Turlay Concedes, Sot Leavitt wins

by lewwaters

head_up_assRejoice citizens of Vantroit, you proved you want nothing to do with honesty and integrity.

Tim Leavitt staggers his way into a second term leading Vantroit to ruin.

You have a city council wholly bought and paid for by Identity Clark County and other special interests. You can expect your taxes to increase while their bank accounts swell.

You all want a city like Detroit?

You got it.

13 Comments to “Turlay Concedes, Sot Leavitt wins”

  1. Apparently these individuals that voted for Lying Leavitt and his companions do not have a problem with taking Vancouver down the road of destruction as the corrupt Democrats did with bankrupting the City of Detroit, the largest City in America so far to go down that road!!! The deception and accusations that Identity Clark County used against respectful Citizens in Vancouver is shocking!!!

  2. “The deception and accusations that Identity Clark County used against respectful Citizens in Vancouver is shocking!!!”

    Yes, I’m rarely surprised by anything inn politics anymore but I have to agree – I was floored by the names of the people (Lynch, Nierenburg, Takach, etc) who were backing that completely reprehensible smear mailer sent out on Leavitt’s behalf. Attacking Turley on the basis of an irrelevant 30-year old bankruptcy and linking him with Madore which was a complete fiction. They had absolutely nothing of substance with which to go after him, so they stooped to that. Disgusting. I always expected Vancouver’s “leading citizens” to be a bit more circumspect. Boy was I wrong.

  3. Ahhh, poor little Lew…didn’t get his way, so he’s gonna pout 😦
    Don’t trip on that lower lip, there Lew!

  4. better enjoy our bullshit while you still can, Bertha”

  5. “your bullshit”

  6. More like poor little Bertha when you finally wake and realize just how much kool aid you have drank.

    Mark my words, hon, just like is happening with Obamacare, it’s going to happen. It is inevitable that it is going to happen, just as it did everywhere else.

    I just hope I’m still around to see it.

    So go ahead, laugh while you can. Ya’ll did it to yourselves.

    And I’m pickled tink over watching you morons screw yourselves 🙂

  7. Lew, the problem is Bertha and her ilk will not wake up. The people who they have chosen to believe are extremely skilled at passing the buck and deflecting the blame. As their lies seem silly and transparent to us, to Bertha they are the gods honest truth. From Bush, to the Tea Party, to the Republicans, Christians, and so on, the blame never lies with their elected officials. They will live in poverty and squalor and continue to blame everyone but the people who are responsible. Our local paper will be there to spread the good word of the guilty party of the week, and they will swallow it whole. Rather than admit they were wrong, they will tear this country apart and wonder what happened.

  8. Bertha…seems to me it is just as bad gloating about what you perceive as a big win than it is to be a sore loser. Lew is not displaying the symptoms of being a sore loser by sharing the God’s honest truth. He’s sending out a powerful message folks such as yourself have been quick to label as conspiracy theories. Just look at Detroit for a great example of “progressive” winners. For that matter, take a look at what the New Democracy did for Greece.

    I know I’ll be chastised on the county birdcage liner’s forum for this comment, but….at the national level, (changing the subject a bit, although it’s still in the subject of progressive change) the ACA is a complete joke. For a president to “Apologize” to the people for his err in ways…makes the nation’s leadership’s spine look mighty flimsy. And national healthcare systems that reflect the structure of our the ACA… I’ve seen first hand what it’s done for other nations… Australia included. You have to be able to afford the highest level or you’ll be paying through the yin yang with medical bills should a medical emergency arise…and those collectors aren’t getting any nicer, you know. You think you’ve had to wait too long at the ER or for a doctor’s appointment before now…just wait till the official start of Obamacare…hence the label of Obamacare as the “Death Panels” (AKA – all medical facilities and health insurance companies). For some, it will be too late by the time they could be seen by a doctor.

    We live in scary times, people. I suggest you heed the warnings of those who have been there and have seen it. You’d better wake up and smell the coffee before it’s all dried up! Lew has every right to be concerned as many of us are.

    Thank you Lew…for keeping us informed.

  9. Jack: Freudin slip, perhaps? You were right the first time. Goldenoldie: Where to begin? I never mentioned or even implied a ‘big win.’ In typical CON fashion, you’ve twisted my statement. So Lew has a ‘hotline’ to God, wherein God shares the ‘truth’ with him? Yeah, right. As to your ‘suggestion’, I’m going to pass, thanks. Lew: the past participle of drink is drunk, not ‘drank.’ Who’s the moron now, Lew? Thanks for the laughs, boys – much better than the funny pages.

  10. I see Bertha is taking full advantage of the now legal wacky tobacky.

    Funny that you have the gall to say others twist your statement, reread your own words, hon.

    Oh, and yes, we are ready for you to play the victim card and cry now.

    You people are so predictable.

  11. Bertha…true, you didn’t say “Big Win,” but honestly…you set yourself up for people to recognize your gloating when they see it. Also…you assume I speak in typical CON fashion. Well, you can’t even get that one right. I for one am not a CONservative. I am actually of the MODerate persuasion…8))

  12. Completely irrelevant to the topic, but I was expecting a Veteran’s Day post.

    A nice overview of the reason we have a Veteran’s Day (originally Armistice Day)

  13. I’ve actually been really busy the last few days, Friday at Woodland Primary School visiting with Third Graders, Saturday the Parade, then formatting and posting video I took, recovering some data from a corrupted DVD of previous visits to Woodland Primary and writing a post on an upcoming Veterans Court event that will be public once it meets the final approval of the court.

    Tomorrow I have an eye doctor appointment followed by the Freedom Foundation event tomorrow evening.

    So I have been quite busy, but I did make some comments about Veterans Day on my facebook page.

    Here is a video of the bands from Saturday I managed to get uploaded earlier this evening;

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