Lazy C Launches Their Paywall

by lewwaters

An analogy of the Lazy C, Southwest Washington’s supposed newspaper, launching a paywall in order to read or comment to head off another financial failure.

It would be easier to just be objective, but that appears to be too difficult for them to understand as they continue chasing away prospective subscribers.

6 Comments to “Lazy C Launches Their Paywall”

  1. Great video. I laughed at the boat sinking in and love your videos.

  2. Whatever will we do to line the floors of our birdcages when the Lazy C finally and inevitably folds for good?

  3. Great video Lew!! The Dirty C ( yes Lew, I call it The Dirty C cause they are) lost me as a subscriber when they showed just how far they lean to the left. Now they want people to pay more to access the so called “free forum” or “blogs” how funny! Lots of other news sources out there one can read for free on the net.

  4. Classic video rendition…and so appropriate. Love the name of the boat!!!

    Joseph, you must’ve been reading my mind. There’s always other supermarket tabloids available that we could use instead of Clark County’s #1 tabloid.

  5. Hey who owns that boat?
    what boat?
    That boat right there?
    No he doesn’t own it?
    Who doesn’t own it?
    That’s right.
    Who doesn’t own what?
    That boat?
    What boat?
    Dam if I know.
    That boat right there…,
    …Wait a minute, do you know the name of the boat.
    Why yes I do.
    Okay then what is the name of that boat.
    Dam if i know.
    I thought you said you know the name of the boat.
    Yes that’s right.
    Did you name the boat?
    Why no, the previous owner named the boat.
    So who knows the name of the boat?
    I should hope so he named it.

  6. If any wish to watch the entire movie, about 27 minutes long, click HERE

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