Who’s Doing “Stupid Stuff?”

by lewwaters

If Don Benton warning Ed Barnes of the potential of a lawsuit over his vitriolic outbursts is considered “doing stupid stuff,” then what is Ed Barnes threatening to sue every elected official that doesn’t abide by his desires?

Why is there no outcry over Ed Barnes threats like was whipped up over Benton’s?

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8 Comments to “Who’s Doing “Stupid Stuff?””

  1. While Ed Barnes looks like a kindly old man, make no mistake, he is a big time union thug.

  2. I’ve never looked at Barnes as a “kindly old man.” 😉

    He apparently doesn’t get that his side lost in the last election. In one video I have of him, he is actually complaining that Mielke and Madore aren’t agreeing with Stuart.

    Funny, to me, should that be the other way around since Stuart is the minority now?

  3. During the CC Commissioners meeting, Vancouver Mayor Leavitt held his own meetings in the expanded commissioner hearing room. Bart Hansen was among those meeting with Leavitt during the commissioner meeting in the commissioner hearing room. Both Leavitt and Hansen signed the contract for light rail with TriMet in defiance of the CTRAN vote of 2012 against light rail on the proposed CRC, and just prior to the 2013 countywide advisory vote against light rail. Also joining Leavitt were visitors Temple Lentz, County staff Pete Cappell and Axel Swanson. http://www.columbian.com/weblogs/local-politics/2011/mar/31/lose-there-work-here/. Swanson was supposed to be assisting with the meeting, collecting sign in sheets etc. Others buzzed around Leavitt who continually met with various people in the commissioners hearing room during the commissioners meeting. If any of the Clark County Commissioners entered the Vancouver City Council chambers, and met with person after person in the back corner of the Vancouver City Council chambers during a Vancouver City Council meeting, would the Mayor tolerate such disruption of His honor’s meeting? As for Ed Barnes, he testifies for light rail frequently, and urges public officials to ignore the ;ublic votes against light rail in 2012 and 2013. Commissioners Madore and Mielke initiated the county wide advisory votes, and are listening to majority of citizens who REJECTED light rail.

  4. PS. It wasn’t just buzzing around the Mayor. Leavitt was talking continually with person after person during the meeting at which other citizens were in attendance hoping the hear the commissioner’s meeting in progress.

  5. Kindly old man? More like arrogant, rude, narcissistic perpetual school yard bully. Throw in a healthy dose of GOBC.
    I understand and agree he has the same rights as the rest of us do as far as freedom of speech, BUT, when that freedom is used with slanderous lies told it then become a matter of the courts.

    I was totally disgusted how he dragged not only himself, but his son and grandson into the meeting last night.
    When someone gets that defensive, and drags others into the issue, makes me cringe.
    I’m glad Benton filed a gag order, he should also file, along with all those elected that oppose CRC he threatened, with a restraining order to keep this man and his family at least 100 ft away.
    Seems to me he knows he spoke wrong and now trying his best by whining about Benton to get out of paying for it.
    The rag tag newspaper isn’t helping the situation at all either, but then again in the last few yrs when HAS the rag tag ever reported the whole truth?

  6. Cronyism is not the issue even though Ed Barns yells about it. He and his party are not in control anymore and that is the issue. Stuart will appear to be a person selling our property rights down the river (or across it I guess) since he cannot hide in a bi-partisan vote with Boldt anymore.

  7. You are so right. In reviewing his comments over the months, one he is actually whining that the two Republicans, the actual majority, do not agree with Stuart, the minority.

    Liberals always seem to think their view is all that matters, the hell with everybody else.

    He is also complaining often now of the proposed gas tax increase not going to fund the CRC/light rail. Yet, back in 2005 when Christine Gregoire was in town to sell her 9.5¢ gas tax increase for Seattle’s Alaskan Way Viaduct, where was he then? He keeps saying how he was the Transportation Commissioner, but he never objected to that when he was in the office.

  8. About the gas tax of 2005, Commissioner Steve Stuart used CVTV to promote the gas tax hike in that election cycle, as well as his own candidacy.

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