There is Only One Real Question in the Mayor’s Race

by lewwaters

Leavitt, DufusThe Leavitt campaign and his supporters at Forward Vancouver appear to be really sweating this campaign as the lies and smears just keep flowing in favor of sleazebag, Tim Leavitt, unable to stand on his record.

Leavitt blatantly lied his way into office in 2009 and now, to counter voters holding him accountable, it’s just lie after lie after lie.

That a stalwart citizen like Ed Lynch allows his name to even be associated with the group is unbelievable itself, but he has, leaving himself open to every sort of criticism coming his way.

A last minute act of desperation on the part of Forward Vancouver sent out the following

Van Fwd Turlay Flyer 2

Right off the bat, it seems they have violated copyright in the use of a photo likely taken by Dick Sohn, as he and I were the ones taking photos the night of the event that picture was taken, June 27, 2013 at the Academy. It doesn’t appear to be one of mine, although I do have one similar. And I know Dick Sohn would never authorize use of the photo for them.

But beyond that are the blatant lies and innuendoes in the flyer.

“Turlay ran as a Tea Party Favorite?” And we are to believe this is a nonpartisan race, as was his election in 2011 when he was elected to the city council.

“Madore wants a hand-picked Mayor?” Yet, Commissioner Madore has not donated to Turlay’s campaign, backed up by the very PDC they list. And, unlike Ed Lynch, who has poured money into Forward Vancouver, Commissioner Madore has not donated any funds to Vancouver Vitality, the PAC supporting Bill Turlay and others running for city council.

Tim Leavitt, being the sleaze he is noted to be, made mention of this fact on the Saturday KGW TV 8 program, Straight Talk, Saturday with another innuendo, saying that “someone will be paying off Vancouver Vitality loans,” after mentioning Commissioner Madore by name.

A real act of desperation is bringing up the 20 year-old business bankruptcy Turlay went through and claiming Turlay refused to answer about it. Nothing could be further from the truth, even acknowledged by the Lazy C that Turlay’s wife and campaign manager replied, reiterating that Bill told them that “he had HEARD” his former partner had died.

And, their dependence on something out of the Columbian, the Lazy C? That in itself is a laugh since that is one of the most dishonest sources of political reports in this region, so heavily biased that they are known by many to be little more than an unofficial daily newsletter for the Democrat Party.

But this is the state of our political climate in Clark County, as special interests cast aside any semblance of truth to keep a rubber stamp for their favored Columbia River Crossing light project in office an so those same special interests can reap profits off of the backs of the struggling idle class in Clark County.

Leavitt cannot stand on the issues or his record, questionable as it is, so out comes the smears and lies against his opponent.

Bill Turlay is a man of integrity and he has not stooped to the level of Tim Leavitt to smear, cheat and lie. He has not demeaned Ed Lynch as the Leavitt camp has Commissioner Madore, also a philanthropist who has done much good for the community.

Forward Vancouver states, “When it comes to Bill Turlay, there are more questions than answers”

The only real question in this election is, will we return honesty and integrity to the Mayor’s office? Or will Tim Leavitt remain for another four years?

Also in question, will the city of Vancouver be returned to the hands of its citizens? Or remain under the control of Identity Clark County?

If you have yet to fill in your ballot, I urge you to mark Bill Turlay and let’s give Vancouver back to the citizens of the city.

5 Comments to “There is Only One Real Question in the Mayor’s Race”

  1. Indeed. The trashy and reprehensible quality of this particular flyer, bad as it is, doesn’t surprise me as much as the fact that some rather notable local citizens are apparently backing it. I’m amazed they’d be willing to have their name associated with such fact-free low-brow garbage.

  2. Here’s the thing: Turlay is talking issues.

    The Liar is talking about Turley and Madore… and can’t talk about the issues. And that is a sign you’re losing.

  3. How many of the Forward Vancouver group are making $$ from contracts with local government? There are 4 donations totaling $7200 from Ed Lynch, retired listed on the PDC who supported raising the sales tax for CTRAN in 2011, raising about $9 MILLION and growing annually for CTRAN. Back in 2011, the public was told the sales tax was needed to “preserve our buses”. Tim Leavitt and Jack Burkman also donated to the PAC. One of Leavitt’s donations for $100 included his employer name, PBS. The other $100 donation he gave listed nothing under employer.
    With much fanfare, the CTRAN board in 2011 unanimously adopted a policy of not using the CTRAN sales tax or capital reserves for light rail. This policy was used to bait the voters to vote for the CTRAN sales tax hike for buses, which was then switched to light rail, against the voters.

    As a part of the shady 2013 light rail contract Mayor Leavitt expedited as a member of the CTRAN board, Steve Stuart offered an amendment to secretly repeal the no CTRAN sales tax or capital reserves policy. Stuart told the board that he had an amendment to get information about the contract. There was NO board discussion this time on repealing the policy of not using CTRAN sales tax or capital reserves for light rail. However, at the special meeting 2 weeks later that Leavitt pushed in September 2013 to authorize the contract, it was revealed that the policy had been repealed with NO PUBLIC DISCUSSION, and some of the board members did not seem to even know it had happened.

    Many of the donors to the CTRAN sales tax hike of 2011 just happen to be on the list of contractors and businesses making money off the CRC. Leavitt cannot be trusted to act in the interest of the public, Turlay can and has. He worked to give Vancouver a vote on light rail, Leavitt refused to put the ballot measure petitioned for on the ballot.

    There is no data to suggest we need light rail immediately, no need for Leavitt to act to expedite a contract FOR light rail. The supposed need is supposed to materialize in 2030, but so far, CRC rosy traffic predictions are lower than when they started study the I-5 bridge, not going up every year as predicted. Same in Seattle, rosy predictions of the number of riders that would use light rail simply have not come true.

  4. one more wake up before the libs get their wakeup call!

  5. Bill Turlay for the next Mayor of Vancouver Washington!!! How could anyone support and endorse Leavitt, that has constantly lied and deceived the Citizens of Vancouver and all of Clark County!!!

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