Ignore the Smokescreen and Vote

by lewwaters

Vote 1Clark County Conservative would like to remind voters in Clark County to get those ballots in soon. There are only two days left before the election.

Although it is an off year election, this one is just as important as any we have ever had.

Vancouver will be selecting a new mayor and three city council seats as well as smaller cities around Clark County will be selecting their own city council members.

Voters will also be selecting 15 freeholders to begin a process that could lead to a restructuring of the county government.

But, given that Vancouver is the largest city in the county, four out of seven seats up for election makes it a very important race that could see a drastic change in how the county goes as well, primarily with regards to C-Trans and the Columbia River Crossing light rail project as the City of Vancouver holds three seats on the C-Tran Board of Directors.

Reading the Lazy C and listening to Tim Leavitt lately as they label conservative candidates “one-issue” due to our long held opposition to the CRC, they somehow fail to see that they too have made this a “one-issue” race in that they have focused in on County Commissioner David Madore, who is not even running.

We see a PAC by the name of “Forward Vancouver” set up solely to promote Tim Leavitt, whitewash his flip flop on his 2009 campaign platform and link Bill Turlay, Micheline Doan, Frank Decker and Jeanne E Stewart to David Madore, as if he is some evil ogre in the county

In reality, Commissioner Madore is doing what he told the nearly 85,000 voters who voted him into office over incumbent Marc Boldt he would do, make much needed changes.

Although Leavitt, Vancouver Forward and the Lazy C claim or insinuate otherwise, Commissioner Madore is not funding the campaigns and even if he did, so what? Did he give up his rights as a citizen when he became County Commissioner?

But the fact is he isn’t funding the campaigns, reluctantly admitted to by Stephanie Rice at the Lazy C.

That hasn’t stopped Lou Brancaccio, Tim Leavitt and others from doing all they can to divert the attention away from the main issue this election, forcing light rail on taxpayers against their wishes and instead, put the focus on Commissioner Madore, trying to make him out to be evil personified.

He isn’t.

Something not recognized by Lou Brancaccio, Stephanie Rice and Eric Hidle as the Lazy C continues efforts to demonize Commissioner Madore, nearly twice as many people voted for Commissioner Madore than buy the newspaper on any given day.

Something you and Scott Campbell might think about, Lou.

Don’t sit this one out, folks. Ignore the smoke screen created to hide the issues in this election and instead focus on a person not even running. This election is just as if not more important as any we have ever had.

Get those ballots filled out and turned in.

The future of where you live depends on it.

4 Comments to “Ignore the Smokescreen and Vote”

  1. nearly twice as many people voted for Commissioner Madore than buy the newspaper on any given day.

    That AWESOME!


  2. I’ve been known to mention a little about politics on occasion, Steve 😉




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