Immediate Opening in Clark County Washington

by lewwaters

NewsGreat opportunity exists for a profitable career in Southwest Washington State for the right team willing to report news without a partisan lean one way or the other.

Southwest Washington is in dire need of a reliable and balanced news source willing to report fairly and allow readers to decide.

A degree in journalism is not necessarily a plus as journalists have long shown an inability to report all facts fairly without bias.

A news vacuum exists in Southwest Washington that could be filled by the right people more interested in truth than partisanship.

Interested persons must not be swayed by Identity Clark County and must show themselves willing to stand up to bullies ignoring the will of voters.

Clark County has several empty offices where such a media source could be set up.

Extreme opposition can be expected from liberals unable to see the forest for the trees and who have long had only their view favored in Southwest Washington.

The market is ripe for truth that has been missing for far too long.

No application is needed, just the willingness to resist pressure from the downtown mafia and a desire to feed readers across Southwest Washington the truth of what is happening in their community.

8 Comments to “Immediate Opening in Clark County Washington”

  1. maybe willamette week will take up the slack.

  2. Any middle school newspaper would do a better job…

  3. My, my, my…Lew, your comment about the “downtown mafia pressure” has taken on a new look for me, this morning…verifying ALL my suspicions. All I had to do was check out the PDC website and pull up campaign contributions…

    Seems to me there’s some elected officials who have taken the bait, so you might include on the offer that anybody willing to tell the news in Clark County…the REAL news that is…

    Will be receiving the wrath of the G. O. B. K. for sure. Hopefully, it will be someone else with a spine as strong as yours, willing to tell the truth and can take the heat.

    What I find quite interesting is…Madore received contributions from the PEOPLE…no unions, no popular businesses, no investment companies…nobody I recognized from ICC. Surprising, eh??? Well, not surprising.

    With the upswing in community activism these days as people are fed up with the GOBK tactics, maybe…just maybe that news vacuum (hose) will be broken soon.

  4. Actually, the “new Gutenberg” of modern news, the Internet, is doing a decent job. Newspapers are “yesterday’s news” … and throughout the country most are losing circulation and running into financial difficulties as even advertisers are finding the Internet to be a better outlet. Newspapers basically only serve older readers and those who have become accustomed to opening a paper in the morning to read over breakfast. (I’ll admit to being one of those dinosaurs — but I don’t read the local progressive/leftist/papers.)

    This blog is one good reporting location. and other websites that focus on local issues (often more single-issue) also provide good information. Nationally, there are a few papers and news/political magazines that offer decent reporting on the issues of the day. But the online sources (such as and Drudge Report) have solid reporting or (in the case of Drudge) a compilation of online news articles. Note that Drudge, while a conservative web site gathers news articles from a wide variety of outlets from both left and right. The compilation of links that Drudge provides are what makes his site valuable. I note, too, that Drudge sometimes has original reporting on selected topics.

  5. I believe that there are some who would really like to see this come to fruition.

  6. From: “Jeff Nice” To: “Jeanne Stewart Bill Turlay Jack Burkman Jeanne Harris Jim Demmon Larry Smith Bart Hansen Metro Desk – Columbian Ted Gathe Vanc.City Atty Tim Leavitt Vanc City Mgr Eric Holmes” Cc: lew_waters@clarkcountyconservative.netFull Headers Printable ViewPeople:

    We had to laugh during the citizen’s forum – – meeting of 11/25/2013.

    All the accolades for Jeanne Stewart:
    ‘…she is so loved by the people of Vancouver’;
    ‘…a hard worker and very detailed for all Vancouver citizens…’
    ‘…Jeanne was thwarted securing great policy changes, by other Council members…’
    Etc., etc.

    Stewart lost the election by 4.4% to a complete unknown.
    Obviously, the majority felt that she should no longer serve…and, for good reason.
    Perhaps,Turlay and Madore should have provided more finantial support [?]
    Further, the ‘X’ Chrysler grease monkey Lew [gray] Waters and his dozen or so readers
    didn’t help much either.

    Jeanne was a pain in the ass as to behavior in and out of Council meetings & other meetings.
    Well, at least Stewart’s previously attended meetings should be 20 minutes shorter.

    Jeff [not so very] Nice
    Vancouver, Washington

    Candidate Vote Vote %
    Jeanne E. Stewart 13,552 47.81%
    Alishia Topper 14,791 52.19%
    Total Votes 28,343 100%

  7. Poor Jeffy, too bad you will no longer be able to cry about “bought their seat,” right?

    Oh, you didn’t realize Topper is bought and paid for either?

    Hmm, downtown special interests heavily funded her, as they did Leavitt.

    I guess buying elections is okay, just as long as the outcome suits your fancy?

    And the funniest part?

    You still shot yourselves in the foot.

    Enjoy the higher taxes moron, I don’t live in the city limits 😉

  8. And yes, council meetings will likely be shorter, just like voting for a contract unseen that gives away eminent domain to Oregon and binds you to a $5 Million penalty if either side backs out of the light rail deal.

    Yes, don’t ask questions, do as you’re told, comrade. Vote blindly for what Leavitt and Identity Clark County demand, keep the people in the dark.

    And if you’re a typical Alishia Topper supporter, I am going to laugh my ass off every time she sticks it to you in your backside with her unquestioned voting.

    LOL, son, you are owned by Identity Clark County.

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