How Successful was the Washington State Senate Majority Coalition?

by lewwaters

We all saw the bipartisan Senate Coalition Majority brought about last year and the predictions of it failing. Yet, it remains and appears like it will for some time.

At a recent function, the question was put forth on whether or not it was successful. Two opposing views were given, one by Republican Senator Don Benton, who played a large role in getting it off the ground and the other by far leftist Democrat Representative Jim Moeller.

Of note, Moeller is always whining about Republicans holding an “us vs. them” attitude.

Yet, it is he who sees those who disagree with him as “the enemy.”

3 Comments to “How Successful was the Washington State Senate Majority Coalition?”

  1. Fun to watch Moeller’s facial expression and fidgeting while Don makes his remarks. You can see the steam building up 😉 And as one might expect, in sharp contrast to Benton’s comments, Moeller’s are almost entirely lacking in substance – unless you count hot air.

  2. Tom, I can’t stand looking at that person. How that thief, and yes THIEF (remember the road marker he helped steal) can keep getting elected is beyond me. Benton is twice the person Moeller will ever be. I keep waiting for Moeller to announce his and Sam Adam’s wedding. Just saying…

  3. Imagine: Molehill having a “distinctly partisan” view.

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