C-Trans Omitted Details

by lewwaters

This blog no longer supports David Madore and calls upon him to resign immediately!

Why is there no criminal investigation into this out of control agency?

Video credit: Jim Karlock

6 Comments to “C-Trans Omitted Details”

  1. Mister Jim Karlock, again…you have openly displayed the obvious irrefutable corruption flooding C-Tran and everything to do with TriMet. I thank you…and as long as the transit service is run by the clown in charge and is supported by the person who claims to be the legal representation of C-Tran, I will be purchasing new walking shoes rather than wasting my hard-earned money on bus fares as I will absolutely refuse to step foot on another bus and I absolutely refuse to show any support at election time for ANY funding for C-Tran as long as this corruption continues. C-Tran has absolutely lost my business.

    Mister Hamm…you most undoubtedly should be ashamed of yourself!

    Thank you Commissioner Madore for your relentless fight against corruption. The voters have spoken and you HAVE listened!!!

    And finally…

    Thank you Mister Lew Waters, for presenting this video…a must see!!! Once again, you have stepped up to the plate and shown the people the truth!

  2. C-Tran should be dissolved with all management fired. Transit options should be provided by private industry. This is a perfect example of the ‘rent seeking” that goes on among political organizations.

  3. Devil in the details?

  4. 5 Million dollars is quite a detail to overlook :-I

  5. Madore held his cool.I doubt I would have.

  6. Jeff Hamm told me personally that his presentation was a thread that followed the contract details. I told him that was inexcusable since they had the contracts there they should have distributed them there and the failure to disclose all the pertinent details to cost when asked directly by David Madore showed a willful intent to mislead.

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