Thank the Military This Thanksgiving

by lewwaters

Bush turkey 2Thanksgiving Day will soon be upon us and we will likely sit down with family and friends, overeat, watch a ball game and of course, somewhere in the course of the day we will give thanks for living in such a great country.

Most of us do not know hunger; fear of being dragged from our homes in the middle of the night to be interrogated or targeted by despots merely because we disagree with them and wish to lobby for changes.

We have fields of grain unlike many other countries and such bountiful farmlands that even the poorest among us are fed regularly.

We will give credit to many for such riches, but who really deserves credit?

Vet, Soldier Poem

Yes, the men and women in our Military Forces are who deserve much more thanks than they receive. Anyone who has served can tell you of the low pay, the hardships of being far away from loved ones and family for extended periods of time and with us still at war, the dangers each one faces.

This Thanksgiving Eve Active Duty Military and their families will be treated to a complete Ham and Turkey Dinner with all the trimmings, desserts and refreshments at no cost to them, compliments of the Vets Court Board and the Mikaele family.

The dinner is open to anyone in the public who would like to come and dine with members of the Military, many of whom might be stationed nearby and unable to get leave to go home for the holiday. Your presence can make them welcome…and all for the small cost of only $10!!!

In addition to a great Thanksgiving meal, there will also be live entertainers such as world-renowned guitarist Ernesto Quilban.

Moriah Smith

Moriah Smith

Also performing will be Ricky Lee Jackson & Shawna Quade; and the Mikaele Family will bring their unique Island Sound.

Bhanu Kaur

Bhanu Kaur

Special appearances will be made by the Old Time Fiddlers; Dayzsha Ab-Rahman, Greater Vancouver’s Outstanding Teen; Moriah Smith, Miss Clark County; Miss Clark County’s Outstanding Teen, Bhanu Kaur; and Col. Dan Kern (US Army Ret) will treat those in attendance to his singing talent.

It is hoped that there will be some Wounded Warriors being bused down from Joint Base Lewis-McChord and most assuredly some Gold Star Families will attend, all well-deserving of our companionship during the Holiday Meal.

Active-Duty Military and families, Gold Star Families and Wounded Warriors are invited to eat free. Tickets at $10 each for the public can be obtained at HairBlenders Salon, 5909 NE St. Johns Rd. Vancouver, WA 98661; the Hazel Dell Animal Hospital, 808 NE Minnehaha St, Vancouver, WA 98665; or Call Diann Stacey with the number you need at 360-601-2372 and have cash or check made out to Clark County Vets Court Board.

Dayzsha Ab-Rahman

Dayzsha Ab-Rahman

Tickets can also be ordered online at on a will call basis. It is asked that you have a ticket in hand though, to avoid the PayPal fee.

Dinner will be held on Thanksgiving Eve, Wed. Nov. 27, 2013 5:30 – 8 pm at the Armed Forces Reserve Center, 15005 NE 65th Street, Vancouver, WA 98682. Judge Darvin Zimmerman, the founder of Clark County Veterans Court, promises this will be super event and hopes to make it an annual event that the community supports.

Folks, as a Veteran myself, I can tell you how lonely it is to be stationed away from home, even within the United States during a holiday. It is even lonely for a young Military family stationed far away from their home.

You can embrace these Military members and these families just by sitting down with them for this Thanksgiving Eve dinner.

Many thanks go to US Digital, Waste Connections of Washington and  DeWils Fine Cabinetry for sponsoring the dinner. Your $10 buys a delicious meal and outstanding entertainment…

But more importantly, it is your companionship, making them feel welcome as our own family, that will be most meaningful.

Thanksgiving flyer

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  1. Love the picture of President Bush and the plastic turkey that sent the Leftist assholes into fits because most of them pussy sonsabitches have never eaten in a mess hall and they’re just plain stupid

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