Random Act of Journalism by the Lazy C

by lewwaters

hell-freezes-overHard to believe that the Lazy C, staunch supporter of the CRC light rail scheme, is admitting to what we have been saying all along, the C-Tran Gang of Five, Steve Stuart, Ron Onslow, Tim ‘the Liar’ Leavitt, Bart Hansen and Larry Smith, did indeed sell out to TriMet by approving the signing of a contract there is no possible way they could have read.

Records detail controversial C-Tran-TriMet deal

Admitted in the article, “A controversial light-rail contract inked in September was still being changed hours before the C-Tran Board of Directors approved it, and board members never saw the actual agreement before the vote was taken, according to records released by the agency this month.”

Yes, just as we have said all along, it was rushed through, possibly in case Leavitt and others were voted out there would be a binding contrct in place to force us to abide by Trimet’s demands, just as they did to Clackamas County.

The details have been obtained through the efforts of Sen. Ann Rivers and members of the Freedom Foundation through Freedom of Information requests and are till being sifted through. But so far there is enough released to confirm what many of have said all along, we were sold out.

This blog expressed outrage over the hastily signed contract here and tried to expose Mayor Tim ‘the Liar’ Leavitt’s complicity in selling out the city before he was reelected.

But C-Tran and the Lazy C kept maintaining it was all proper and necessary.

Subsequent meetings exposed shady dealings, but have remained largely ignored by the Lazy C.

I keep saying and will keep saying it, the entire CRC and everybody involved with it should be subjected to a full criminal investigation with prosecutions were warranted.

And now, with our claims of malfeasance confirmed, the C-Tran Gang of Five should resign or be driven from office.

This entire matter has not been dealt with by means of any Democratic process and is more the work of special interests seeking to increase their bank accounts on the backs of the middle class taxpayer while not permitting the taxpayers a voice in the process.

Citizens, rise up to this corruption!!

8 Comments to “Random Act of Journalism by the Lazy C”

  1. I question its legality when the people are afforded open hearings on such issues at every level I know of.

  2. I’m thinking there are some prison cells that need some new occupants

  3. Lew, How timely. After the election. This paper is NOT the Lazy C, it is the Corrupt C. or CC for CCCC (Clark County Corrupt Columbian). Thanks for keeping us updated. Debbie

  4. Notice that The Columbian only prints negative material on their co-conspirators when it’s virtually impossible to ignore.

  5. C-Tran should have listened to the voters. We didn’t want MAX in Vancouver to begin with, so who gave the authority to the Gang of Five to undermine the will of the voters? Now some heads are going to roll (figuratively speaking)…

    …possibly the reasoning behind the big news hit against Senator Don Benton’s appointment to the county position to be used as a big smokescreen??? How better to divert attention away from their corrupted actions by focusing attention on Mr. Benton’s letter to the retired big dawg daddy, the former union boss and the public cheerleading of claims of unfair treatment (clearly a double standard) at the BOCC meeting???

    What a piece of work…and so clearly visible!

  6. “C-Tran public affairs manager Jim Quintana confirmed that Madore and other board members didn’t see the contract before it was approved. It wasn’t sent out earlier because the bargaining process was ongoing, he said.”

    Looks like we got Pelosied “We have to pass it before you can understand what’s in it”.

  7. When CTRAN claimed a sales tax hike was needed to “Preserve our Buses” in 2011, citizens warned not to support the sales tax hike, because the $$ would go to light rail. CTRAN responded by adopting Policy PBD-015 in August 2011 ,
    “C-TRAN funding, including the current voter approved .5% sales tax revenue, and the proposed .2% sales tax revenue, should it be approved on the Nov. 8, 2011 general election ballot, or capital reserves, will not be used to fund any aspect of the CRC Project. …..CTRAN staff will participate in the CRC Project provided that process includes a thorough and fair analysis of all reasonable transit alternatives, including bus-only alternatives, reflects accurately CTRAN data and policies…” http://c-tran.com/assets/Board/Board_Policies/PBD-015_CRC_Project_Policy_080911.pdf

    Then the CTRAN board placed a vote on light rail and bus rapid transit on the ballot in 2012, and every city in Clark County as well as the county area in the roughly the urban growth boundary REJECTED both light rail and BRT. No matter to the board members who passed PBD-015, or put the measure on the ballot.CTRAN board members Leavitt, Stuart, Hansen, Smith, and Onslow & Irish are bound and determined to force light rail on Clark County no matter the cost or debt burden, no matter the vote results REJECTING light rail in 2012 and now again in 2013 on the countywide advisory vote light rail and BRT REJECTED, the right to vote upheld.
    At the October 10 CTRAN board meeting, Commissioner Madore reminded the board of the policy PBD-015, looked it up on the website, and read it aloud to the board. Even after that, CTRAN attorney Wolfendale and Mayor Leavitt both said they recollected the policy differently, their recollection being that the CTRAN sales tax WAS available for light rail. Why would the attorney or Leavitt rely on their recollection of a policy when it had just been read aloud to the entire board, and they both could have looked it up like Commissioner Madore did if they wanted to visually verify the policy? CTRAN board Member Bill Ganley reminded the board the policy had been adopted originally in 2005 over concerns about CTRAN funds being diverted to light rail. It was then revised in August 2011, and is available at the website.

  8. Because facts become too logical for them to deal with while balancing the emotion of disappointment when served becomes impossible.

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