Tim Leavitt, Gloom, Despair and Agony

by lewwaters

Spoken like a true crybaby, Mayor.

6 Comments to “Tim Leavitt, Gloom, Despair and Agony”

  1. that is histerical!

  2. Grinnin’ so hard, my cheeks are sore! The best of Hee Haw used so appropriately!!!

  3. I was thinking this morning of tying Leavitt to a portion of the old song, Charlie Brown where they go, “why’s everybody always picking on me” 😉

  4. My wife and I are ROFAOEO (Rolling on the floor and on each other)

  5. Hey grease monkey. Maybe you & your mentally challenged readers [you know – “One term Timmy”; “liar Leavitt” types] should have asked for more in donations from mealy mouth puppeteer Madore.
    This is ‘histerical’, as the fat skag with shaggy hair Crain states in her Comments [with the misspelling].
    Just think, now you folks can spend some bucks on a recall election…right?
    Otherwise, you and your dozen or so readers can wait 4 more years while construction of light rail progresses.
    Get used to it stupid!
    Best regards,
    Jeff [not so] Nice
    cc: Crain; Goldenoldie; Sohn: Turlay

  6. The joke is actually you, dumbass.

    I hope I’m still around when it all crashes in on you while those special interests that own city council sit back laughing all the way to the bank.

    Enjoy Vantroit, son, it’s coming 😉

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