Delusions of the Left

by lewwaters

Democrat Moonbat SealSome people are so delusional it’s difficult to know where to start. But a letter to the editor appearing in the Tuesday, December 10, 2013 Lazy C exhibits just how delusional leftists are.

Points claimed;

People’s Party?” Isn’t that what the Communists often labeled themselves?

brought us out of a Great Depression?” Is that why the post war economy began tanking again after the war ended, seeing Republicans put through a tax cut to spur economic growth instead of restarting Roosevelt’s New Deal policies President Truman wanted to do?

winning World War II against totalitarianism and injustice?” All by themselves, only the Democrat party fought in the war? The main difference is that unlike today’s Democrats, Republicans at the time did not travel to leaders of enemy nations to support them or act in ways to undermine Roosevelt; they put partisanship aside to win the war.

fighting for the rights of all citizens, regardless of race, gender, etc.?” From the party of Jim Crow that formed the Ku Klux Klan as their enforcement arm to fight freed slaves and keep them down?

From the party that led filibusters against the Civil Rights act that saw President Lyndon Johnson enlisting Republican Everett Dirksen to break the Democrat filibuster and get the Civil Rights Bill passed?

From the party today that discourages minorities from trying to succeed and keeps them locked away in ghettos with little education, dependent upon those ‘lily white’ Democrats who allow them to have what crumbs falls off of the table?

The party that discourages private sector job growth, rapes taxpayers at every chance and enslaves the middle class population to accept whatever the “people’s party” says they should have?

Yes, they have worked hard, very hard and we have a larger divide today than ever as well as a $17 Trillion National Debt.

Another little point the author neglects in his rant, the Democrats of old he credits for accomplishing so much, wouldn’t that be the same Democrats they also say flocked to the Republican Party under Nixon’s “Southern Strategy?”

Democrats tell so many tall tales, they can’t keep track of what they claim.

And, in their efforts to condescendingly explain those they can’t understand, a Psychologist wrote a paper that I feel he did not intend to come to this conclusion, but he hits the nail on the head with,

“America lacks the long history, small size, ethnic homogeneity, and soccer mania that holds many other nations together, so our flag, our founding fathers, our military, and our common language take on a moral importance that many liberals find hard to fathom.”

Yes, Liberal/Progressives do seem to find “our flag, our founding fathers, our military, and our common language” repulsive and impossible to fathom.

But I’ll stick to them over whatever Liberals offer today.

3 Comments to “Delusions of the Left”

  1. Well Lew…if it continues the way I see it happening with regards to the “Lazy C” as you call it…their days are numbered (my opinion). Now they are expecting non-subscribers to fork out $18 a month (using plastic at the risk of identity theft) just to go online to read and respond to the articles. They claim you have 30 visits per month before having to pay $1 per visit but that includes checking each article…even includes mistakes in the execution of the CAPTCHA letters. Pretty screwy as far as I’m concerned. I believe this was a HUGE mistake by the C and will sadly be the final step in their demise as the community newspaper. So much for trying to get your point across on their site!

    From what I’ve seen in the forum side of the C…mostly those who lean more to the left are willing to pay for the chance to continue to read and voice their opinion. At least three who are independent thinkers are remaining for their own reasons…one using it as a chance for his name to pop up in more internet search engines as he is a published writer and activist. That was what he expressed in a comment on the forum on Tuesday, the 10th of December, 2013. (Exposure, you know.) In my case, I cannot fathom the idea of shelling out money to voice what should be free…my freedom of speech and freedom of expression.

    When it comes down to the point that we are forced to pay to speak our minds…we are no longer a free nation. That is why I refuse ever to pay for a site such as the one provided by the Columbian. Greed has clouded the minds of these news publishing agencies and as I see it, it’s the lack of merit by the publishing companies to have to expect others to pay for their financial mistakes. As long as I have a voice, I will be heard. It just won’t be on the Columbian.


  2. A clarification…every time you click on an article with the Columbian’s new format, that’s one visit.


  3. Well you know I am going to be gone!


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