Brian Sonntag – Stay Engaged With Your Elected Officials

by lewwaters

From the December 13, 2013 Clark County Republican Party Christmas gala, retired Washington State Auditor, Brian Sonntag, a Democrat known for placing the people over the party, in wrapping up his Keynote Speech, reminds the audience to stay engaged with elected officials.

Delivered with humor, Mr. Sonntag presents excellent advice for everybody, regardless of political belief.

4 Comments to “Brian Sonntag – Stay Engaged With Your Elected Officials”

  1. Very funny! Sorry I missed it. Such a busy season…


  2. Brian was great. Spot on, but modest and entirely without stuffed-shirt self-aggrandizement. That’s rare in today’s “all about me” political environment.


  3. If Pelz censured him, he’s cool with me.


  4. Brian Sonntag has always received my vote. He is the type of Democrat I remember from my much younger days when they really were a party of the people.


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