Oregon Gov. Kitzhaber Receives CRC Award

by lewwaters

Oregon Capitol Watch Foundation announces their award to Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber of the Petunia’s Porker Award for “his ‘go it alone’ proposal in building the wasteful, Columbia River Crossing boondoggle.”

Honorary mention should go to Vancouver Mayor, Tim Leavitt, Clark County Commissioner Steve Stuart, 49th legislative District Representative Jim Moeller, retired union boss & Former transportation commissioner, Ed Barnes and the rest of the C-Tran Gang of Five, Bart Hansen, Larry Smith and Ron Onslow for their efforts resulting in blindly approving a contract with Trimet that binds C-Tran to a $5 Million penalty should Trimet not get to force their light rail on Clark County against citizens desires..

Also Paul Montague and the rest of the Identity Clark County cronies salivating to strip the middle class taxpayers of what little money they have left with Portland’s financially troubled light rail.

4 Comments to “Oregon Gov. Kitzhaber Receives CRC Award”

  1. To the old Beatles tune: ♫ Sleaze across the water, hands in voters pockets … Mayor Timmy notified us, we gotta have light rail, never take a bus ♫ … it’s a done deal, behind the doors and in the alleyways, all by cronies acting like Al Capone-ee ♫

  2. Seems the support for Kitzhaber’s pet project is dwindling (as it rightly should):


  3. Where’s that whimpering sound coming from anyway? Is that you Lou? Is it you Scott? How about you..John..Jim..Tim..?

  4. I don’t think that’s whimpers, Craig…sounds more like several oinks in unison to me. Seems to be a WHOLE team of porkers on BOTH sides of the river! They’re moving in droves to feed on the CRC!!!


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