports. Looking at the flyers, you would think that Madore, in office less than a year, has been fully controlling the county for years, instead of the downtown mafia of Identity Clark County and wealthy special interests promoting ramming Portland’s light rail down our throats while they stand to reap possibly millions of our tax dollars for their own personal gain.

And including anything from the Lazy C is pathetic, given that you will be hard pressed to find anything remotely objective when it comes to the Lazy C, a major member of the downtown mafia.

But, I have to wonder, since Madore is an American citizen and Veteran of the U.S. Navy, why it is suspect that he would publicly request good and decent folk to step up to run for office?

Is there something wrong with enlisting decent people and not sleazy liars like Leavitt to run for office now?

Leavitt couldn’t be bothered to serve the country when he became old enough, even though the country was at peace.

Turlay served a career in the U.S. Navy, flying jets over North Vietnam during the Vietnam War and participated in a raid in November 1970 that had hoped to free Prisoners of War.

The flyer is right about one thing, “Vancouver will pick their own mayor,” not Forward Vancouver or Identity Clark County.

That they have fallen back to the old mudslinging and outright lies is no surprise. People in Vancouver are fed up with their voices be silenced or ignored by Leavitt. They have defeated every single funding measure for operations & maintenance of light rail, ignored by Leavitt as he led the effort to quickly obligate the city to a binding contract with Portland’s TriMet, granting an out of state agency eminent domain powers through C-Tran, giving them rights to set tolls and taxes on Vancouver citizens just cross the bridges and condemning C-Tran to a potential $5 Million default penalty if the contract is not carried out.

All without the benefit of allowing the C-Tran Board of Directors to study a 40-page contract before approval by the C-Tran Gang of Five, led by Tim Leavitt.

You would think Leavitt could run on his record as mayor and city council member.

But once you peel back the covers, it isn’t much of a record to run on, so out comes the smears and dishonesty.

Vancouver, it is up to you to choose your mayor. You were sold a bill of goods in 2009 with Leavitt.

You can restore honesty and decency this election by rejecting the negative and false smears of Forward Vancouver and Leavitt.

Elect Bill Turlay as your next mayor.

3 Comments to “Forward Vancouver, Trashy and Dishonest”

  1. Thanks Lew!


  2. The most recent vote against light rail was 2012. Every Clark County city REJECTED the 2012 CTRAN proposition to extend TriMet light rail into Clark County +Bus Rapid Transit. Nevertheless, Leavitt approved contracts for both light rail and bus rapid transit in 2013, in spite of the voter’s rejection. Leavitt was in such a hurry to expedite the light rail contract that he made the motion to expedite it, and then supported a special meeting two weeks later to authorize it, with many board members not having even seen it.
    Leavitt claims he can now extend light rail, without raising taxes, misleading. CTRAN RAISEDTHE SALES TAX in 2011, under the guise of “preserve our buses”, adding about $ 9 MILLION and growing to CTRAN funds annually.
    To fool the voters, a CTRAN resolution was passed in August 2011, Policy No.PBD-015 that stated,
    “A.C-TRAN funding, including the current voter approved 0.5% sales tax revenue, and the proposed 0.2% sales tax revenue, should it be approved on the November 8, 2011 general election ballot, or capital reserves, will not be used to fund any aspect of the CRC Project. ” C-Tran board members emphatically claimed the tax hike was only to preserve bus and van service prior to the tax hike vote, knowing full well the policy could be repealed later to divert funds to light rail.

    In the 2011 ballot “fact” sheet distributed to voters for the “preserve our buses” 2011 tax hike, “Will this sales tax increase pay for light rail? Answer. No. This measure is asking voters for a .2% tax increases on Nov. 2, 2011 to fund bus and CVAN service only….The CTRAN Board of Directors have stated their intent to ask voters in August or November 2012 to fund High Capacity Transit projects. ” Light rail is high capacity transit.

    In November 2012, voters were propositioned by CTRAN to “fund the CTRAN share of the Maintenance and operations costs only of the Columbia River Crossing Project light rail extension between Expo Center and Clark (college) park and ride and the local capital share and operations and maintenance costs of the Fourth Plain Boulevard Bus Rapid Transit project.” Again, every city in Clark County REJECTED the costly proposition.

    In addition, CTRAN Board Resolution BR-08-019 of 2008 states, “Any means chosen to finance operation of the High Capacity transit component of the CRC project shall be submitted to impacted C-TRAN voters for approval.”
    Clearly $8-$16 tolls on I-5, then I-205 impacts the whole CTRAN district, as does the $MILLIONS more Clark County is paying is sales tax to CTRAN. Bus service may suffer under the heavy burden of light rail, as it has in Portland.

    Mayor Leavitt and the same board members who placed the CTRAN propositions on the ballot and adopted policies to prohibit the use of CTRAN sales tax for light rail, have completely disregarded the vote to REJECT light rail in 2012, and their own policies. Leavitt initiated an expedited contract for light rail with TriMet in 2013, also approved by Vancouver city councilors Smith and Hansen, Ridgefield Mayor Ron Onslow, and County Commissioner Steve Stuart .

    The company Leavitt works for, PBS, also contracts with Trimet for various services including those related to light rail. I think Leavitt should have mentioned that when I asked the CTRAN board at their January 2011 open public meeting if any of the board members had a vested interest in bringing light rail to Vancouver. Voter beware.


  3. Lew,

    All so true Leavitt, Stevie Stuart, Burkman, Hanson, Onslo from Ridgefield and there buddies Topper & Ann Oggle are in lock step in pushing tolls on our freeways & bridges and Light Rail all against the vote of our Citizens of Vancouver and all of Clark County. They do not respect our Citizens and they attack people like Clark County Commissioner David Madore that honors his campaign pledges to the people and a man that sacrifices daily to serve all our Communities, a Commissioner with the highest integrity and stands rock solid on his principals that help Clark County!!!


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