Heywood’s Underserved Patting Himself on the Back

by lewwaters

Back Pat 2Never ones to forgo boasting and bragging, Democrats, through local party chair Mike Heywood are once again engaging in some undue boasting and even a bit of obfuscation in the recent dismal election results.

Heywood, who was “allowed to retire quietly” from his position as Lazy C editorial page editor after 27 years, caught using their time and computers to view pornography back in December 2002, makes some boastful claims in the December 2013 newsletter about the latest election. And, as Democrats are often noted for, seems to take a few liberties with the truth.

First off, Heywood labels the parties effort in this last election as “the organization’s first venture into the nonpartisan arena.” It would be more accurate to state it is their first OPEN venture into the nonpartisan arena since they have actively involved themselves in promoting nonpartisan candidates several times in the past, just as the Republicans have.

Heywood goes on to state, “An initial look in the rearview mirror shows that we made a real difference in an exercise that could very well have been dominated by some people who were determined to use big money to steer this community toward a conservative if not regressive future.”

This claim ties in with the Lazy C’s bogus claim by Lou Brancaccio of the election being about County Commissioner David Madore, who was not running and did not fund any candidate.

A cursory review of the Public Disclosure of donation of each candidate also reveals that the big money from downtown special interests, unions and Identity Clark County ended up with Democrat nonpartisan candidates, incumbent mayor Tim ‘the Liar’ Leavitt receiving more than four times the donation than did his challenger, city council member Bill Turlay.

In fact, all of the Democrat backed “nonpartisans” received much more money, especially from special interests than did any of the Republican supported candidates,

But, Heywood is also alluding to the $55,500 raised by Forward Vancouver in support of Liar Leavitt, compared to the $28,780 raised by Vitality Vancouver in opposition to Leavitt as well as Jack Burkman, Alishia Topper and Anne McEnerny-Ogle as if the big money to buy the race was against his nonpartisan candidates.

Left out of his illusion, though, is the nearly $61,500 in Independent Expenditures in support of Leavitt, much of it from as far away as New York and Chicago compared to the less than $11,600 in Independent Expenditures on behalf of Bill Turlay, all from Vancouver, no far away special interests hoping to see Turlay elected to help increase their bank accounts at taxpayer expense.

But to Heywood, those numbers represent “big money to steer this community toward a conservative future.”

In fact, Heywood claims, “In terms of money, our efforts were paltry. The Democratic Party spent less than $3,000 where the other side was spending nearly 10 times as much.”

Again, he doesn’t bother to look at the Public Disclosure Commission reports to make up such a completely bogus claim.

In typical leftist fantasyland, Heywood wishes to believe that he and his Democratic cabal are the little guys looking out for your well-being when in fact, as disclosed in PDC reports, they are the ‘fatcats’ with the big money from out of state special interests seeking to reap big profits from tax dollars spent to force you to fund extending Portland’s financially troubled light rail into the city.

Another point that Heywood isn’t mentioning in this screed, is voter turn-out, some 37%.

Such a low turn-out is used by the special interests to deflate the overwhelming rejection of light rail by voters with the claim of not being representative of the entire population of the county.

Yet, that same 37% turn-out electing candidates favored by the Democrats is used to claim they “made a real difference.”

Two candidates mentioned are of particular interest to me, Alishia Topper and Mike Dalesandro. Topper unseated incumbent Jeanne E. Stewart and Dalesandro unseated Battle Ground Mayor/City Council member Lisa Walters.

Topper, relatively unknown outside of her little circle, believes she is an independent voice and is in for a rude awakening should she deviate from the Identity Clark County course they have laid out.

Dalesandro has been indicating a move to the center with his coming out against the CRC light rail project, but Heywood now claims, “but Democrats helped elect progressive Mike Dalesandro.”

If Dalesandro allows that “progressive” moniker to remain, he just might discover he is in for a very rough 4 years in the largely conservative Battle Ground, Washington.

But leave it to the likes of Michael Heywood to spin slim results to some sort of mandate that his neo-com position is what voters prefer.

When the reality of how this election really was “bought and paid for” by special interests sinks in, with higher unemployment, increased taxes, fees and tolls as well as 8 years of increased congestion on both I-5 and I-205, should the financially failing light rail actually be forced on us, well, I doubt it is going to be very pretty for lackeys like Heywood.

3 Comments to “Heywood’s Underserved Patting Himself on the Back”

  1. Unlikely that Topper will deviate from the course laid out for her by those who paid for her to get into office including Waste Connections. Donors who stand to gain from certain city decisions may expect favors in return. Topper herself raised about $57,000 and was also boosted by Forward Vancouver.


  2. She promised favors!


  3. The notion that the modern Democrat party is about anything but buying votes and putting BIG dollars into the bank accounts of its corporatist promoters is so under-reported as to be shocking to many rank and file blues. They bought into the party line. Welcome the Neo-Fascist, pretty new face ugly old play book. Its for the common good, its for the children its for everything but what rational thinking individuals would choose for themselves and their families. Oh yeah, I guess, according to the pop psychology inherent in such matters, there is no such a thing as a rational human being therefor the founding fathers, Descartes and the Constitution are all passe and the those elected to represent are no longer representative but autocratic.

    You will not be represented by Democrats, you will be governed.


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