Stonier Draws Challenger for 17th District

by lewwaters
Lynda Wilson Social

Lynda Wilson

In a Press Release issued today, December 19, 2013, Clark County Republican Party Chair, Lynda Wilson announced her intent to challenge first term state representative, Monica Stonier for the seat she won last election in the 17th Legislative District.

Wilson, a native of Washington State says, “I am running for State Representative in order to help restore Liberty, Opportunity, and Trust to the citizens of Washington State. The Fundamental purpose of government is to protect individual liberty, a point all too forgotten in Olympia, where many act as though the hardworking taxpayer exists for their benefit rather than the government serving the people.”

Monica Stonier Hat

Monica Stonier

Stonier, a Democrat elected to her first term in 2012 by a very slim margin, less than half a percent, has kept a low profile in her time in office. She failed to gain the endorsement of the local media in her effort in 2010 due to close ties to the teachers union.

Of her intent once in Olympia, Lynda Wilson says, “In the legislature, I will strive to create a free environment that promotes opportunity for all citizens of Washington State. We must release the creative and productive forces within our economy that generates and sustains family supporting jobs. This cannot be accomplished by over taxing and regulating the people. Those in Olympia that believe we can tax and spend our way to prosperity, and that burdensome regulations don’t have negative consequences, are grossly mistaken.”

She and her husband, Tracy, are small business owners and knows what it takes to succeed.

Lynda’s campaign website can be accessed at Elect Lynda Wilson and on facebook

Stonier won her seat in 2012 with massive financial support from the Democrat Party and union support. She has maintained a low profile, not creating controversy, but has taken some position that might place her at odds with many in her district.

She has expressed her opposition to a constitutional amendment to require a two-thirds super majority to increase taxes as was stated would be necessary for implementing voters 5-times voted for by initiative and ruled unconstitutional after some teachers Advocacy groups and member of her party filed suit to invalidate the votes of constituents.

Stonier said she felt the super majority requirement was unconstitutional, but she had no plans of voting for tax increases. “That’s not what my constituents want,” she said, even though her constituents have approved just that 5 times through citizen initiative.

The recent shooting at Arapahoe High School in Colorado showed the effectiveness of armed personnel in schools. Stonier came out against 18th Legislative District Representative Liz Pike’s efforts to place armed personnel in our schools saying, Pike’s idea is “absolutely the wrong approach” for making schools safer.

Lynda Wilson was elected Chair of the Clark County Republican Party in 2012 and has been a staunch advocate for common sense taxation and citizen rights in Southwest Washington and the State.

It is this bloggers belief she will make an excellent representative of the people in Olympia.

4 Comments to “Stonier Draws Challenger for 17th District”

  1. Outstanding news. Lynda is top notch.

  2. Great person, great candidate!

  3. Our very qualified neighbors are stepping up, folks. This is most encouraging. She represents not just us, but the kind of person the Founders envisioned as stepping up to maintain and support this Republic of ours.

  4. I think Monica Stonier has done a pretty decent job so far. She kept her word regarding tax increases. That means a lot to me. I don’t know anything about Lynda Wilson other than she and members of the CC Republican Party board sent a letter to our Congressional Representative chastizing her for voting to end the government shutdown in October.

    In that letter, Congresswoman Herrera Beutler was accused of cowardice, of expediency, and lacking in conscience. I don’t think Herrea Beutler deserved that kind of insulting attack. The board of the CCRP seems to be a bit addled and quite extreme. Lynda’s going to have to do a lot of convincing to get my vote. She’s going to have to convince me that she can represent all the people in her district rather than just a few extreme right-wingers.

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