Frustration with Elected, Entrenched Bureaucrats

by lewwaters

Retired Washington State Auditor, Brian Sonntag, speaking at the 2013 Clark County Republican Party Christmas Gala Dinner at the Fairgate Inn, Camas Washington on what frustrated him most during his time in office.

Mr. Sonntag, a lifelong Democrat is noted for actually working to represent the people, not the party line and has run afoul of Washington Democrat Party Chair, Dwight Pelz for working across the aisle in a bipartisan manner and joining a conservative think tank, the Freedom Foundation.

Our country would be much better off with more elected officials like Brian Sonntag.

More excerpts from his humor laced speech will be posted in the near future.

4 Comments to “Frustration with Elected, Entrenched Bureaucrats”

  1. Steve “Slimeball” Stuart isn’t fit to carry his luggage.


  2. Stuart and a whole host of others in office currently.


  3. meygyn kelly is kicking your asses, that’s what your bullshit is all about


  4. Sorry Jack, I have better things to do than argue over what race a fictional character might be.

    Feel free to start your own damned blog if this doesn’t suit you.


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