Lazy C’s Rice Tips Over the Hypocrisy Scales

by lewwaters

Col. ScalesThere is little doubt that Southwest Washington is in sore need of a newspaper, a real newspaper that actually covers news, both locally and nationally and gives an objective view in articles. The poor excuse for a “newspaper of record” currently in Southwest Washington isn’t even fit to line the bottom of a bird cage, in my opinion.

But, even with my sour view of what amounts more to an ‘unofficial daily newsletter for the Democrat Party’ than a news outlet, even I am surprised at their height of hypocrisy at times.

Such is the case with writer Stephanie Rice’s latest entry in their “All politics is local” section, Mielke’s plan for improving employee morale where she actually whines because, as she wrote, “Clark County Commissioner Tom Mielke has wielded his authority as chairman of the board to decree that the newspapers be kept out of sight.”

She adds, “Mielke said Wednesday he thinks the newspapers are bad for employee morale because they include ‘bad’ stories about the county.”

Bad Stories? If Rice were honest, she would admit that her employer has been on a vendetta against the Clark County Commission ever since the 2012 election where voters finally got the change they chose in 2008, to move the commission more to the right.

Apparently that doesn’t set well with the Lazy C ‘suits.’

After the appointment of 17th legislative district state senator Don Benton to head the county department of the environment, the Lazy C, who has had a nearly 20 year hate fest against Benton, went berserk with negative articles, columns and editorials to include editor ‘Lefty’ Lou Brancaccio creating the term “the M&M Boys” as a pejorative to smear 2/3 of the County Commission.

Claims now seem to fall along the lines of the lone Democrat Commissioner, Steve Stuart, being “obstructed” in getting anything done by the conservative majority of the commission.

That voters chose to move the county commission to the right escapes the Lazy C as they seem to feel the leftist view of the past is what must be, especially where the CRC light rail rip-off is concerned.

I can understand where Commissioner Mielke is coming from as such almost daily smears will undermine the confidence of county employees and sow contentions amongst county workers.

And it does not mean they will not see such garbage written and published by the Lazy C, they just won’t get to see it openly displayed in County Offices.

Comical though, was that lone Democrats response of, after laughing, “We’re all about openness and transparency.”

Yes, Commissioner Stuart, we are still waiting on any form of “openness and transparency” concerning the switching policies and selling out Clark County through your vote with the ‘C-Tran Gang of Five’ in approving a contract with Oregon’s TriMet you had not read and that a $5 Million penalty fee is included should Portland not get to force their unwanted light rail on us.

Care to show a little “openness and transparency” there, Commissioner? Or account for where $180 Million has been spent?

But, that is not the height of Rice’s hypocrisy. No, that comes in that she is actually whining about the unfit for toilet paper rag she writes for no longer being allowed openly displayed on table tops in County Offices.

To her, she seems to be crying of “censorship” in the County not permitting the daily crap displayed, all the while knowing that online comments negative towards the Lazy C or their articles are banned, blocked and hidden from others view and have been for many months.

Several of us that have been critical of their heavy bias have comments removed and have been banned from commenting there.

Rice does not seem to mind that in the least and in fact, from past experience commenting to her, seems to enjoy not being challenged on her views.

So let them spew and whine. Call a Whaaambulance and give Stephanie Rice some cheese to go with her whine.

All we really see is a dying rag overflowing in hypocrisy that lost sight long ago of what objective journalism is and instead thinks they can manipulate public opinion with their daily smears.

I eagerly took forward to the day that their front door is padlocked and this blight on Southwest Washington is no more.

13 Comments to “Lazy C’s Rice Tips Over the Hypocrisy Scales”

  1. Was this a spoof article/blog she did?

  2. It is a blog post in their All politics is local blog.

    I no longer link to their stuff since they are behind a paywall, I’d hate to encourage anybody to actually give them money 😉

  3. They could undoubtly increase circulation if they printed the paper in rolls, there by making it a dual purpose rag. Maybe this would wipe the slate clean with their detractors.

  4. “Under New Management” with your name on the Editor’s door, Lew. Send Chicago lou back home where people will step over his garbage. Maybe Detroit. I think we shall find the EPA post was central to their money tree, and Don should be applauded for his courage in taking it on. That can not be overstated, as it is very easy to disregard his daily realities while we go about our own lives. The Paper’s reason to exist is now very questionable as the federal money tree is not producing fruit like it did. If they can not roust Don out, we will see change. The shrill tone is merely what cowards do when real life gets rude.

  5. Wait a second, Lew…it’s not even fit for a bird cage liner any more???


    Well I guess it won’t work as compost in the garden, either. Sounds like it’s too polluted.

    (stated in jest of course)

  6. We wouldn’t want to contaminate the bird crap, Goldie 😉

    (said in jest, of course) 😉

  7. “The Columbian” is really irrelevant. It’s not worth subscribing to. Indeed, I find it hard to understand why anyone who does not agree with their point of view would actually pay for it.

    I pay for one newspaper, The Wall Street Journal. It has its faults, but it generally offers ‘balanced’ reportage and even includes opposition commentary on its editorial pages. (Of course, lately, those have been mostly “spin” about Obama administration failures.)

    I also receive two weeklies, The Reflector (located in Battle Ground) and something The Columbian puts out to wrap around some ads. The Reflector is delivered, the Columbian weekly is sent via US mail. The Reflector actually puts out a “real” newspaper, with information about local issues and events. The weekly ‘north county’ Columbian (I forget the name they use) hardly has anything other than legal notices and a few display ads with 1 or two articles (that are usually also covered by the Reflector).

    It is sad that there isn’t a “real” newspaper that covers the local and state news with non-biased articles and a balanced editorial policy. I quit subscribing to much media in 2001, when the left had a hysterical reaction to the win by G W Bush — where I saw daily diatribes about Bush. (Actually, I have and could offer considerable criticism of Bush’s administration, but the hysterical and mindless noise emanating from the left was beyond reason. (“The 8 years of the failed Bush policies.” — Which Obama has either followed, if he hasn’t installed _worse_ policies — such as his brain dead foreign policy.)

    I _would_ subscribe to a local paper that provided balanced, honest reporting. But it seems unlikely that I’ll ever see any such thing — perhaps when The Columbian goes out of business…

  8. Hear Hear, friend. I am seeing a real newspaper surviving through all the electronic competition, and have missed the pleasure of reading what my neighbors are doin for as long as you. You make an important point in noting that it was the hanging chad issue in the GW Bush election that moved many democrats over into the useful idiot category. 2001. Go it.

  9. This is what journalism has been reduced to.
    Socialist/Humanist cheerleading for Leftists and attack-articles on conservatives.
    The Columbian is a shameful adjunct of the Democrat party.

  10. David Madore’s latest post on his FB page:

    “2014 should mark the year when a new Clark County Media rises to fill the void. The vacuum will be filed with a credible relevant objective reliable professional news and information source that truly serves the citizens of our community. Stay tuned.”

  11. I once argued with Lou Brancaccio that it would be good marketing strategy to cater to both Democrats and Republicans in a small community like Clark County. No sense in pissing off half of your potential subscribers. His response of course, you’ve all heard it, was that they get flack from both sides so must be pretty near the middle.

  12. Lou is probably referring to left-wing nutjobs like Jim Moeller when he says he ‘gets it from both sides’. He’s apparently willing to “piss-off” 10 moderate to conservative readers for every far left extremist he hears from. That’s fair and balanced!

  13. I remember when Bob L. was banned by Laird from LTTE and Op-eds but the C allowed Cleveland to put out in-factual claims regarding the CRC via op-ed. Double Standard right there. Robert Dean has been banned but commentators that demand the death of Sen. Benton are allowed.

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