How Long Has the Lazy C Ignored Illegal Lot Sales by the County?

by lewwaters

Dems, BlindersQuite a shocking revelation was posted on County Commissioner David Madore’s facebook page recently. It seems that the county has been auctioning off property to unsuspecting citizens that they cannot do anything with and end up stuck with.

For all of the excessive verbiage printed by the Lazy C against the so called “M&M Boys,” Commissioners Madore and Mielke now comprising the Republican majority of the 3-person commission, I find not one mention of this practice that apparently has been ongoing for several years in Clark County.

Where we are treated to frequent denunciations of the majority voters chose in the 2012 election as well as ridicule whenever Lefty Lou Brancaccio feels like it, they remain mum on the ongoing efforts by the majority to make much needed corrections where citizens have been getting hurt for so long.

According to what Commissioner Madore released, the County has been selling these parcels to citizens without any mention of they sit in areas zoned where they may not be developed or built on. Citizens who bought the lots receive no word of such restrictions until well after they have purchased the lots and invested more money into them that they may not build on them.

They remain stuck with land that is essentially unusable to them, but the county got their money.

In a 12/16/2013 update, one of the regular updates Madore posts on his facebook page, the commissioner included,

“Illegal Lots Fix:”

“A while ago, a citizen bought a parcel of land at a county foreclosure auction with the intention of building on it. They then spent tens of thousands preparing it. When they came to get their building permit, they learned that we sold them an ‘illegal lot’. That is a lot that was created for tax purposes but is not buildable due to zoning.”

“The county has been selling parcels ‘as is’ this way for years. Nothing would change and other buyers would continue to buy lots that they think are legal only to discover after the fact that they wasted their money.”

“I am working with staff to change that terrible policy. From now on, staff must take the few minutes to determine if a parcel is not a legal lot before it goes to auction. If it is not buildable, then we must clearly say so up front. The correction is not yet in place. But, we are working on it.”

We know that operatives, so called “reporters” or “writers” at the Lazy C regularly monitor Commissioner Madore’s facebook page as they waste no effort in latching onto any word they can use or twist to demean both him and Commissioner Madore.

Be it a regular published article or All politics is local blog post, neither Eric Hidle nor Stephanie Rice, who frequently do the devils deed in blasting Madore and Mielke have seen fit to display objectivity or balance in reporting efforts by the Commissioners to end this deceptive practice by the county.

Instead, we read where the county withdrew what minimal financial support they were giving to area Chambers of Commerce that accomplishes very little good for their respective communities, in spite of grandiose claims otherwise.

We read articles to make it appear how much worse off the county is now under their majority, but somehow articles indicating unemployment is down, housing starts are up, home sales are up and businesses are coming back to the county are not linked to anything the new majority has accomplished.

There was one small Apil blog post some time ago on Madore accomplishing good when he was successful in getting the county checkbook online, a pathetic effort I suppose to present an air of objectivity, but far from real balance considering the plethora of articles published condemning the legal hiring of Sen. Don Benton to head the County Dept. of the Environment and condemnations of spending cuts they have favored, especially stopping the Columbia River Crossing light rail project to bail out Portland, Oregon’s financially troubled light rail system at Clark County taxpayer’s expense.

And once again we see Commissioner Madore working to end an unfair practice that hurts Clark County citizens.

But if all you read is the Lazy C, erroneously thinking they are fair or objective, you would never know.

While I might not always agree with everything the Commissioners do, I do appreciate the bulk of their efforts to turn our county around, get us back on sound financial footing and especially, empower the citizens, even those who daily spew hatred against them.

I say to them, keep up the good work.

To the Lazy C, I can say nothing. They are driving the nails into their own coffin themselves. The market is ripe for a real newspaper to swoop in and actually report the news of what goes on in Clark County, not just what favors the Democrat Party.

There are so many good things going on in Clark County that will never hear about if all you depend on is the Lazy C.

3 Comments to “How Long Has the Lazy C Ignored Illegal Lot Sales by the County?”

  1. What a nail ther guys drove into this fleecing cash flow Agenda 21 driven scam when they removed their ability to sic the EPA on anyone not deemed ‘one of them’. It appears the lost $180+ millions from CRC has only brought more interest from these mobsters. Let’s get some judges and attorneys installed and run these bastards out on a rail until their court dates.

  2. Is that why they denied me the right to drill my own well on my own property and then made it my issue to try to solve?

  3. I was also just sold an illegal lot by the county. Nothing I can do but sit on the property for the next 4 years. I’m looking for an attorney that can get me out of this scam.

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