A Greater Nation

by lewwaters

The latest from our friends Michael & Angela Souders and those wonderful children at Tussing Elementary School

Michael says we are wonderful to them. It is they that are wonderful with their respect and thanks to Veterans every year.

4 Comments to “A Greater Nation”

  1. Okay… I am crying. I guess I’ll quit feeling low and angry and soldout. Guess I’ll put on my stiff upper lip and head to city council to babysit the group that won and try to make sure they don’t trash what the wonderful men and women who have served have given to us and the kids… a future and freedom.


  2. Let them trash it, they deserve it.


  3. Lew, thank you so much for helping us share this message. I would just ask the folks who enjoy it to re-share it please! 🙂


  4. You heard the man, folks. Share this video 😉


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