Lazy C “Capitulating” to One-Party Rule

by lewwaters

Commie 2As if we didn’t already realize that the Lazy C, the alleged ‘news’paper of Southwest Washington was little more than another leftist shill, an unofficial daily newsletter for the Democrat Party, the Sunday Jan. 5, 2014 “In Our View: Boehner Finds His Footing” gives ample evidence of it.

In praising Speaker of the House, Republican John Boehner, they say, “An emboldened John Boehner, after years of capitulating to the right wing of his party, suddenly has turned into The Most Interesting Man in Politics.”

Have you ever read or heard of anybody from the Lazy C, or any of the dinosaur lamestream media ever complain or even mention of Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi or even a local elected Democrat “capitulating to the left wing” of their party?

In fact, have they ever even hinted that the Democrat leftist agenda might be too far left and should “moderate?”

No, you only hear them complain about the “right wing” as if Republicans must also be on the left as are Democrats.

I grew up in a Conservative Democrat household (yes Virginia, there really was once such a thing). In the 2004 election we saw the former Democrat Governor of Georgia and US Senator, Zell Miller, embrace Republican George W. Bush for President against left-wing traitor John F’n Kerry. He was not praised for crossing the aisle and following his conviction.

No, we read that “Democrats are seething,” “[he] sounds like some kind of right-wing beat poet,” and “has become a cartoonish GOP partisan.”

While our own Lazy C was more reserved then, they have clearly shown since that the left point of view is the only view they will embrace, labeling just about anything to the right of Joseph of Stalin “radical.”

We frequently hear of the need for “moderate Republicans” to reach out to Democrats, even though the Democrats have had a strangle hold on Washington State for over a decade until the formation of the Senate Coalition Majority.

But, when was the last time we read of any call for the likes of neo-communist Jim Moeller to “moderate” his views?

Or for the leftist Democrats to heed the voices of a majority of Clark County voters and rethink forcing light rail from Socialist Portland on the community?

We read plenty when the local Republican Party “sanctioned” former County Commissioner Marc Boldt over his continual turning his back on the party platform, but haven’t read much from them over disgraceful, outgoing Democrat State Party Chair Dwight Pelz publically ousting Democrats Rodney Tom, Tim Sheldon and Brian Sonntag (after leaving office) from the party.

Where Boldt’s sanctioning was a “self-inflicted wound” for Republicans, Moeller’s throwing Democrat candidate for the 3rd Congressional District, Jon Haugen was merely a “fairly horrible experience.”

There extremism really came out in the 2012 election of businessman David Madore and reelection of Tom Mielke to the County Commission, especially when they appointed State Senator Don Benton to head the county dept of the environment. They lynch mob hysteria they have whipped up over that destroys any semblance they may have ever claimed to have of “objectivity” as we see the seething vitriol almost daily.

The lone Democrat County Commissioner, Steve Stuart, can do no wrong while the two conservatives are evil personified. Such was the case recently over dues payments to various Chambers of Commerce being ended, a policy approved by all three commissioners, but only the two conservatives are said to have voted for it, Stuart not being mentioned as a supporter, but hints given that he fought to block it, untrue hints.

Going back to the sentence quoted above, for Boehner to have been “capitulating” to the right wing of the Republican Party indicates there must be a left wing to the Republican Party. We call them “RINO’s,” Republican In Name Only” because the Republican Party is a right wing party, or it is supposed to be.

It was a party that relied on rugged individualism, accepted American Exceptionalism, supported strong traditional values that made America a great and prosperous nation and promoted smaller government, a government that did not infringe on our constitutional liberties.

That is what Boehner may have been “capitulating” to over the years.

But the Lazy C and others in the dying lamestream media disapprove of those long held values. They interfere with the Socialist “fundamental transformation” of America Democrats have been steadily working towards for decades.

Castro LiberateThe left wants complete control of the country and the individual. They have shown they will control what you eat, what you drink, where you live, what you travel by, whether or not you deserve medical care and what laws will be followed or not.

Is that what you want? A society like Cuba where the common person is given the “freedom” after several decades to buy a new car, but the state makes it so expensive that the common person cannot afford it?

Of course, that would force the common wage earner to rely solely on government run light rail or buses as more and more, the Lazy C and dullards like Boehner “capitulate” to the left wing.

It’s long past time that Southwest Washington had a real newspaper that was objective and saw that what made America great was the now lost ability for the right and left to meet in the middle, the true middle, not the fabricated middle leftist insist on that wholly left of center.

To see the Lazy C praising Boehner now for being “willing to challenge the right wing of his party rather than capitulate” while not calling on anybody on the left to move to the center reveals the worthlessness of the so-called paper.

It is nothing more than a leftist mouthpiece that hopefully will see their doors shuttered in the near future.

One Comment to “Lazy C “Capitulating” to One-Party Rule”

  1. Sad just sad.

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