Brian Sonntag Full Keynote Speech from Dec. 13, 2013

by lewwaters

Retired Washington State Auditor, Brian Sonntag’s full Keynote Speech from the Clark County Republican Party Christmas Gala, with introduction by Clark County Auditor, Greg Kimsey.

3 Comments to “Brian Sonntag Full Keynote Speech from Dec. 13, 2013”

  1. Thanks for posting this Lew it sounded like a fun event!


  2. It was fun, Carolyn. I loved when Bill Turlay interrupted Ann Rivers before her speech began to announce donating the rest of his campaign money to our table for the Desert Dash and she leaned in telling him to keep his eyes off of the German Chocolate Cake 🙂

    The clip


  3. I hope he has higher aspirations. What a role model for any politician. I wish I could speak in public as easily and well as Brian Sonntag does.


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