by lewwaters

2013The year 2013 will soon be relegated to the history books. It was a year filled with surprises, tragedy, happiness and sadness. We saw an established school burn to the ground, the very school that my two daughters once attended.

We saw changes being brought to bear in the county that brought controversy, even though many were changes that a majority of the voters wanted to see.

We saw the much hated CRC die, only to be resurrected, but now resting in limbo.

More than anything we saw the façade of objectivity collapse from around the Lazy C as they fabricated a theme to influence the Vancouver election demonizing County Commissioner David Madore and falsely linking him to candidates they did not like. They successfully relied on the complacency of many conservatives, ousting the main voice for the people on the city council.

The biggest surprise to me, one that reinforces just how complacent conservatives in Clark County really are, after four years of castigating the lying Mayor, Tim Leavitt, not one person was willing to step forward to oppose him for reelection, forcing first term city council member Bill Turlay to jump in at the last minute.

62% of you couldn’t even be bothered to vote, a simple matter of filling in a paper ballot with black marks and dropping it in the mail.

Seeing Sen. Don Benton (R. 17) appointed to head the county dept. of the environment sent the Lazy C into hysterics as they have now written over 40 pieces blasting him, County Commissioner Madore and Mielke and elevated their 20 year hate campaign against Benton to new heights.

While they promote the home rule campaign, hoping to neuter the voters choices in the 2012 election and return the county commission to a liberal majority, we also see them supportive of the lawsuit now filed against the county by a female claiming she was wrongfully passed over for the position Benton was appointed to.

It seems to escape them, as they also mentioned reaching a settlement of a years’ long case against the county over stormwater ordinances, that she possessed nowhere near the negotiation skill of Benton who successfully negotiated the settlement down to a $3.6 Million settlement that will remain spent in the county.

Some claim the settlement that was sought could have been as high as $30 Million, with the funds leaving the county. It takes a tough, skilled negotiator to accomplish that and face it, like him or hate him, Benton is a very effective negotiator with 20 years experience in the Senate.

Benton receives no thanks for that, just more and more condemnation from Lefty Lou and the gang at the Lazy C. In fact, even though neither Commissioner Madore nor Mielke were involved in the setting up of the controversial ordinances years ago, while much lauded Democrat Commissioner Stuart was, but it is Madore and Mielke shouldering blame for it today while Stuart receives a pass.

We also see Stuart given a pass over the recent announcement of the County dropping dues payments to area Chambers of Commerce as Erik Hidle reports on the commissioner discussions on the notices not being sent out back in August, ensures readers know that Madore and Mielke voted to drop the payments while not also including so did Commissioner Stuart.

Did I mention that the Lazy C dropped all facades of objectivity?

What we did not read about very much in this pathetic excuse for a media source as condemnations of Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler and Senators Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell voting on a thinly veiled “bipartisan” budget that rewards illegal aliens and federal workers while screwing over retired Military and Veterans.

We didn’t read of the ongoing cover-ups over the deaths of four people in the terrorist attack on Benghazi consulate. Oh, they reported when it happened, but they don’t have much to say about the stonewalling and refusals of those involved on the why it was allowed to happen.

While they are supportive of further infringing on our second amendment rights to self defense by bearing arms, they haven’t shown any interest on the federal government under Democrats smuggling thousands of illegal weapons into Mexico, giving them to Drug Lords and the subsequent murders of federal agents and hundreds of Mexican citizens.

Instead we see a silly-assed campaign to promote a dumb coffee cup by Lefty Lou Brancaccio.

Yes, it’s been a year, one I’m glad to see leaving us. Not that I think 2014 will be much better. That won’t happen until conservatives get up off of their asses and take a stand instead of just complaining.

With us seeing more and more that at the national level, that the GOP has become little more than the Republican wing of the Democrat Party, the complacency of those disgusted with what is going on will amount to nothing more than the end of this great nation, while they still sit back and bitch about it.

For me personally, I am discouraged. While I do my best, with my limited resources to inform and counter the propaganda vomited by the Lazy C, having some drop by and recommend sending any information they have to another site that does little more than post two puff videos a month leaves me wondering why I even try.

The thought of shutting the blog down and just enjoying being retired, enjoying personal projects and supporting and promoting Veterans events has crossed my mind.

The Lazy C is riding high on their successful yet false campaign and I am sure they will try it again with the upcoming County Commissioner election as they strive to make it out that David Madore and Tm Mielke are evil personified and Steve Stuart walks on water.

They may be quite surprised, though to discover that outside of the city of Vancouver it won’t work. The city of largely comprised of the strong, liberal Democrat 49th legislative district that blindly votes Democrat time after time.

The county isn’t, provided voters actually mark their ballots this time.

On the plus side, the Lazy C moves closer to obscurity as they erected a paywall to see their garbage online.

What they have yet to realize is that in order to entice people to pay, you must offer them something of value.

They do not.

2014 will begin in a little over 24 hours.

It is up to you whether or not it will be year that the nonsense continues. Or a year where the restoration of American Individualism and character returns.

8 Comments to “2013”

  1. I’d be interested to see how many unique connections the Lying C is getting after putting in a paywall. I for one don’t go there very often anymore. I certainly won’t pay for their drivel.

    I hope you’ll continue to blog Lew. We need some kind of balance to the local “newspaper”.

    Regarding the vote you refer to, I expect that we’ll see the funding for Veterans retirement restored long before the cuts are due to take effect.

    I honestly don’t know where the bad blood between The Columbian and Benton comes from. I don’t know if it’s just Brancaccio or if Brancaccio is hating on behalf of Campbell. I think it must be the latter as the animus precedes Brancaccio’s date of hire. Maybe that was a condition of his employment – get Benton at all cost.
    It does seem to be very much a one way hate fest though. I have never read anything about Benton going around making ad hominem attacks on The Columbian or anyone associated with the paper.


  2. Lew, I also hope you will continue to expose the rampant hypocrisy of elected “officials”, the phony “polls” created to steer issues in pre-determined directions, the huge waste of taxpayer-provided resources, and many other issues that need exposure. Happy New Year !!!


  3. I understand the desire to simply retire and enjoy your life. Many times over the last few years I have felt the same. Especially this last year with such contentious struggling inside the party itself and the total complacency of the voters who re-elected the worst of our local politicians through their lack of voting. I vowed to not quit and I won’t, at least yet, and for that reason I plead with you Lew to please not quit yet either. You are still needed! 🙂


  4. Lew, I truly hope you can continue your blog. It is the best source of local political news I’ve ever encountered. Indeed, it played a role in my moving to Clark County from “the belly of the beast” (near San Francisco and Berkeley).

    I also check that other place — where the “puff videos” appear. While it does have useful information at times, it is no where near as hard-hitting as you are — and does not come close to the quantity of articles on the broadest variety of political issues in this area.

    I, too, am sad about the lack of voter participation. The relative convenience of the mail ballot program should make it relatively easy to check a few boxes and mail in the ballots. (I’m not even sure how you would run a “get out the vote” program under this mode — as I’ve only seen programs where volunteer drivers physically took voters to the polls…) Perhaps other readers of this blog can come up with some ideas.

    I’ve frequently said that paying liberal media to deliver leftist propaganda to my doorstep (or driveway) made no sense. I think that the best public service that The Lazy C has done is to erect its pay wall. It certainly wasn’t worth reading when it was free. It’s hard to imagine paying to read their trash. Ultimately every newspaper is going to face the reality that their leftist views don’t sell papers … when the industry faces it’s passing into oblivion with loss of circulation. (There are only a very few newspapers that are worth reading, either in hard copy or in electronic editions.)a

    All my best to you for the new year.


  5. Lew, you have done a service to the community with your blog and your writes. I certainly hope you do not let certain special-interest propagandists sway you away from what you do. I want to heartily thank you for your service…not only as a proud veteran of the armed forces, but as a shining member of our community who seeks facts and presents them well to the people. Please don’t give up.


  6. Not to worry, Folks, I’m not going anywhere nor is the blog.

    I was just trying to show how frustrating it gets with the complacency of conservatives.

    I once said and will say it again, the left can never defeat me, no chance. Only the right could cause me to walk away with their continued complacency and contrary acts.


  7. Conservatives are at a natural political disadvantage that not liking government interference embraces. Of course WE THE PEOPLE would rather let someone else deal with government and all that entails. When members of your own party make meaningful negotiations impossible. The other party only has to not flinch and they get their way, because there is strength in numbers willing to let government act to their advantage.

    Watching the Miley new years eve freak show and wondering about the wrecking ball crushing the American Band Stand.


  8. We are also at a disadvantage because we have to counter liberal journalists, professors, union officials, public employees, and government contractors who get paid to do what they do and say what they say. Thank you, Lew!


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