A Luau in Honor of the “Greatest Generation”

by lewwaters

Tiki 1December 7, 1941, the “date that will live in infamy” marked America’s entrance into World War II, what was to become the bloodiest conflict in recorded history that saw over 16 Million Americans putting on the uniform of one of the various branches making up our Armed Services.

When the world needed them the most, these men & women answered the call to fight a tyrannical enemy on the battlefields, in the air and on the open seas, prevailing four years later after over 400,000 of their number lay dead with another 670,000 wounded.

Five years later, 1950, many answered the call again to stand against another enemy to freedom in the small country of Korea, joining the younger men & women until a cease fire was signed 3 years later.

These are the people we have labeled “the Greatest Generation,” those who came out of a severe economic depression, whose childhoods saw hardships and hunger, only to be faced with a world war as they became adults and the Korean War after.

Showing they truly are “the Greatest Generation,” they persevered, they faced evil, they faced difficulties and they faced indifference. They came home to rebuild America beyond our dreams. They built cities, bought homes, grew businesses and raised families.

All are now well up in their 80’s and 90’s in age, most of their number having already passed away, taking their stories and memories with them. Of the original 16 million, only about a million and a half are estimated to still be alive today.

In keeping with our community support of Veterans, the Clark County Veterans Court will be hosting a Luau Dinner & Concert 4 Vets, Saturday Feb. 22, 2014 from noon to 9 p.m. at the Marian Event Center located at St. Joseph Church, 400 South Andresen Road, Vancouver, Washington 98661.

In recognition of their sacrifices so long ago, Korean War and World War II Veterans are invited to be Honored Guests.

As with past events hosted by the Veterans Court, the event will feature some of the best, world class entertainers our community has to offer.

Featured will be Nashville Performer and songwriter Tom Mann with a special appearance by Karen Overton of Pleyback. Tom has opened for many musical greats such as Keith Urban, Kenny Rogers, LeAnn Rimes and the Oak Ridge Boys. One of his featured songs on his most recent Nashville recorded CD is the song Little Becky and about her father going off to war. Tom proudly served in the United States Air Force in Germany and has delighted fans there and all over the United States.

Ricky Lee Jackson along with Shawna Quade and the Ricky Lee Jackson Band will also be featured. Ricky has been invited to perform on Fox & Friends and his son, Jonathan is a co-star on the ABC prime time drama Nashville.

Groove Nation will kick off the day at noon with their Rose Garden Performers dancing followed by local attorney Art Miller playing Jazz & Ragtime on the piano.

Ernesto Quilban and the Old Time Fiddlers will return as will the Mikaele Family adding an Island Flair to the Luau.

Clark County’s Pageant Ladies will entertain with dance and song. There will be a presentation by the Young Marines and closing out the day’s entertainment will be crowd pleasing Elvis Tribute Artist Mark Stevenz.

Luau Header

Tickets to the Luau are $30 at the door or $20 if ordered in advance; children 12-years and under are just $10.

VIP Tables may be obtained for only $200 for 10 guests and will include special gourmet treats, linens, silverware and guaranteed seating. Guests can come early, get stamped and come back later if they wish; a VIP table will hold their seats all day. You will want to be sure you are there for the honors and presentation of gifts to the Vets around 6 p.m.

For VIP Tables contact Eva Halter, Veterans Court Board Secretary and program manager for Innovative Service NW at (360) 601-8850 or ehalter@innovativeservicenw.org

Single tickets may be obtained at

1. St. Joseph Parish Office, 6600 Highland Drive, Vancouver, WA 98661

2. Beacock Music, 1420 SE 163rd Ave. Vancouver 98683

3. HairBlenders Salon, 5909 NE St. Johns Rd., Vancouver, WA 98661

4. Hazel Dell Animal Hospital, 808 NE Minnehaha St., Vancouver, WA 98665

5. Ashbrook Medical, 5512 NE 107th Ave., Vancouver, WA 98662

6. On the Spot Engraving, 7728 NE Hazel Dell Ave., Vancouver, WA 98665

7. DeWils Fine Cabinetry and Appliances, 12907 NE 4th Plain Blvd, Vancouver, WA 98682

Tickets may also be ordered online at www.ClarkCountyVetsCourtBoard.org.

WWII and Korean War Veterans are free guests, but they need to get on the RSVP list by contacting Eva Halter, listed above. Founding presiding Judge of the Clark County Veterans Court, Darvin Zimmerman has promised this to be the biggest and best indoor event ever. One you surely would not want to miss.

It is to be a fantastic day of entertainment with great food, pulled pork, Teriyaki chicken, Yakisoba noodles, rice, rolls and an unlimited dessert bar. An event as this is easily worth $50 or more. Thanks to the generosity of our sponsors, US Digital, Waste Connections, East Vancouver Costco, DeWils Fine Cabinetry and Appliances and Chevs of the 40’s the cost of admission is kept very reasonable.

But, let’s not lose sight that the day is about Veterans, especially those who sacrificed so much decades ago and have given us this country that we all love today. They deserve our thanks and the honors we bestow on them.

So come on out, enjoy yourselves and give your respects to those of the “Greatest Generation” that are still with us.

Luau Sponsors

8 Responses to “A Luau in Honor of the “Greatest Generation””

  1. thanks for posting this in such detail!

  2. My wife and I were at the Marian Hall this evening for dinner. It is a really nice place, large and with a great sound system an lots of parking too.

    These shows just keep getting better and better.

    Be sure to click the links when you have time for videos I have put together of the performers.

  3. I’d be surprised if your “followers” even thought about it, but you’re catering to a rapidly disappearing demographic. WWII is ancient history to most, as are your politics. Back in the era you’re stuck in, the US military was actually deployed to combat political non-sense (as determined by a Congress/President) in the world. As we’ve aligned with despotic regimes in the past that would make the Nazis proud, the US is in no position to make any type of moral judgment. Today, the state department, CIA, Obummer’s drone wars and “kill lists”, plus the Pentagon are essentially shaping our “foreign policy”. Does the president need Congress to wage a war? Nope. Not anymore.

    Time to realize the US is in 27th place of 29 countries in the Organization of Economically Developed Countries in providing quality healthcare. The US barely beat out Turkey and Mexico, the only other countries without a single payer system. The World Health Organization has us 37th-we were beat out by filthy rich countries such as Slovenia (#36) and Costa Rica (#5). We pay $8500/yr per capita and 2nd place is $3500/yr. A for-profit-health care system? I don’t think so.

    Cut SS to reduce the deficit? SS doesn’t effect the deficit one iota. BTW, the deficit decreased a boneload last year, partially explaining the record slow growth out of a recession. GOP fueled reduced federal spending and the sequester-essentially imposed austerity. Of course, military spending has become exempt, but that’s normal. The military-industrial-complex must be maintained. There is a $250B overrun in the F-35 Eagle Striker planes early in the contract, and the same yo-yos that are eyeing a massive cut in the food stamp program can’t seem to realize they’re talking about 1% of a cost over-run on the Pentagon’s shiny, new toys. Plus these same bozos budgeted more to the Pentagon than THEY ASKED FOR!!

    According to the AARP the SS trust fund will grow from the current SURPLUS of $2.5T to $4.3T by 2023. It will be able to pay out 78% of scheduled benefits to 2038, but that doesn’t take into account the fact that most “baby boomers” will be dead by then. Time to realize the “budget hawks” are just cutting costs to pass on the savings to their well-heeled buddies.

    If this post isn’t deleted or posted, I’d be shocked.

  4. Good to see another jerk shocked.

    As for the Luau, why not come on out and see for yourself how the community supports Veterans.

    AARP? Don’t make me laugh, worthless liberal front group stealing funds from unsuspecting seniors.

    But thanks for showing just how ill-informed you are. I hear Cuba and North Korea have openings for those like you.

  5. “There is a $250B overrun in the F-35 Eagle Striker planes early in the contract”

    250 billion? Yeah, right.

  6. Last year, the last WWII vet personally known to me, a hero who fought with the Marines on several islands in the Pacific, passed away. (He was about 85 years old.) He also worked as part of the security team at the nuclear lab in Alamogordo and later was a Berkeley Police Officer serving through the ruckus of the “Free Speech Movement” and other demonstrations/riots — reaching a senior position as a sergeant/detective and shift supervisor before retirement. He was a neighbor and dear friend for the thirty years I lived in my former home in California. He was interred with military honors at the Sacramento Valley National Cemetery at Dixon CA (near Sacramento).

    Yes, the WWII generation is passing on … and there are very few left as WWII ended nearly 69 years ago. Most of the soldiers were in their early 20s (and some in their late teens) as the war ended, so most are well into their 80s and early 90s. (A 2011 study reported the median age as 92.) Projections suggest that there are about one million surviving WWII vets today, but that is expected to drop to just over 500,000 by 2016…


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