Election Results

by lewwaters

Dems, Shooting own footLatest results as of Thursday, Nov 7 here

Statewide here

Voter turnout sitting less than 33% so far

Updated release shows Leavitt ahead 52.96% to Turlay 47.04%

In city council races, Burkman leads Doan 52.51% to 47.49%. Topper leading Stewart 52.51% to 47.49% and McEnerny-Ogle has a strong lead against Decker, 57.41% to 42.59%.

In Battle Ground, Lyle Lamb leads Mike Ciraulo 60.58% to 39.42%, Chris Regan leading Alex Rienhold 73.37% to 26.63%, Mike Dalesandro leading Lisa Walters 66.57% to 33.43% and Bill Ganley leading 53.96% to Steven Phelps 46.04%

Freeholder Race Leaders

District 1

Pos 1 Garry E. Lucas 7,979 38.75%

Pos 2 Ann Rivers 9,049 45.04%

Pos 3 Joseph Zarelli 5,947 29.53%

Pos 4 Peter Silliman 3,847 20.05%

Pos 5 Randy Mueller 3,050 15.96%

District 2

Pos 1 Nan Henriksen 4,699 29.76%

Pos 2 Tracy S. Wilson 4,353 27.91%

Pos 3 Liz Pike 5,405 33.52%

Pos 4 Paul Dennis 8,541 55.8%

Pos 5 Marc Boldt 5,426 34.47%

District 3

Pos 1 Pat Jollota 8,913 49.2%

Pos 2 Val Ogden 9,461 52.2%

Pos 3 Jim Moeller 6,302 35.32%

Pos 4 Temple Lentz 4,553 26.26%

Pos 5 Jim Mains 3,492 20.3%

General Election Results

Statewide measures, I-517 trails 62.29% to 37.71%

I-522 trailing 52.66% to 47.34%

Republican Jan Angel leading Democrat Nathan Schlicher in Legislative District 26 – State Senator race, 51.83% to 48.17%

To be updated

19 Comments to “Election Results”

  1. I do not like the direction the city will be heading. Honesty and integrity are not Character Traits valued by the majority in Vancouver. I was truly saddened by Jeanie Stewart’s loss she works so hard studying issues and being informed. The money people out signed her. I wish we had a decent paper, those endorsement by the Columbian also had a negative effect.We are considering selling our real estate and moving, Somewhere that the government will leave you alone.

  2. I’m with you, Lon, but seeing turnout hovering around 24%, nothing will change until conservatives get up off their asses and do something. Too many are complacent, expecting someoneelse to do it for them.

    The Vancouver city council is now bought and paid for by Identity Clark County and other special interests. Corruption rules, honesty & integrity has been flushed away.

  3. A BIG loss to Vancouver with Jeanne Stewart…a BIG loss.

    Lon Wells, I’m with you. Moving away from one of the most corrupted cities in the Pacific Northwest might be our only option to live a life in fairness…away from the GOBK for sure.

  4. Still ballots to count. I will remain optimistic. But if it holds, it shows why we need term limits. The North Dakota idea still looks good to me.

  5. Turlay, Doan, Stewart, and Decker. Message received?

  6. Light rail and BRT advisory’s passing by wide margins. Message received, Nathan?

    Crow if you wish, it’s par for the course.

    But it’s your own foot you just shot off. You are wholly owned now.

  7. This is always the best part of an election on this blog. The day after. When out come the creative excuses for defeat and promises to do better next time. The Chicago Cubs live.

  8. Don’t you mean Chicago Thugs, Schuyler? Oh, and remember, pride goeth before a fall 😉

    So go ahead, gloat, laugh, get drunk. Once you come down you’ll see your feet in shackles.

    And I’ll be laughing 😉

  9. Right now looks like the Lazy CCC

  10. Of course it does, Nathan, of course it does. Then again, when hasn’t it to you?

    Enjoy the shackles, you chose them

  11. A disappointing night. They say though, that people will get the government they deserve. Looks like that’s the case in Vancouver and Clark County.

    I have to chuckle though. The people who so gleefully voted for the CRC boosters will be wondering where they went wrong when it all comes crashing down on their heads. They’re going to end up with a half-built bridge, no money to finish it, and massively in debt. Too bad there isn’t a way to stick them with the bill.

  12. Many of the same people that either forgot or didn’t pay attention to the WPPSS default.

    Yes, they will wonder what happened and right away, begin blaming others for not stopping them.

    History just keeps on repeating itself, morons learn nothing.

  13. this election reminds me very much of the Obama debacle until it starts costing stupid voters things , the dumb asses won’t wake up, by then, everything will be gone with no hope of getting things back and we wil get to taunt the stupid bastards with”see, we told you so.”

  14. They’re finding out with Obamacare and the rest of his scandals and Vancouver will realize it when the impact of the CRC smacks them right between the eyes.

    Leavitt’s main legacy, years from now, will be making Vancouver a ghost town after Portland sucks it dry.

    But, Identity Clark County and other special interests will have their bank accounts fattened.

  15. Lew, we were able to vote out one of Tim’s best friends here in BG., Mike Ciraluo. The former “Imperial Mayor” of which I believed he fashioned himself, was beat pretty convincingly even after spending close to $9000.00 of other people’s money, telling us he was a different kind of politician.
    Mr. Lamb deserves a lot of credit for doing all the necessary door knocking and hand shaking which ended Mike’s 12 year career here in BG. I look forward to having Mr. Lamb on City Council offering his perspective on what BG needs.

  16. That is one of the bright spots, Philip.

    The advisory votes over all were too, although I disagree with the one on fireworks.

    Sadly, the votes on light rail will likely continue to be ignored

  17. I remain hopeful and optimistic about the 28,000 ballots being counted this afternoon. Doorbelling took extra time for this election, in order to make voters aware of the secret Tri-Met contract. Once they knew about it, what was in it and who had sold us out, voters wanted to punish those devious downtown politicians and also to reward trustworthy candidates like Bill Turley. Liberty for all.

  18. Meh.. All I can says is I’m glad I rent and have a career that makes myself and my family mobile and in demand. I read the election results today with my jaw hanging open. Voted against light rail, tolls, and an expensive bride and then voted in the biggest proponents of the same issues, AND voted out the only remaining voice of sanity on the VCC? Wow… I don’t think this is going to be a place to settle down after all. Dang…

  19. Araket Jenkins — agreed 100%. I’m in the same situation, and I’m staggered at how the election went. Luckily we’re mobile…

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