Despicable Lefty Lou

by lewwaters

Lou Brancaccio CountApparently not content that the absolute lie created and perpetrated that much maligned County Commissioner David Madore was pulling strings in the last city election, Lazy C editor Lou Brancaccio now seems to feel the need to extend his demeaning verbiage to outgoing City Council member Jeanne E. Stewart in his latest screed.

Actually, “screed” might be too diplomatic, absolute piece of filthy garbage might be more accurate as his entire Saturday, November 23, 2013 editorial seems to be more an effort to rub Ms. Stewart’s nose in the mud over losing the election, after it was the Lazy C promoting the provable lie of Madore pulling strings.

Showing what a complete asshole he really is, Brancaccio uses his screed to boast of his confronting Ms. Stewart after the City Council meeting, since she did not provide words he apparently decided she must say during the meeting.

As Lefty Lou puts it,

“I ran into Stewart in the hallway as everyone was leaving.”

“ ‘Councilor,’ I say, ‘can I talk to you about the election’?”

“ ‘What about the election?’ she responds.”

“ ‘Well, you know, your thoughts about how it went’.”

“Then there was this long uncomfortable pause. I’m used to uncomfortable. You don’t become a journalist if you’re not comfortable with uncomfortable.”

“ ‘I think you had an agenda,’ she tells me.”

“The conversation went downhill from there.”

“I won’t go into detail, but it’s fair to say she hasn’t been enjoying our coverage. She also has a particular dislike for our national award-winning political blog, All Politics Is Local. Clearly, she was saying we were a player in her demise.”

“ ‘So are you blaming us for your loss’?”

“She thought about that direct question for some time.”

“ ‘You guys are something’.”

“And she was gone.”

Brancaccio can feign all of the ignorance he wishes, it has been clear from the beginning of the election that he and his cronies down at the Identity Clark County mouthpiece saw Jeanne E. Stewart as a detriment to their agenda of light rail, whether citizens want it or not.

The more proper response he deserved would have been a swift kick in the balls, but Jeanne E Stewart is much too classy to lower herself to lack of standards held by Lefty Lou Brancaccio.

Further evidence of the despicable nature of Lefty is a very brief email exchange where he attempted to rub my nose in the results.

Election, Brancaccio email

And of course, left out of his weekly verbiage is that those his rag supported were all funded heavily by special interests favoring forcing Portland, Oregon’s financially troubled light rail into Vancouver at any cost.

Where we saw “politics of personal destruction” under the Clinton administration, today in Southwest Washington we see “journalism of personal destruction” as “teste di merda” like Brancaccio set a path of destruction of any who oppose the Columbia River Crossing light rail project.

There are barely any mention of the vast improvements seen in the county since the majority on the Board of County Commissioners changed to David Madore and Tom Mielke. But there is primarily vitriol thrown at them, Brancaccio creating his term “the M&M boys” to denote negativity towards them after the appointment of decades long hated Sen. Don Benton to head the county department of the environment.

Somewhere along the way it became said that the majority on the County Commission should be in agreement with Commissioner Steve Stuart, the lone leftwing Democrat, now that county voters spoke that they wanted the direction of the County Commission to change and special interests downtown decided they did not want such a change.

And there is no better example than their decades long absolute hatred of Don Benton and ramping it up with over 40 articles, columns and editorials demeaning and denigrating him, Madore and Mielke since the appointment.

While they gleefully trash the names and were only too happy that Anita Largent filed a tort claim against the county, they refuse to document their claims of Benton of “unqualified” to manage the Department of the Environment nor will they publish evidence that he is suited for the position.

I know this as I was copied emails concerning the post I did days before the election where it was discovered that Ms. Largent seemed to have been reading my blog on county time and a report to McAfee Anti-Virus was made from her county email address.

As I indicated, it was forwarded to the county by me and I never heard any more about it until a reader copied me emails he sent to the county about it and the replies. He will remain anonymous unless he chooses in comments to say who he is.

But think for a minute, Don Benton is Ms. Largent’s immediate supervisor and the county is subject to a lawsuit by her. She has been discovered in what appears to be wasting county time and it was made public.

If Don Benton was half the demonic evil personified person the Lazy C makes him out to be, as her immediate supervisor, he could make things pretty rough for her over the incident.

But according the emails copied to me, when asked about the incident and email received asking her about it, she replied,

I wanted to let you know that I received this e-mail yesterday afternoon and that I am not going to respond to it. But, I want to assure you that I my activity was work related. I had heard that there was an article posted on this website about Waste Connections. As you know, my division manages the county’s Waste Connections service contract. I routinely make a point of keeping abreast of public comments/complaints/compliments about this company. I consider it to be a due diligence activity as a part of contract management. As far as the McAfee comment – I don’t have a clue – I wouldn’t know how to contact McAfee if I wanted to. As McAfee is the county’s security software, I can only assume that there was software functionality occurring at the firewall/server level. Sorry for any confusion this may cause. Please let me know if you would like to discuss further.

Don Benton responded with,

Thank you for informing me. As we discussed in our weekly one on one today, I believe you handled the matter appropriately and consider the issue closed.

That shows professional and fair managerial skills, the very skills detractors claim Don Benton does not possess.

Where he could have made her life miserable at the county, he did not and put the matter to rest.

Even Commissioner Stuart, who has not tried to hide his scorn publicly for either Benton, Madore or Mielke in forwarding the email chain to the reader said,

“Below is the email stream regarding this issue (the top email is the most recent), responding to your concern the first time you raised it (on Oct. 30). I expect it will resolve your concern, as it did for the DES Director.

This email stream was also copied to Lou Brancaccio and Stephanie Rice at the Lazy C.

While they have not spared any ink or effort in demeaning Benton, apparently his display of proper managerial skills is not newsworthy, not even for mention in the All politics is local blog site they set up.

Such is the news vacuum existing in Southwest Washington when the main source of news is so heavily biased against the people and owned by special interests.

Many have called for Lefty Lou to be fired, but I completely disagree. No, I believe he should remain firmly planted and in control of the rag, right up to the day he drives it out of business and they pad lock the doors.

Maybe then we can see someone establish a truly objective news source in Southwest Washington.

God only knows we have not had one for a very long time.

9 Comments to “Despicable Lefty Lou”

  1. This will bite them. They are such scum that a nasty blast against Mrs. Stewart will buy them an attorney in bankruptcy court again.

  2. Too bad Mayor Leavitt kicked Jeanne Stewart off the CTRAN board. If she had been there, we wouldn’t be on the hook for $ Millions to TriMet and Clark County properties subject to taking at the whim of TriMet. Jeanne Stewart was also committed to the promised light rail vote, and when it was held and light rail rejected, honored the vote result.
    Leavitt, Smith, & Hansen ignored the vote results, signed the light rail contract with TriMet ignoring the vote of citizens. The Columbian gives cover to these despicable actions, and TriMet coveting for Clark County tax base.

  3. Lefty Lou Lazy C editor
    Righty Lew Lazy CCC editor
    Choices. Choices.

  4. It WAS quite convenient for the Crooked 5 to eliminate Mrs. Stewart from C-Tran’s Board! Boy do they leave a well-marked trail to the origin of corruption!!!

  5. Nathan, can’t you at least TRY to be a little bit original?

    Must liberals always be such followers? 😉

  6. I wish Barron and Stuart had shown restraint when my spouse’s email to the commissioners, complaining of the treatment being directed at her husband was forwarded back to her attorney (Barron’s friend) boss trying to have her fired from her job in the private sector. Nothing like violating a persons civil rights and privacy.

  7. It wouldn’t do any good for me to share my opinion of Lou Brancaccio. For one thing I’ve never met him in person, so any opinion I have will be distorted.

    If I were to judge from his writing alone though, he appears to be a bully. He appears to take relish in kicking people when they are down – especially if they are women. Maybe that says something about him in itself.

  8. By the way, that was me Lew was referring to. I sent Largent an email asking her why she was wasting county resources browsing the CCC blog then reporting it to McAfee as possible threats. She never replied to me, but apparently emailed Don Benton the next day. I accept her explanation as apparently Don does.

    Naturally, when I emailed Lou to see if any of this would be mentioned as a positive reflection on Don Benton, Lou ignored the email. You can bet the farm that this would have been front page news in The Columbian if Don’s reaction had been different.

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