Government Transparency

by lewwaters

This blog no longer supports David Madore and calls upon him to resign immediately!

Madore 003In spite of the demeaning, denigrating  words read regularly in the pages of the Lazy C, Clark County Commissioner continues to provide changes at County Government that will make our county better and more productive.

Just this evening Commissioner Madore posted on his facebook page;

It’s live – our county checkbook is now online.

Thanks to our finance manager Mark Gassaway and a very diligent staff, now citizens can search and browse online through all the checks written by our county government. The database holds all the records for the last 5 years up through the last weekend.

To go directly to the open checkbook, go to:

To navigate there from our homepage, go to:

Then click on the Transparency button (bottom right), then click on Vendor Payments (last bullet under the first heading of Audit and Financial Reports). Bit by bit, we are serving citizens better while finding ways to lower costs.

This is part of our transparency project that welcomes citizen scrutiny. Since sunshine is the best disinfectant, we welcome the light.

It’s your government. Check it out. See how we’re doing.

The Lazy C & Forward Vancouver would have you believe candidates supported by Commissioner Madore are out to damage the county on his behalf.

By the efforts at transparency, both in posting audio of Commissioner Meetings and now the County Checkbook made available so the citizens can verify where our tax dollars going, being aligned with Commissioner Madore is a strong positive in open Government.

4 Comments to “Government Transparency”

  1. this is just flat awesome!

  2. I’ve been amazed at the transparent propaganda coming out of the Columbian since Madore was elected. It is like 1897 and they think they are Hearst or Pulitzer:

    Will be fascinating to see the outcome of the election. If Leavitt loses, will the Columbian do a post-mortem?

    Madore is the best thing to happen to the county in a long time…

  3. Lew, thank you for posing!!! Commissioner David Madore is the best Clark County Commissioner we have ever seen since we moved here about 25 years ago!!! David is honoring his Campaign promices to our Citizens and with Commissioner Tom Mielke’s vote making Clark a much better place to live and helping businesses to grow and provide more jobs for our communities, We are so greatful and blessed because of Commissioner David Madore, we can not thank him enough!!!

  4. This is exactly the kind of transparency that “an informed citizen” needs. It’s only too bad that the Federal government can’t/won’t do the same.

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