Who Was Bought in the Election?

by lewwaters

As the Lazy C created a falsehood of the election being all about Commissioner Madore and their braindead commenters chimed in with him “buying elections,” one thing you will not see in the pages of the Lazy C is just who was bought and paid for in the election. From the PDC reports:

Bought Election

Are we to believe that Madore, the “scourge” of Clark County according to Brancaccio, funded & bought all of the very people the Lazy C supported?

Vancouver, you been had!

8 Comments to “Who Was Bought in the Election?”

  1. Yeah. The money issues seems to have fallen completely off their radar screen.

    Odd, that.

  2. As long as it is candidates the downtown scum wants, buying elections is acceptable

  3. They also missed the fact that Joe Tanner outspent Melkie by more dollars that Madore outspent Boldt.

  4. Put them out of business!

  5. They didn’t miss it, Jim, they glossed over it, ignored it. Reporting that little fact would show what hypocrites they are, totally lacking any honesty, objectivity or integrity.

  6. I wonder if Stephanie Rice will notice.

  7. Oh, they know down there, they have known all along.

    Reporting it though is a far different matter.

  8. It doesn’t seem to matter how good or bad ideas are. Whoever has the most money is going to win most of the time. It used to be republicans had the most money – now it’s the democrats.

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